Data Summaries

This page offers a selection of summaries of WMR data. Due to the deviating nature of data within the WMR system, all reports are offered under the premise of best-effort calculations. Some outliers and anomolies may be present within results.

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Where Published and Count

This report contains a list of all standardized locations of publication for books in the accession catalog. Also lists count of all books (circulating+non-circulating) with the exact publication location provided. Multiple publication locations are treated as separate entities from their component elements (ex: 'Boston, MA' vs. 'Boston, MA; Chicago, IL'). To determine the number of books with standardized publication locations, see the 'Data Fields and Record Count' report.
*Certain titles contain more than one publication location. In such an instance, all locations are listed together. Occurrences of individual cities within these lists impact their respective individual counts.

Where PublishedTotal Number Of Books With Given Publication Location
Akron, OH4
Albany, NY1
Allegheny, PA (Pittsburg, PA)4
Auburn, NY7
Baltimore, MD3
Bloomington, IN1
Boston, MA1586
Boston, MA; Chicago, IL*21
Boston, MA; London, ENG*4
Boston, MA; New York, NY*128
Boston, MA; New York, NY; London, ENG*1
Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA*1
Boston, MA; Toronto, CAN*1
Brattleboro, VT1
Buffalo, NY14
Burlington, IA1
Cambridge, ENG2
Cambridge, MA2
Chicago, IL423
Chicago, IL; New York, NY*21
Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Toronto, CAN*1
Cincinnati, OH125
Claremont, NH1
Cleveland, OH9
Columbus, OH5
Dayton, OH4
Des Moines, IA1
Detroit, MI2
Dublin, IRL1
Edinburg, Scotland (GBR)3
Friemont, OH1
Glasgow, Scotland (GBR)2
Grand Rapids, MI1
Hanover, NH1
Harmaville, PA1
Hartford, CT29
Indianapolis, IN256
Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO*3
Indpls, Ind1
Irvington on Hudson, NY10
Jefferson City, MO1
Leavenworth, KS1
Leipzip, DEU6
London, ENG416
London, ENG; New York, NY*6
London, ENG; Paris, FRA; New York, NY*1
Los Angeles, CA10
Louisville, KY1
Lynn, MA1
Maysville, KY1
Meadville, PA14
Minneapolis, MN1
Moline, IL1
Muncie, IN6
N. York, NY1
New Haven, CT2
New Haven, CT; Philadelphia, PA*1
New York, NY4613
New York, NY; Boston, MA*54
New York, NY; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL*1
New York, NY; Chicago, IL*19
New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Toronto, CAN*5
New York, NY; Cincinnati, OH*2
New York, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL*3
New York, NY; Columbus, OH*1
New York, NY; London, ENG*240
New York, NY; London, ENG; Bombay, IND*1
New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA*1
Newburyport, MA; Chicago, IL*2
Newton, MA1
Norwich, CT2
Paris, FRA14
Paterson, NJ1
Pella, IA1
Philadelphia, PA707
Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL*3
Philadelphia, PA; Cincinnati, OH*29
Philadelphia, PA; London, ENG*2
Philadelphia, PA; Paris, FRA*1
Portland, ME2
Providence, RI2
Richmond, IN1
Richmond, VA2
Rio de Janeiro, BRA4
Salem, MA1
Salem, OH2
San Francisco, CA7
Springfield, MA4
Springfield, OH1
St. Clairsville, OH1
St. Louis, MO10
Stuttgart, DEU1
Sydney, AUS1
Terre Haute, IN1
Vandergrift, PA1
Wartford, CT2
Washington, D. C.1
Washington, D.C.3663
Wheeling, VA2