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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875012071207View PageDaisy. : Continued from "Melbourne House."Daisy. : Continued from "Melbourne House."Warner, Susan, 1819-1885.0000
18921019Wednesday, October 19th,1892085048504View PageMacaria.Macaria.Evans, Augusta J. (Augusta Jane), 1835-1909.135135

+Patron (123)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
44624462View Page18940510Thursday, May 10th, 1894Mary SniderMary Snider613 S. Walnut
30373037View Page18920430Saturday, April 30th, 1892Mrs. C. H. ChurchMrs. C. H. Church904. 15th
45624562View Page18940922Saturday, September 22nd, 1894Lizzie DiermillerLizzie Diermiller510 East Charles
26592659View Page18900718Friday, July 18th, 1890Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey301 3rd
43584358View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman302 N Monroe
42854285View Page18930717Monday, July 17th, 1893Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan905 S Penn
42744274View Page18930630Friday, June 30th, 1893Mae ThomasMae ThomasNorth Monroe St.
49404940View Page18990103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1899Mrs. Kate A SouderMrs. Kate A Souder215 s Monroe St.
49684968View Page18990119Thursday, January 19th, 1899Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam1 Boycetown
18021802View Page18810610Friday, June 10th, 1881Vollie BowerVollie BowerCor Washington Elm
21012101View Page18831117Saturday, November 17th, 1883Maggie GessellMaggie GessellEast Main
24082408View Page18870318Friday, March 18th, 1887Allie SnellAllie Snellcor e Chestnut Ave
33843384View Page18960203Monday, February 3rd, 1896Willie CareyWillie Carey618 s Mound
34003400View Page18960221Friday, February 21st, 1896D. F. LaneD. F. Lane600 e Jackson
52235223View Page18991104Saturday, November 4th, 1899Mrs. J. A. WardlowMrs. J. A. Wardlow810 Kirby Ave
52335233View Page18991111Saturday, November 11th, 1899Bessie BleaseBessie Blease708 Jarret St.
32183218View Page18950711Thursday, July 11th, 1895E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant416 e Charles St
36683668View Page18970313Saturday, March 13th, 1897Kate B. PattersonKate B. Patterson212 1/2 s Walnut
39393939View Page18980226Saturday, February 26th, 1898Lola WoolfingtonLola Woolfington511 e Gilbert
39453945View Page18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach1112 e 5th St
40554055View Page18921112Saturday, November 12th, 1892Frank E. BurtFrank E. Burt230 n Vine
46854685View Page18950112Saturday, January 12th, 1895Hallie DarnallHallie Darnall506 s Mulberry
47934793View Page18980907Wednesday, September 7th, 1898Frank S MartsFrank S Marts308 e Jackson
47974797View Page18980910Saturday, September 10th, 1898Gertie NicholsonGertie Nicholson1214 e Adams
48634863View Page18981031Monday, October 31st, 1898Lucy LarmoreLucy Larmore517 Penn St.
49284928View Page18981220Tuesday, December 20th, 1898Mrs. W. H. ClancyMrs. W. H. Clancy1120 Brotherton St.
52075207View Page18991023Monday, October 23rd, 1899Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. StrattonBraun House
28852885View Page18911031Saturday, October 31st, 1891Orville SpurgeonOrville Spurgeon115 s Council St.
27122712View Page18901026Sunday, October 26th, 1890S. B. GarrettS. B. GarrettW. Wash
12171217View Page18790405Saturday, April 5th, 1879R. W. MonroeR. W. MonroeWest Main
30753075View Page18920729Friday, July 29th, 1892Gertrude BateyGertrude BateyE. Jackson
42074207View Page18930317Friday, March 17th, 1893Mrs. Anna JohnsonMrs. Anna Johnson1013 Madison St
43084308View Page18940104Thursday, January 4th, 1894Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas300 North Monroe
45014501View Page18940628Thursday, June 28th, 1894Edna HooverEdna Hoover517 W. Main St
45364536View Page18940803Friday, August 3rd, 1894Estella McClellandEstella McClelland624 W. Jackson
27602760View Page18901222Monday, December 22nd, 1890Nella KinertNella KinertNot listed
45824582View Page18941017Wednesday, October 17th, 1894Mr. J. R. GriffithMr. J. R. Griffith421 Wysor St.
25432543View Page18890720Saturday, July 20th, 1889Gertie HortacherGertie Hortacher116 S High St.
28402840View Page18910406Monday, April 6th, 1891Edith McCreaEdith McCrea607 E. Charles
30733073View Page18920727Wednesday, July 27th, 1892Mrs. Wm EmersonMrs. Wm Emerson221 E. Adams
30143014View Page18920326Saturday, March 26th, 1892Walter J. HoweWalter J. Howe1118 E. Jackson
40984098View Page18921216Friday, December 16th, 1892B. L. PritnerB. L. Pritner403 Wysor st.
50695069View Page18990424Monday, April 24th, 1899Loretta HeneLoretta HeneNot listed
52475247View Page18991123Thursday, November 23rd, 1899Mrs. Newton MillerMrs. Newton Miller119 1/2 W.. Jackson
52585258View Page18991202Saturday, December 2nd, 1899L. G. CashL. G. Cash510 1/2 S. Walnut St.
45424542View Page18940816Thursday, August 16th, 1894Bessie HinesBessie Hines703 E Jackson
43064306View Page18940103Wednesday, January 3rd, 1894Walter GregoryWalter GregoryWashington
43774377View Page18940210Saturday, February 10th, 1894Mr. J MeredithMr. J Meredith423 S. High St.
32373237View Page18950815Thursday, August 15th, 1895Sam'l A MacdonaldSam'l A Macdonald1407 Shipley St
46734673View Page18950105Saturday, January 5th, 1895Fern MitchellFern Mitchell419 Jeff St.
31373137View Page18950220Wednesday, February 20th, 1895Ettie M. SmithEttie M. Smith702 E. Adams
31403140View Page18950222Friday, February 22nd, 1895Walter BartlettWalter BartlettRiverside
32013201View Page18950621Friday, June 21st, 1895Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds314 W. Seymour
31073107View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Mary MyersMary Myers715 E. Jackson
31163116View Page18950202Saturday, February 2nd, 1895Mrs. Jas. RossMrs. Jas. Ross206 Wysor St.
31243124View Page18950209Saturday, February 9th, 1895Pearl ZimmermanPearl Zimmerman1103 Shoemaker
31303130View Page18950215Friday, February 15th, 1895Karl G. SampleKarl G. Sample621 E. Main
32763276View Page18951019Saturday, October 19th, 1895Maude HarrisMaude HarrisShoemaker + Proud
43044304View Page18940102Tuesday, January 2nd, 1894Garfield OlinGarfield Olincor. Harriett + Delaware
0630630View Page18770402Monday, April 2nd, 1877Mary CarpenterMary Carpenter891 E. Washington
33583358View Page18960114Tuesday, January 14th, 1896Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner8 Arcade Building
33803380View Page18960131Friday, January 31st, 1896Mable HartmanMable Hartman616 E Washington
33913391View Page18960208Saturday, February 8th, 1896Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold904 E Main
34663466View Page18960627Saturday, June 27th, 1896Ella AndersonElla Anderson601 S. Brady St.
35983598View Page18961230Wednesday, December 30th, 1896Nora EadsNora Eads912 E. Willard
35753575View Page18961201Tuesday, December 1st, 1896Edna HarveyEdna Harvey208 W. Washington
34463446View Page18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz1415 S. High
35413541View Page18961024Saturday, October 24th, 1896Miss. Bird RichardsonMiss. Bird Richardson1111 E Washington
38203820View Page18971118Thursday, November 18th, 1897Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen510 S. Jefferson
36663666View Page18970310Wednesday, March 10th, 1897Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer306 E. Jackson
37533753View Page18970813Friday, August 13th, 1897M. H. GordonM. H. Gordon1526 9th + Sampson
37353735View Page18970715Thursday, July 15th, 1897J. W. KirkpatrickJ. W. Kirkpatrick619 Council St.
36123612View Page18970115Friday, January 15th, 1897Lillian MitchellLillian Mitchell419 S. Jefferson
38393839View Page18971129Monday, November 29th, 1897Earl MurtonEarl Murton1413 S. Franklin
37663766View Page18970921Tuesday, September 21st, 1897Rosalind N RingolskyRosalind N Ringolsky113 1/2 E. Seymour
37333733View Page18970709Friday, July 9th, 1897Louise SheelerLouise Sheeler608 N. Monroe st.
36413641View Page18970209Tuesday, February 9th, 1897Maggie SlaterMaggie SlaterWest Jackson St
36473647View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897E. W. YounceE. W. Younce811 E Adams
48074807View Page18980927Tuesday, September 27th, 1898Cleone HeneCleone Hene709 W. Adams
38813881View Page18980113Thursday, January 13th, 1898Mrs. R H ClarkMrs. R H Clark411 E Washington
47594759View Page18980723Saturday, July 23rd, 1898Nettie SellmeyerNettie Sellmeyer1212 E. Willard
47864786View Page18980831Wednesday, August 31st, 1898Mrs. O. S. TuttleMrs. O. S. Tuttle219 E. Gilbert
47944794View Page18980907Wednesday, September 7th, 1898Maude HammersMaude Hammers302 W. Adams St.
47984798View Page18980912Monday, September 12th, 1898Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. Wheale125 E 9th
49074907View Page18981129Tuesday, November 29th, 1898Jennie ChapmanJennie Chapman424 E. North St.
39053905View Page18980131Monday, January 31st, 1898Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer711 Kirby Ave
39203920View Page18980207Monday, February 7th, 1898Ella E. KesslerElla E. Kessler809 Kirby Ave
39323932View Page18980223Wednesday, February 23rd, 1898Agnes ZellerAgnes Zeller814 Sth Eighth
39563956View Page18980314Monday, March 14th, 1898Mary GlennMary Glenn1114 Kirby Ave
39783978View Page18980415Friday, April 15th, 1898Leo LyonsLeo Lyons903 E Jackson St
55835583View Page19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900M M BaileyM M Bailey1106 E. Adams
54885488View Page19000709Monday, July 9th, 1900Lealah BellLealah Bell517 E. Washington
56465646View Page19001222Saturday, December 22nd, 1900E. E. BridenbeckerE. E. Bridenbecker1028 S. Walnut
53505350View Page19000209Friday, February 9th, 1900Hazel BucklyHazel Buckly1519 South Monroe St
53665366View Page19000219Monday, February 19th, 1900Lillian GibsonLillian Gibson641 N Elm St.
55915591View Page19001109Friday, November 9th, 1900Harold HamiltonHarold Hamilton700 W Power
53185318View Page19000117Wednesday, January 17th, 1900Anna HedgerAnna HedgerRiverside
54395439View Page19000514Monday, May 14th, 1900Nina HoladayNina Holaday515 1/2 E. 1st St.
56665666View Page19010112Saturday, January 12th, 1901Mae HanleyMae Hanley911 - S. Grant
57145714View Page19010216Saturday, February 16th, 1901Thos. HarrisonThos. Harrison1214 E Main St
55345534View Page19000829Wednesday, August 29th, 1900Mrs. J. E. LewisMrs. J. E. Lewis327. E. Jackson
54765476View Page19000626Tuesday, June 26th, 1900Mina MarkleMina Markle2124 S. Madison
53555355View Page19000215Thursday, February 15th, 1900James McDowellJames McDowell305 E Ninth St.
55045504View Page19000724Tuesday, July 24th, 1900W. S. MorganW. S. MorganCor. Brady & Kirby Ave.
53865386View Page19000307Wednesday, March 7th, 1900H. A. MorrowH. A. Morrow903 W Charles St.
54175417View Page19000404Wednesday, April 4th, 1900Lena PierceLena Pierce407 Jarrett St.
53715371View Page19000226Monday, February 26th, 1900Ida SpauldingIda Spaulding123 S. Monroe
54895489View Page19000712Thursday, July 12th, 1900Alice WallAlice Wall514 S. Council
58395839View Page19010801Thursday, August 1st, 1901Maybelle BateyMaybelle Batey406 Jarrett St.
58635863View Page19010916Monday, September 16th, 1901Grace L. FlinnGrace L. Flinn703 N Mulberry
58705870View Page19010921Saturday, September 21st, 1901Mrs. Nette McKinneyMrs. Nette McKinney715 W Adams
58735873View Page19010925Wednesday, September 25th, 1901Mrs. Lillie E LynnMrs. Lillie E Lynn219 E 7th
57385738View Page19010306Wednesday, March 6th, 1901Mary BabbMary Babb505 E Charles St.
57735773View Page19010418Thursday, April 18th, 1901Mrs. A BlousMrs. A Blous216 N Mulberry
58855885View Page19011008Tuesday, October 8th, 1901Mrs. B. W. AlexanderMrs. B. W. Alexander326 E Jackson St
15361536View Page18801220Monday, December 20th, 1880Frank BrownFrank BrownT.M. Bro
20872087View Page18831020Saturday, October 20th, 1883W R SnyderW R SnyderMadison St
61946194View Page19020809Saturday, August 9th, 1902Bertha DeMountBertha DeMount1110. S. Liberty st.
61046104View Page19020421Monday, April 21st, 1902Mrs. M. H. LudwigMrs. M. H. Ludwig327 Jackson
61786178View Page19020725Friday, July 25th, 1902Rosa E NeedlesRosa E NeedlesRural R. 1._
60756075View Page19020318Tuesday, March 18th, 1902Mrs. Minnie ParkinMrs. Minnie Parkin2900 Madison
61696169View Page19020712Saturday, July 12th, 1902Mrs. Geo. RiversMrs. Geo. Riverscor. 7th 429 E.
24362436View Page18871017Monday, October 17th, 1887Nora McCreightNora McCreightEast Jackson st.

+Transaction (135)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18970814Saturday, August 14th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Ella Anderson34663466Ella AndersonElla Anderson"+" marked next to patron name
18970828Saturday, August 28th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mable Nold33913391Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold
18970903Friday, September 3rd, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Gertrude Clark34003400D. F. LaneD. F. Lane
18970910Friday, September 10th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Allie Snell24082408Allie SnellAllie Snell
18970923Thursday, September 23rd, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Mary Carpenter0630630Mary CarpenterMary Carpenter
18971001Friday, October 1st, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Ms. Hattie Lantz34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18971008Friday, October 8th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Myers31073107Mary MyersMary Myers
18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.B L Pritner40984098B. L. PritnerB. L. Pritner
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Vollie Bower18021802Vollie BowerVollie Bower
18971120Saturday, November 20th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Maggie Slater36413641Maggie SlaterMaggie Slater
18971204Saturday, December 4th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Garfield Olin43044304Garfield OlinGarfield Olin
18971220Monday, December 20th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Walter Bartlett31403140Walter BartlettWalter Bartlett
18971230Thursday, December 30th, 1897View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Estella McClelland45364536Estella McClellandEstella McClelland
18980108Saturday, January 8th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Frank Burt40554055Frank E. BurtFrank E. Burt
18980117Monday, January 17th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Earl Murton38393839Earl MurtonEarl Murton
18980129Saturday, January 29th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Mary Carpenter0630630Mary CarpenterMary Carpenter
18980212Saturday, February 12th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Walter Gregory43064306Walter GregoryWalter Gregory
18980218Friday, February 18th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Nellie Spooner33583358Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner
18980305Saturday, March 5th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Ella Kessler39203920Ella E. KesslerElla E. Kessler
18980317Thursday, March 17th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Mary Glenn39563956Mary GlennMary Glenn
18980322Tuesday, March 22nd, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Thomas42744274Mae ThomasMae Thomas
18980404Monday, April 4th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Katie Sullivan42854285Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan
18980412Tuesday, April 12th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Agnes Zellers39323932Agnes ZellerAgnes Zeller
18980425Monday, April 25th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Katie Sullivan42854285Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan
18980512Thursday, May 12th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Hattie Lantz34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18980514Saturday, May 14th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lola Wolfington39393939Lola WoolfingtonLola Woolfington
18980528Saturday, May 28th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Hallie Darnall46854685Hallie DarnallHallie Darnall
18980610Friday, June 10th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs E. L. Chalfant32183218E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant
18980624Friday, June 24th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Willie Carey33843384Willie CareyWillie Carey
18980712Tuesday, July 12th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Kate Patterson36683668Kate B. PattersonKate B. Patterson
18980714Thursday, July 14th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Edith Kirby15361536Frank BrownFrank Brown
18980728Thursday, July 28th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Gertrude Batey30753075Gertrude BateyGertrude Batey
18980810Wednesday, August 10th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Girhity Botiy35753575Edna HarveyEdna Harvey
18980811Thursday, August 11th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Gislurte Hoducher25432543Gertie HortacherGertie Hortacher
18980825Thursday, August 25th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. LH Gracy26592659Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey
18980903Saturday, September 3rd, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Walter Howe30143014Walter J. HoweWalter J. Howeborrower's last name indicated by ditto marks
18980919Monday, September 19th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Charles T Redding32373237Sam'l A MacdonaldSam'l A Macdonald
18981019Wednesday, October 19th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Frank S Marts47934793Frank S MartsFrank S Marts
18981021Friday, October 21st, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs C.E. Dwyer36663666Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer+ marked next to patron's name
18981029Saturday, October 29th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Francis Wheale47984798Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. Wheale
18981104Friday, November 4th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.S B Garrett27122712S. B. GarrettS. B. Garrett
18981117Thursday, November 17th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Bird Richardson35413541Miss. Bird RichardsonMiss. Bird Richardson
18981129Tuesday, November 29th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs R C Griffith45824582Mr. J. R. GriffithMr. J. R. Griffith
18981212Monday, December 12th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Bessie Hine45424542Bessie HinesBessie Hines
18981230Friday, December 30th, 1898View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Nora McRight24362436Nora McCreightNora McCreight
18990107Saturday, January 7th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs O.S. Tuttle47864786Mrs. O. S. TuttleMrs. O. S. Tuttle
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Nora Eades35983598Nora EadsNora Eads
18990204Saturday, February 4th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lizzie Diermiller45624562Lizzie DiermillerLizzie Diermiller
18990218Saturday, February 18th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs R H Clark38813881Mrs. R H ClarkMrs. R H Clark
18990303Friday, March 3rd, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.J.W. Kirkpatrick37353735J. W. KirkpatrickJ. W. Kirkpatrick
18990311Saturday, March 11th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.W R Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18990320Monday, March 20th, 1899View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Pearl Zimmerman31243124Pearl ZimmermanPearl Zimmerman
19000216Friday, February 16th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
19000223Friday, February 23rd, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs W F Johnson42074207Mrs. Anna JohnsonMrs. Anna Johnson
19000310Saturday, March 10th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lillian Mitchell36123612Lillian MitchellLillian Mitchell
19000326Monday, March 26th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. John Meredith43774377Mr. J MeredithMr. J Meredithfixed patron number (orig. 4877)
19000407Saturday, April 7th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Nellie Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
19000414Saturday, April 14th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.H.A. Morrow53865386H. A. MorrowH. A. Morrow
19000424Tuesday, April 24th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.W.A. Wardlow52235223Mrs. J. A. WardlowMrs. J. A. Wardlow
19000501Tuesday, May 1st, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. W.H. Clancy49284928Mrs. W. H. ClancyMrs. W. H. Clancy
19000518Friday, May 18th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Thos Larmore48634863Lucy LarmoreLucy Larmore
19000602Saturday, June 2nd, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Jennie Chapman49074907Jennie ChapmanJennie Chapman
19000609Saturday, June 9th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Karl G. Sample31303130Karl G. SampleKarl G. Sample
19000621Thursday, June 21st, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Karl G. Sample31303130Karl G. SampleKarl G. Sample
19000706Friday, July 6th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lillian Gibson53665366Lillian GibsonLillian Gibson
19000713Friday, July 13th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.E. W. Younce36473647E. W. YounceE. W. Younce
19000716Monday, July 16th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lena Pierce54175417Lena PierceLena Pierce"55" written after the patron's name
19000724Tuesday, July 24th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.W. G. Morgan55045504W. S. MorganW. S. Morgan
19000804Saturday, August 4th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Nellie Spooner33583358Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner
19000809Thursday, August 9th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Lealah Bell54885488Lealah BellLealah Bell
19000820Monday, August 20th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.L. G. Cash52585258L. G. CashL. G. Cash
19000922Saturday, September 22nd, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Newton Millen52475247Mrs. Newton MillerMrs. Newton MillerOriginal transaction lists patron # as 5242, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Mrs. Newton Millen's actual patron # 5247.
19001006Saturday, October 6th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mable Hartman33803380Mable HartmanMable Hartman
19001012Friday, October 12th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Nellie Sellmeyer47594759Nettie SellmeyerNettie Sellmeyer
19001027Saturday, October 27th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Kate Souder49404940Mrs. Kate A SouderMrs. Kate A Souder
19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. G. Nicholson47974797Gertie NicholsonGertie Nicholson
19001116Friday, November 16th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Snider44624462Mary SniderMary Snider
19001124Saturday, November 24th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Loretta Hene50695069Loretta HeneLoretta Hene
19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Cleone Hene48074807Cleone HeneCleone Hene
19001215Saturday, December 15th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs J C Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
19001227Thursday, December 27th, 1900View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Alice Wall54895489Alice WallAlice Wall
19010112Saturday, January 12th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Bessie Blease52335233Bessie BleaseBessie Blease
19010122Tuesday, January 22nd, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs C H Church30373037Mrs. C. H. ChurchMrs. C. H. Church
19010129Tuesday, January 29th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Thos Larmore48634863Lucy LarmoreLucy Larmore
19010223Saturday, February 23rd, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs W R Ringold37663766Rosalind N RingolskyRosalind N Ringolsky
19010309Saturday, March 9th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs R Reynold37663766Rosalind N RingolskyRosalind N Ringolsky
19010315Friday, March 15th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mina Markle54765476Mina MarkleMina Markle
19010330Saturday, March 30th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.M. M. Bailey55835583M M BaileyM M Bailey
19010404Thursday, April 4th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Orville Spurgeon28852885Orville SpurgeonOrville Spurgeon
19010413Saturday, April 13th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs H C Stratton52075207Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. Stratton
19010422Monday, April 22nd, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Edith Beeson28402840Edith McCreaEdith McCrea
19010510Friday, May 10th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs A Blaus57735773Mrs. A BlousMrs. A Blous
19010601Saturday, June 1st, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs E. E. Bridenbecker56465646E. E. BridenbeckerE. E. Bridenbecker
19010615Saturday, June 15th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs Anne Hedger53185318Anna HedgerAnna Hedger
19010710Wednesday, July 10th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Snider44624462Mary SniderMary Snider
19010720Saturday, July 20th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Fern Mitchel46734673Fern MitchellFern Mitchell
19010726Friday, July 26th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Dora Stephenson49074907Jennie ChapmanJennie Chapman
19010816Friday, August 16th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Hazel Buckley53505350Hazel BucklyHazel Buckly
19010824Saturday, August 24th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Leo Lyons39783978Leo LyonsLeo Lyons
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Magie Fenger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010919Thursday, September 19th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Anna Guillach39453945Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach
19011001Tuesday, October 1st, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mina Holaday54395439Nina HoladayNina Holaday
19011004Friday, October 4th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Wm Emerson30733073Mrs. Wm EmersonMrs. Wm Emerson
19011016Wednesday, October 16th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Harold Hamilton55915591Harold HamiltonHarold HamiltonNumber 47 written after patron's name
19011025Friday, October 25th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.M.H. Gordon37533753M. H. GordonM. H. Gordon
19011114Thursday, November 14th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mae Hanley56665666Mae HanleyMae Hanley
19011122Friday, November 22nd, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Bertha Gilliam49684968Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam
19011125Monday, November 25th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Leo Lyons39783978Leo LyonsLeo Lyons
19011210Tuesday, December 10th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Minnie Thomas43084308Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas
19011228Saturday, December 28th, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Hartley58395839Maybelle BateyMaybelle Batey
19020104Saturday, January 4th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Jas Ross31163116Mrs. Jas. RossMrs. Jas. Ross
19020111Saturday, January 11th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Grace E. Flinn58635863Grace L. FlinnGrace L. Flinn
19020120Monday, January 20th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Lillie Lynn58735873Mrs. Lillie E LynnMrs. Lillie E Lynn
19020201Saturday, February 1st, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Hattie McKinney58705870Mrs. Nette McKinneyMrs. Nette McKinney
19020208Saturday, February 8th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Edna Hoover45014501Edna HooverEdna Hoover
19020301Saturday, March 1st, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Nina Markle54765476Mina MarkleMina Markle
19020319Wednesday, March 19th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Minne Parker60756075Mrs. Minnie ParkinMrs. Minnie Parkin
19020325Tuesday, March 25th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Maggie Jones21012101Maggie GessellMaggie Gessell
19020402Wednesday, April 2nd, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Louise Sheller37333733Louise SheelerLouise Sheeler
19020517Saturday, May 17th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Snider44624462Mary SniderMary Snider
19020529Thursday, May 29th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. J.E. Lewis55345534Mrs. J. E. LewisMrs. J. E. Lewis
19020604Wednesday, June 4th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. M.H. Ludwig61046104Mrs. M. H. LudwigMrs. M. H. Ludwig
19020614Saturday, June 14th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Maude Hammers47944794Maude HammersMaude Hammers
19020709Wednesday, July 9th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. W.H. Reynolds32013201Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds
19020726Saturday, July 26th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Rose E. Needler61786178Rosa E NeedlesRosa E Needles+ marked after patron's name
19020804Monday, August 4th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Ida Spaulding53715371Ida SpauldingIda Spaulding
19020812Tuesday, August 12th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Herman Cohen38203820Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen
19020819Tuesday, August 19th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. B.F. Alexander58855885Mrs. B. W. AlexanderMrs. B. W. Alexander
19020830Saturday, August 30th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mary Babb57385738Mary BabbMary Babb
19020906Saturday, September 6th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Thos Harrison57145714Thos. HarrisonThos. Harrison
19020913Saturday, September 13th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Maude Harris32763276Maude HarrisMaude Harris
19020920Saturday, September 20th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Bertha DeMint61946194Bertha DeMountBertha DeMount
19021006Monday, October 6th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Geo Reeves61696169Mrs. Geo. RiversMrs. Geo. Rivers
19021020Monday, October 20th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Jas McDowell53555355James McDowellJames McDowell
19021107Friday, November 7th, 1902View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Mrs. Hattie C. Hoffer31373137Ettie M. SmithEttie M. Smith