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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 87 Date Joined Monday, January 31st,1898 Patron # 3905
Patron Information Name Maggie Femyer Nickname Residence 711 Kirby Ave
Guarantor Information Name Peter Femyer Residence 711 Kirby Ave
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City Directory Name Address 6th, Whitely Occupation Directory Year 1897-1898
Additional Info wife of John
Census Data Name
Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
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Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
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+Transaction History (35)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021129Saturday, November 29th, 1902View Page1314713147The lion's whelp : a story of Cromwell's timeThe lion's whelp : a story of Cromwell's timeMaggie Fenmeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021122Saturday, November 22nd, 1902View Page091919191The earth trembled.The earth trembled.Maggie Fenmeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021103Monday, November 3rd, 1902View Page1012110121The entailed hat; or, Patty Cannon's times.The entailed hat; or, Patty Cannon's times.Maggie Fenmeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021101Saturday, November 1st, 1902View Page1302013020D'ri and I : a tale of daring deeds in the second war with the British. Being the memoirs of Colonel Ramon Bell, U.S.A.D'ri and I : a tale of daring deeds in the second war with the British. Being the memoirs of Colonel Ramon Bell, U.S.A.Maggie Fenmeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021030Thursday, October 30th, 1902View Page1359513595Infelice : a novelInfelice : a novelMaggie Sawyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021027Monday, October 27th, 1902View Page091899189Opening a chestnut burr.Opening a chestnut burr.Maggie Feymer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19021025Saturday, October 25th, 1902View Page1093910939Vagabondia : a love story.Vagabondia : a love story.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020304Tuesday, March 4th, 1902View Page1217412174The story of Margaret Kent : a novelThe story of Margaret Kent : a novelMaggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020220Thursday, February 20th, 1902View Page1288912889A face illuminedA face illuminedMaggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020211Tuesday, February 11th, 1902View Page084088408Not like other girls.Not like other girls.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020206Thursday, February 6th, 1902View Page1289512895Driven back to EdenDriven back to EdenMaggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020121Tuesday, January 21st, 1902View Page1103811038Beulah : a novel.Beulah : a novel.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19020110Friday, January 10th, 1902View Page1100411004Defiant hearts.Defiant hearts.Maggie Femyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19011011Friday, October 11th, 1901View Page1168811688The Puritans.The Puritans.Maggie Femyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010923Monday, September 23rd, 1901View Page1103911039Inez : a tale of the Alamo.Inez : a tale of the Alamo.Maggie Femyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010914Saturday, September 14th, 1901View Page1262112621St. Elmo : a novelSt. Elmo : a novelMaggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page085048504Macaria.Macaria.Magie Fenger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010613Thursday, June 13th, 1901View Page090319031The man without a country and other tales.The man without a country and other tales.Maggie Fenger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010530Thursday, May 30th, 1901View Page092239223Elsie at Ion.Elsie at Ion.Myron Fenger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010502Thursday, May 2nd, 1901View Page092209220Elsie at Viamede.Elsie at Viamede.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010418Thursday, April 18th, 1901View Page084908490An original belle.An original belle.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010404Thursday, April 4th, 1901View Page084938493His sombre rivals.His sombre rivals.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010322Friday, March 22nd, 1901View Page00118118Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010315Friday, March 15th, 1901View Page1028710287Their wedding journey.Their wedding journey.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010308Friday, March 8th, 1901View Page1104411044Miss Lou.Miss Lou.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010228Thursday, February 28th, 1901View Page084878487Barriers burned away.Barriers burned away.Maggie Fenger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010223Saturday, February 23rd, 1901View Page1011410114The hundredth man.The hundredth man.Maggie Feneger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010215Friday, February 15th, 1901View Page092199219Elsie's vacation and after events.Elsie's vacation and after events.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010210Sunday, February 10th, 1901View Page092169216Elsie yachting with the Raymonds.Elsie yachting with the Raymonds.Maggie Finger39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010114Monday, January 14th, 1901View Page092129212Christmas with Grandma Elsie.Christmas with Grandma Elsie.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19010105Saturday, January 5th, 1901View Page1012610126David Todd : the romance of his life and loving.David Todd : the romance of his life and loving.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19001226Wednesday, December 26th, 1900View Page084008400Dora Thorne.Dora Thorne.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19001206Thursday, December 6th, 1900View Page098169816Madcap Violet.Madcap Violet.Maggie Femyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900View Page092119211Elsie's friends at Woodburn.Elsie's friends at Woodburn.Maggie Femeyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer
19001121Wednesday, November 21st, 1900View Page092069206The two Elsies.The two Elsies.Maggie Femyer39053905Maggie FemyerMaggie Femyer