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TitleAuthor# Times
18981110Thursday, November 10th,18981104511045View PageDaisy.Daisy.Warner, Susan, 1819-1885.03535
18941015Monday, October 15th,1894091989198View PageElsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Finley, Martha, 1828-1909.186186

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
45554555View Page18940915Saturday, September 15th, 1894Emma HelvieEmma Helvie820. E. Adams
43144314View Page18940106Saturday, January 6th, 1894Edna SmithEdna Smith602. E. Charles
41994199View Page18930307Tuesday, March 7th, 1893Howard DudleyHoward DudleyWhitely
42504250View Page18930520Saturday, May 20th, 1893Mrs. Mathew EdenMrs. Mathew EdenMeriweather Ave.
43574357View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mina GuthrieMina Guthrie1224 E Adams St.
26492649View Page18900707Monday, July 7th, 1890Helen HickmanHelen Hickman304 W. Gilbert
46264626View Page18941117Saturday, November 17th, 1894Mrs. H. E. MaggsMrs. H. E. Maggs708 E. Adams
45844584View Page18941019Friday, October 19th, 1894Ida PhillipsIda Phillips904 E Main
26532653View Page18900714Monday, July 14th, 1890T. Y. RichardsT. Y. Richards1320 Kirby Ave
0383383View Page18760412Wednesday, April 12th, 1876Ellen E. SmithEllen E. SmithAdams St.
42854285View Page18930717Monday, July 17th, 1893Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan905 S Penn
30013001View Page18920312Saturday, March 12th, 1892Clara YoungmanClara YoungmanNot entered
50625062View Page18990406Thursday, April 6th, 1899Lois L. DurhamLois L. Durham314 s Jefferson
49504950View Page18990107Saturday, January 7th, 1899Genevia HollimyerGenevia Hollimyer215 Seymour
49954995View Page18990204Saturday, February 4th, 1899Mrs. Anna StoecklyMrs. Anna Stoeckly1509 Shipley St
0957957View Page18780112Saturday, January 12th, 1878Mary J. LuickMary J. LuickCor Charles & Franklin
15791579View Page18810117Monday, January 17th, 1881Mary A. HoppingMary A. HoppingCor Charles + Franklin
50805080View Page18990517Wednesday, May 17th, 1899Mrs. T. S. TredwellMrs. T. S. Tredwell702 Jarret St
28012801View Page18910210Tuesday, February 10th, 1891Lola HarringtonLola HarringtonNot listed
17471747View Page18810305Saturday, March 5th, 1881Taylor MooreTaylor MooreWest Charles
20802080View Page18830929Saturday, September 29th, 1883Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. WildmanEast Washington
24082408View Page18870318Friday, March 18th, 1887Allie SnellAllie Snellcor e Chestnut Ave
26132613View Page18900222Saturday, February 22nd, 1890J. W. OxleyJ. W. Oxley429 1st St.
31043104View Page18950128Monday, January 28th, 1895Mrs. J. W. OxleyMrs. J. W. Oxley429 Kirby Ave
31893189View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster811 Seymour St.
32113211View Page18950706Saturday, July 6th, 1895Mrs. Aug. MaickMrs. Aug. Maick311 e Main St
33543354View Page18960109Thursday, January 9th, 1896Mrs. C. L. WolfromMrs. C. L. Wolfrom212 e Gilbert
33563356View Page18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896Blanche WilliamsBlanche Williams310 North St.
33843384View Page18960203Monday, February 3rd, 1896Willie CareyWillie Carey618 s Mound
34003400View Page18960221Friday, February 21st, 1896D. F. LaneD. F. Lane600 e Jackson
52205220View Page18991031Tuesday, October 31st, 1899Mabel PerdieuMabel Perdieu620 e Charles
34683468View Page18960702Thursday, July 2nd, 1896Gertie FoormanGertie Foorman508 1/2 s Walnut
37193719View Page18970604Friday, June 4th, 1897Ernest NaftzgerErnest Naftzger217 s High
52315231View Page18991109Thursday, November 9th, 1899Louise TylerLouise Tyler414 w Howard St.
34363436View Page18960402Thursday, April 2nd, 1896Harry KinsmanHarry Kinsman804 e Seymour
35783578View Page18961204Friday, December 4th, 1896Newton PetersonNewton Peterson224 Ohio Ave.
35833583View Page18961209Wednesday, December 9th, 1896Mrs. H. C. DarnallMrs. H. C. Darnall506 s Mulberry
37013701View Page18970525Tuesday, May 25th, 1897Edna L. KellerEdna L. Keller119 s Vine St.
37113711View Page18970601Tuesday, June 1st, 1897India A. CecilIndia A. Cecil1605 s Franklin
38233823View Page18971120Saturday, November 20th, 1897Iva BuckleyIva Buckley1519 s Monroe
38273827View Page18971121Sunday, November 21st, 1897Mrs. D. V. BowerMrs. D. V. Bower309 1/2 e Main
39453945View Page18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach1112 e 5th St
39513951View Page18980312Saturday, March 12th, 1898R. LeonardR. Leonard1253 Kirby Ave
39673967View Page18980328Monday, March 28th, 1898Josephine GrayJosephine Gray217 North St.
43804380View Page18940214Wednesday, February 14th, 1894Merril SkinnerMerril Skinner425 W. Adams
44644464View Page18940511Friday, May 11th, 1894Ethel StarrEthel Starr925 e Jackson
47244724View Page18980513Friday, May 13th, 1898Olive McGathOlive McGath525 e Main
48784878View Page18981112Saturday, November 12th, 1898Charline KnappCharline Knapp214 N. Jefferson
48544854View Page18981025Tuesday, October 25th, 1898Edith WilsonEdith Wilson1124 e Willard
48994899View Page18981125Friday, November 25th, 1898Ethel LaughlinEthel Laughlin600 n Elm
49284928View Page18981220Tuesday, December 20th, 1898Mrs. W. H. ClancyMrs. W. H. Clancy1120 Brotherton St.
49354935View Page18981231Saturday, December 31st, 1898Cliffie NewmanCliffie Newman520 e Jackson
52035203View Page18991023Monday, October 23rd, 1899Roy WileyRoy Wiley418 s Blain St.
11411141View Page18781227Friday, December 27th, 1878Jas B LudlowJas B Ludlow600 S Jefferson St
44824482View Page18940605Tuesday, June 5th, 1894D. F. AultD. F. Ault302 W. Gilbert
45564556View Page18940915Saturday, September 15th, 1894Mrs. Emma YockeyMrs. Emma Yockey419 e Adams
12171217View Page18790405Saturday, April 5th, 1879R. W. MonroeR. W. MonroeWest Main
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
28152815View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Mabel NeffMabel Neff234 N. Vine
28502850View Page18910513Wednesday, May 13th, 1891Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson108 N. Monroe
30753075View Page18920729Friday, July 29th, 1892Gertrude BateyGertrude BateyE. Jackson
40044004View Page18921001Saturday, October 1st, 1892Ohle GillOhle Gill613 W. Charles St.
41134113View Page18930103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1893Helen SmithHelen Smith702 E. Adams
42074207View Page18930317Friday, March 17th, 1893Mrs. Anna JohnsonMrs. Anna Johnson1013 Madison St
44964496View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams115 N Monroe
45464546View Page18940825Saturday, August 25th, 1894Mrs. J. F. HallMrs. J. F. Hall317 E. Jackson
46304630View Page18941119Monday, November 19th, 1894Lillian SchaufelbergerLillian Schaufelberger316 S Council St
42864286View Page18930717Monday, July 17th, 1893Hattie RussellHattie Russell1211 E. Main
25572557View Page18890914Saturday, September 14th, 1889C. O. GlasscockC. O. GlasscockJefferson and Charles St.
26222622View Page18900313Thursday, March 13th, 1890Bell FriornBell Friorn329 East Gilbert st.
27892789View Page18910203Tuesday, February 3rd, 1891Mrs. J. E. MurrayMrs. J. E. Murray120 N Cherry
28402840View Page18910406Monday, April 6th, 1891Edith McCreaEdith McCrea607 E. Charles
28692869View Page18910720Monday, July 20th, 1891Amy KendallAmy Kendall315 W. Jackson
30353035View Page18920426Tuesday, April 26th, 1892Ruth CramptonRuth Crampton2024 N 11th st.
30803080View Page18920817Wednesday, August 17th, 1892Edith JacksonEdith Jackson800 East Main st.
29452945View Page18920102Saturday, January 2nd, 1892Harry KuhnHarry Kuhn219 N. Mul.
40994099View Page18921216Friday, December 16th, 1892Alma McDowellAlma McDowell403 Wysor st
40054005View Page18921001Saturday, October 1st, 1892Laura RossLaura RossWysor St.
50565056View Page18990325Saturday, March 25th, 1899Myrtle SnyderMyrtle Snyder319 W. Adams
50755075View Page18990505Friday, May 5th, 1899Gloria SumptionGloria Sumption402 W. Howard
52815281View Page18991227Wednesday, December 27th, 1899Ella SweetlandElla Sweetland302 West Adams
45004500View Page18940628Thursday, June 28th, 1894Nellie JerrettNellie Jerrett232 Kilgore Ave
45424542View Page18940816Thursday, August 16th, 1894Bessie HinesBessie Hines703 E Jackson
51055105View Page18990703Monday, July 3rd, 1899Margaret LathamMargaret Latham628 N. Jefferson
51215121View Page18990727Thursday, July 27th, 1899Anna KerinsAnna Kerins1503 W. Main
46624662View Page18941226Wednesday, December 26th, 1894Katie McDowellKatie McDowell510 E. Wash.
46384638View Page18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894Grace MillerGrace Miller118 Grant St.
46574657View Page18941218Tuesday, December 18th, 1894Mrs. F. TaylorMrs. F. TaylorWebster Avenue
46704670View Page18941231Monday, December 31st, 1894Nellie ManningNellie Manning716 Lurne + Mobin
51545154View Page18990912Tuesday, September 12th, 1899Florence O'HarraFlorence O'Harra416 S. Liberty
51995199View Page18991021Saturday, October 21st, 1899Karl CecilKarl Cecil1523 S. Franklin St.
32063206View Page18950701Monday, July 1st, 1895Mrs. W H SumptionMrs. W H Sumption408 E Main St
32283228View Page18950731Wednesday, July 31st, 1895Mrs. E. H. ThompsonMrs. E. H. Thompson620 W Howard
46744674View Page18950105Saturday, January 5th, 1895Maude DotsonMaude Dotson515 - 2nd St.
46934693View Page18950116Wednesday, January 16th, 1895Annie JenkinsAnnie Jenkins1202 Ohmer Ave
46954695View Page18950117Thursday, January 17th, 1895Carl CecilCarl Cecil710 - E. Jackson
47024702View Page18950119Saturday, January 19th, 1895Minnie O'NealMinnie O'Neal1303 Virginia St.
47044704View Page18950119Saturday, January 19th, 1895Katie DohertyKatie Doherty604 - S. Walnut
47054705View Page18950119Saturday, January 19th, 1895C. H. BeardsleyC. H. Beardsley332 North St.
31763176View Page18950504Saturday, May 4th, 1895Forest MorehartForest Morehart515 E. Main St.
31783178View Page18950508Wednesday, May 8th, 1895Mrs. J. V. CrenshawMrs. J. V. Crenshaw523 E. Main
32013201View Page18950621Friday, June 21st, 1895Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds314 W. Seymour
31153115View Page18950201Friday, February 1st, 1895Mrs. Mary NealMrs. Mary Neal322 W. Adams
31213121View Page18950209Saturday, February 9th, 1895Harriet F BeardsleyHarriet F Beardsley414 North St
31263126View Page18950212Tuesday, February 12th, 1895Ella UptgraftElla Uptgraft1407 - E. Gilbert
31323132View Page18950216Saturday, February 16th, 1895Erma PersonettErma PersonettMichigan St.
32493249View Page18950924Tuesday, September 24th, 1895Lillian GibsonLillian GibsonN Elm St
32943294View Page18951114Thursday, November 14th, 1895Mrs. R. A. CallisonMrs. R. A. Callison827 Seymour
32963296View Page18951115Friday, November 15th, 1895Alice HawkinsAlice Hawkins430 E Charles
32983298View Page18951116Saturday, November 16th, 1895Ada KarnAda Karn220 W Gilbert
33153315View Page18951202Monday, December 2nd, 1895Anna B BayleyAnna B Bayley1200 Ohmer Ave
33393339View Page18951227Friday, December 27th, 1895Hampton SmithHampton Smith315 North St
34733473View Page18960714Tuesday, July 14th, 1896Hazel CromwellHazel Cromwell221 Jackson
33553355View Page18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896Louise WilsonLouise Wilson302 W Gilbert
33593359View Page18960114Tuesday, January 14th, 1896Vinton CecilVinton Cecil1111 East 1st St
33763376View Page18960128Tuesday, January 28th, 1896Bessie CohenBessie Cohen613 W Jackson
33803380View Page18960131Friday, January 31st, 1896Mable HartmanMable Hartman616 E Washington
33863386View Page18960204Tuesday, February 4th, 1896Mary CraigMary Craig1207 S Monroe
34553455View Page18960528Thursday, May 28th, 1896Miss. Louisa DixonMiss. Louisa Dixon1520 Kirby ave
35123512View Page18960907Monday, September 7th, 1896Mabel RiegleMabel Riegle108 N Monroe St.
35363536View Page18961019Monday, October 19th, 1896Pearl SchenckPearl Schenckcor. 7th + Blaine
35463546View Page18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith219 S Franklin
34113411View Page18960310Tuesday, March 10th, 1896Pearl W. SmithPearl W. Smith213 East First St.
35453545View Page18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896Frank StephensFrank Stephens315 W. Jackson
36443644View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Seymour CohnSeymour CohnW. Main St.
36393639View Page18970209Tuesday, February 9th, 1897Claude CramerClaude Cramer1211 S. Monroe
37533753View Page18970813Friday, August 13th, 1897M. H. GordonM. H. Gordon1526 9th + Sampson
37723772View Page18970929Wednesday, September 29th, 1897Edith JonesEdith Jones423 - E. Charles
37743774View Page18971001Friday, October 1st, 1897Ella JonesElla Jones423 E. Charles
38423842View Page18971201Wednesday, December 1st, 1897Hattie KarnHattie Karn303 E. 9th st.
36843684View Page18970410Saturday, April 10th, 1897Carrie MannCarrie Mann509 E. Jackson
36623662View Page18970304Thursday, March 4th, 1897Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz720 Powers St.
36063606View Page18970109Saturday, January 9th, 1897Glady SuttonGlady Sutton1223 S. Madison
36473647View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897E. W. YounceE. W. Younce811 E Adams
48334833View Page18981014Friday, October 14th, 1898Ermal HeffnerErmal Heffner504 E. Main
47634763View Page18980726Tuesday, July 26th, 1898Nellie MitchellNellie Mitchell1010 S. Monroe
47694769View Page18980804Thursday, August 4th, 1898Agnes DanielsAgnes Daniels208 W. Wash. St.
47914791View Page18980906Tuesday, September 6th, 1898Maude SimmonsMaude Simmons1318 S. Mad. St
47944794View Page18980907Wednesday, September 7th, 1898Maude HammersMaude Hammers302 W. Adams St.
48954895View Page18981122Tuesday, November 22nd, 1898Anna PetersonAnna Peterson779 Macedonia Ave
48984898View Page18981125Friday, November 25th, 1898Ruth SkinnerRuth Skinner416 - N. Jefferson
49244924View Page18981214Wednesday, December 14th, 1898Eva GrayEva Gray217 E. North
49264926View Page18981214Wednesday, December 14th, 1898Mary V GoodmanMary V Goodman907 - E. Washington
49364936View Page18981231Saturday, December 31st, 1898Mrs. A. W. SmithMrs. A. W. Smith418 S. Franklin
39703970View Page18980401Friday, April 1st, 1898Mrs. L. L. BallMrs. L. L. BallRiverside
39723972View Page18980404Monday, April 4th, 1898Catherine WallaceCatherine Wallace329 E Gilbert
39783978View Page18980415Friday, April 15th, 1898Leo LyonsLeo Lyons903 E Jackson St
47334733View Page18980611Saturday, June 11th, 1898Lola JacksonLola Jackson916 E Main
47424742View Page18980625Saturday, June 25th, 1898Anna HamiltonAnna Hamilton1315 W 9th St
53145314View Page19000116Tuesday, January 16th, 1900Willie AllumWillie Allum820 Kirby Ave
55825582View Page19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900Mrs. M M BaileyMrs. M M Bailey1106 E Adams
54825482View Page19000705Thursday, July 5th, 1900Annie BellAnnie Bell517 E. Washington
54155415View Page19000331Saturday, March 31st, 1900Pearl BuckPearl Buck402 E. Adams St.
54515451View Page19000528Monday, May 28th, 1900Elizabeth CarterElizabeth Carter511 S. Elm St
54875487View Page19000709Monday, July 9th, 1900Mrs. C. M. CarterMrs. C. M. Carter411_S. Jefferson
54835483View Page19000705Thursday, July 5th, 1900Daisy CecilDaisy Cecil5 mi. S.E. of City
53895389View Page19000310Saturday, March 10th, 1900Alvin CohenAlvin Cohen406 E. Jackson
53835383View Page19000306Tuesday, March 6th, 1900Mrs. E. G. EarpMrs. E. G. Earp314 W. Jackson St.
53445344View Page19000206Tuesday, February 6th, 1900Hollie FrazerHollie Frazer121 E. 7th
54385438View Page19000512Saturday, May 12th, 1900Garnet HiltyGarnet HiltyS.W. cor. 9th Madison
56565656View Page19010105Saturday, January 5th, 1901Mazie GilmoreMazie Gilmore512 S. Franklin
56685668View Page19010114Monday, January 14th, 1901Anna MinnickAnna Minnick1202 S. Elm St.
57055705View Page19010211Monday, February 11th, 1901Lillie DeYoungLillie DeYoung1047 - S. Hackley St
55675567View Page19001017Wednesday, October 17th, 1900Pearl HooverPearl Hoover1210 S. Elm
54025402View Page19000319Monday, March 19th, 1900Reba HooverReba Hoover316 West Main St.
56365636View Page19001213Thursday, December 13th, 1900Mrs. H. E. LawellMrs. H. E. Lawell832. E. Charles st.
53385338View Page19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900Isaac LoshIsaac Losh1210 E 7th St.
54815481View Page19000630Saturday, June 30th, 1900Mrs. T. J. McLeanMrs. T. J. McLean512 So. Liberty
54615461View Page19000607Thursday, June 7th, 1900May McPhersonMay McPherson1627 S. Madison
54995499View Page19000723Monday, July 23rd, 1900Mabel MonroeMabel MonroePauline Ave., Riverside
55175517View Page19000811Saturday, August 11th, 1900Mrs. Frances PadenMrs. Frances Paden518 S Council st.
54775477View Page19000628Thursday, June 28th, 1900Beulah SmithBeulah Smith610 N. Elm
53405340View Page19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900Pearl SuttonPearl Sutton1205 E 7th Street
54915491View Page19000712Thursday, July 12th, 1900Mamie UrtonMamie Urton115 S. Council St.
56335633View Page19001211Tuesday, December 11th, 1900Mary YoungMary Young502 S. Franklin
58575857View Page19010902Monday, September 2nd, 1901Ruth GilmoreRuth Gilmore512 S Franklin St
57225722View Page19010223Saturday, February 23rd, 1901Maude GrayMaude Gray217 North St.
57235723View Page19010223Saturday, February 23rd, 1901Osie CarpenterOsie Carpenter1018 E Main St
57315731View Page19010228Thursday, February 28th, 1901Marie LongMarie Long802 S. Walnut
57435743View Page19010309Saturday, March 9th, 1901Ethel GilmoreEthel Gilmore1104 E. Adams
57455745View Page19010309Saturday, March 9th, 1901Julie ClarkJulie Clark720 S. Elm Street
57675767View Page19010408Monday, April 8th, 1901Helen CleavelandHelen Cleaveland812 E. Jackson
57915791View Page19010525Saturday, May 25th, 1901John O E GorryJohn O E Gorry1147 S. Hoersley
18981898View Page18820311Saturday, March 11th, 1882A N ShuttleworthA N ShuttleworthEast Washington
24492449View Page18880117Tuesday, January 17th, 1888A. R. MedlingA. R. MedlingEast Jackson
24642464View Page18880312Monday, March 12th, 1888Bertha SmithBertha SmithWest Charles
29682968View Page18920130Saturday, January 30th, 1892Pearl MartinPearl Martin325 W. Gilbert

+Transaction (220)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mable Niff28152815Mabel NeffMabel Neff
18941204Tuesday, December 4th, 1894View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Anna Johnson42074207Mrs. Anna JohnsonMrs. Anna Johnsonnumber 40 marked next to patron's name
18941219Wednesday, December 19th, 1894View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Grace Miller46384638Grace MillerGrace Miller
18941231Monday, December 31st, 1894View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Emma Helvie45554555Emma HelvieEmma Helvie
18950118Friday, January 18th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs J. E. Murray27892789Mrs. J. E. MurrayMrs. J. E. Murray
18950118Friday, January 18th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Allie Snell24082408Allie SnellAllie Snell
18950124Thursday, January 24th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Alma McDowell40994099Alma McDowellAlma McDowell
18950209Saturday, February 9th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mr D. F. Ault44824482D. F. AultD. F. Ault
18950221Thursday, February 21st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lillian Schaufelberger46304630Lillian SchaufelbergerLillian Schaufelberger
18950306Wednesday, March 6th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Katie Doherty47044704Katie DohertyKatie Doherty
18950314Thursday, March 14th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Minnie O'Neal47024702Minnie O'NealMinnie O'Neal
18950320Wednesday, March 20th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Edwin Smith43144314Edna SmithEdna Smith
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ruth Crampton30353035Ruth CramptonRuth Crampton
18950401Monday, April 1st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Clara Youngman30013001Clara YoungmanClara Youngman
18950405Friday, April 5th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lola Harrington28012801Lola HarringtonLola Harrington
18950413Saturday, April 13th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Katie McDowell46624662Katie McDowellKatie McDowell
18950429Monday, April 29th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Nellie Manning46704670Nellie ManningNellie Manning
18950522Wednesday, May 22nd, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Laura Ross40054005Laura RossLaura Ross
18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Bessie Hine45424542Bessie HinesBessie Hinesfixed patron number (orig. 4543)
18950611Tuesday, June 11th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Carl Cecil46954695Carl CecilCarl Cecil
18950617Monday, June 17th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. C. H. Beardsley47054705C. H. BeardsleyC. H. Beardsley
18950701Monday, July 1st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Gertrude Batey30753075Gertrude BateyGertrude Batey
18950711Thursday, July 11th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Annie Jenkins46934693Annie JenkinsAnnie Jenkins
18950720Saturday, July 20th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Nellie Jerrett45004500Nellie JerrettNellie Jerrettfixed borrower's name (orig. Jewett)
18950806Tuesday, August 6th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Annie Jenkins46934693Annie JenkinsAnnie Jenkins
18950824Saturday, August 24th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Gertrude Batey30753075Gertrude BateyGertrude Batey
18950829Thursday, August 29th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. D. W. Stewart26492649Helen HickmanHelen Hickman
18950831Saturday, August 31st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Helen Smith41134113Helen SmithHelen Smithfixed patron number (orig. 4315)
18950904Wednesday, September 4th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs H.E. Maggs46264626Mrs. H. E. MaggsMrs. H. E. Maggs
18950916Monday, September 16th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. D. W. Stewart26492649Helen HickmanHelen Hickman
18950923Monday, September 23rd, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ethel Starr44644464Ethel StarrEthel Starr
18950925Wednesday, September 25th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Bertha Smith24642464Bertha SmithBertha Smith
18951001Tuesday, October 1st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lillian Gibson32493249Lillian GibsonLillian Gibson
18951014Monday, October 14th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Alice Leonard28692869Amy KendallAmy Kendall
18951028Monday, October 28th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Carl Cecil46954695Carl CecilCarl Cecil
18951106Wednesday, November 6th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Edith Jackson30803080Edith JacksonEdith Jackson
18951116Saturday, November 16th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs H F Beardsly31213121Harriet F BeardsleyHarriet F Beardsley
18951125Monday, November 25th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Howard Dudley41994199Howard DudleyHoward Dudley
18951130Saturday, November 30th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs H F Beardsly31213121Harriet F BeardsleyHarriet F Beardsley
18951206Friday, December 6th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Minnie Guthrie43574357Mina GuthrieMina Guthrie
18951213Friday, December 13th, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Carl Cecil46954695Carl CecilCarl Cecil
18951223Monday, December 23rd, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs R.A. Callison32943294Mrs. R. A. CallisonMrs. R. A. Callison
18951231Tuesday, December 31st, 1895View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ida Phillips45844584Ida PhillipsIda Phillips
18960113Monday, January 13th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Maude Dotson46744674Maude DotsonMaude Dotson
18960123Thursday, January 23rd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Bertha Smith31763176Forest MorehartForest Morehart
18960204Tuesday, February 4th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Erma Personett31323132Erma PersonettErma Personett
18960222Saturday, February 22nd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Hattie Russell42864286Hattie RussellHattie Russell
18960310Tuesday, March 10th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Alice Hawkins32963296Alice HawkinsAlice Hawkins
18960316Monday, March 16th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Hallie Russell42864286Hattie RussellHattie Russell
18960323Monday, March 23rd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ada Karn32983298Ada KarnAda Karn
18960326Thursday, March 26th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Louise Wilson33553355Louise WilsonLouise Wilson
18960402Thursday, April 2nd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Zimmerman31263126Ella UptgraftElla Uptgraft
18960407Tuesday, April 7th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18960424Friday, April 24th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Willie Carey33843384Willie CareyWillie Carey
18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Martin29682968Pearl MartinPearl Martin
18960519Tuesday, May 19th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Rosa Burmaster31893189Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster
18960613Saturday, June 13th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs H Reynolds32013201Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds
18960626Friday, June 26th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl W Smith34113411Pearl W. SmithPearl W. Smith
18960708Wednesday, July 8th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Gertie Foreman34683468Gertie FoormanGertie Foorman
18960727Monday, July 27th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Hazel Cromwell34733473Hazel CromwellHazel Cromwell
18960806Thursday, August 6th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.A. N. Shuttleworth18981898A N ShuttleworthA N Shuttleworth
18960902Wednesday, September 2nd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18961012Monday, October 12th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Mathew Eden42504250Mrs. Mathew EdenMrs. Mathew Eden
18961103Tuesday, November 3rd, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs J. F. Hall45464546Mrs. J. F. HallMrs. J. F. Hall
18961120Friday, November 20th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Schenck35363536Pearl SchenckPearl Schenck
18961128Saturday, November 28th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ida Phillips45844584Ida PhillipsIda Phillips
18961216Wednesday, December 16th, 1896View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Dr. G R Greenpatron ID partially illegible: 244[?]
18970109Saturday, January 9th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Louisa Dixon34553455Miss. Louisa DixonMiss. Louisa Dixon
18970130Saturday, January 30th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Katie Sullivan42854285Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan"82" written after patron name.
18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Gladys Sutton36063606Glady SuttonGlady Sutton
18970227Saturday, February 27th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Vier Max33763376Bessie CohenBessie Cohen
18970313Saturday, March 13th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. Mary Neal31153115Mrs. Mary NealMrs. Mary Neal
18970323Tuesday, March 23rd, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. WH Samption32063206Mrs. W H SumptionMrs. W H Sumption
18970326Friday, March 26th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970402Friday, April 2nd, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Claude Cramer36393639Claude CramerClaude Cramer
18970415Thursday, April 15th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Frank Stephens35453545Frank StephensFrank Stephens
18970429Thursday, April 29th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Frank Stephens35453545Frank StephensFrank Stephens
18970524Monday, May 24th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Belle Irwin26222622Bell FriornBell Friorn
18970603Thursday, June 3rd, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ethel Keener34363436Harry KinsmanHarry Kinsman
18970614Monday, June 14th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Carrie Mann36843684Carrie MannCarrie Mann
18970621Monday, June 21st, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Hampton Smith33393339Hampton SmithHampton Smith
18970702Friday, July 2nd, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Edna S Keller37013701Edna L. KellerEdna L. Keller
18970707Wednesday, July 7th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mable Riegle35123512Mabel RiegleMabel Riegle
18980919Monday, September 19th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs J.V. Crenshaw31783178Mrs. J. V. CrenshawMrs. J. V. Crenshaw
18980927Tuesday, September 27th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs J.W. Oxley31043104Mrs. J. W. OxleyMrs. J. W. Oxley
18981003Monday, October 3rd, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Anna Hamilton47424742Anna HamiltonAnna Hamilton
18981012Wednesday, October 12th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.M.H. Gordon37533753M. H. GordonM. H. Gordon
18981022Saturday, October 22nd, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Maude Hammers47944794Maude HammersMaude Hammers
18981024Monday, October 24th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Edna Keller37013701Edna L. KellerEdna L. KellerX marked next to patron name
18981105Saturday, November 5th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Edith Jones37723772Edith JonesEdith Jones
18981118Friday, November 18th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ella Jones37743774Ella JonesElla Jones
18981123Wednesday, November 23rd, 1898View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18981206Tuesday, December 6th, 1898View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Ray Leonard39513951R. LeonardR. Leonard
18981208Thursday, December 8th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Prof. T H Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
18981215Thursday, December 15th, 1898View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Emma Yockey45564556Mrs. Emma YockeyMrs. Emma Yockey
18981216Friday, December 16th, 1898View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.J B Ludlow11411141Jas B LudlowJas B Ludlow
18990105Thursday, January 5th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Emma Yockey45564556Mrs. Emma YockeyMrs. Emma Yockey
18990107Saturday, January 7th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs S P Wildman20802080Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. Wildman
18990120Friday, January 20th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Catherine Wallace39723972Catherine WallaceCatherine Wallace
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Taylor Moore17471747Taylor MooreTaylor Moore
18990126Thursday, January 26th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Olive McGath47244724Olive McGathOlive McGath"Daisy" written after patron's name
18990131Tuesday, January 31st, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ermal Heffner48334833Ermal HeffnerErmal Heffner
18990204Saturday, February 4th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.A W Smith49364936Mrs. A. W. SmithMrs. A. W. Smithfixed patron number (orig. 4939)
18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Seymour Cohn36443644Seymour CohnSeymour Cohn
18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Eva Gray49244924Eva GrayEva Gray
18990216Thursday, February 16th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Maude Simmons47914791Maude SimmonsMaude Simmons
18990222Wednesday, February 22nd, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs W H Clancy49284928Mrs. W. H. ClancyMrs. W. H. Clancy
18990225Saturday, February 25th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.J.W. Oxley26132613J. W. OxleyJ. W. Oxley
18990306Monday, March 6th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mary B Craig33863386Mary CraigMary Craig
18990320Monday, March 20th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs May Goodman49264926Mary V GoodmanMary V Goodman
18990322Wednesday, March 22nd, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Donna Lane34003400D. F. LaneD. F. LaneNumber 70 written next to patron's name
18990405Wednesday, April 5th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Donna Lane34003400D. F. LaneD. F. Lane
18990417Monday, April 17th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Edith Wilson48544854Edith WilsonEdith Wilson
18990422Saturday, April 22nd, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Nellie Mitchell47634763Nellie MitchellNellie Mitchell
18990427Thursday, April 27th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Iva Buckley38233823Iva BuckleyIva Buckley
18990508Monday, May 8th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Catharine Wallace39723972Catherine WallaceCatherine Wallace
18990517Wednesday, May 17th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Aug Maick32113211Mrs. Aug. MaickMrs. Aug. Maick
18990519Friday, May 19th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ruth Skinner48984898Ruth SkinnerRuth Skinner
18990527Saturday, May 27th, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18990531Wednesday, May 31st, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ruth Skinner48984898Ruth SkinnerRuth Skinner
18990610Saturday, June 10th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Charity Smith35463546Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith
18990622Thursday, June 22nd, 1899View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Ohle Gill40044004Ohle GillOhle Gill
18990701Saturday, July 1st, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Chas Glascock25572557C. O. GlasscockC. O. Glasscock
18990714Friday, July 14th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ethel Laughlin48994899Ethel LaughlinEthel Laughlin
18990725Tuesday, July 25th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Agnes Daniels47694769Agnes DanielsAgnes Daniels
18990729Saturday, July 29th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Edith McCree28402840Edith McCreaEdith McCrea
18990818Friday, August 18th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. H. Reynolds32013201Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds
18990824Thursday, August 24th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.AR Madling24492449A. R. MedlingA. R. Medling
18990830Wednesday, August 30th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. India Cecil37113711India A. CecilIndia A. Cecil
18990916Saturday, September 16th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Merrille Skinner43804380Merril SkinnerMerril Skinnerfixed patron number (orig. 4320)
18991013Friday, October 13th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ann Grundloch39453945Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach
18991025Wednesday, October 25th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Evertt Naftzger37193719Ernest NaftzgerErnest Naftzger
18991030Monday, October 30th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Leo Lyons39783978Leo LyonsLeo Lyons
18991118Saturday, November 18th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ann Peterson48954895Anna PetersonAnna Peterson
18991204Monday, December 4th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Aug Maick32113211Mrs. Aug. MaickMrs. Aug. Maick
18991227Wednesday, December 27th, 1899View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Josephine Gray39673967Josephine GrayJosephine Gray
19000103Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ella Sweetland52815281Ella SweetlandElla SweetlandNumber 40 marked after patron's name
19000106Saturday, January 6th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ray Wiley52035203Roy WileyRoy Wiley
19000119Friday, January 19th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Cliffie Newman49354935Cliffie NewmanCliffie Newman
19000120Saturday, January 20th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Newton Peterson35783578Newton PetersonNewton Peterson
19000202Friday, February 2nd, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.E W Younce36473647E. W. YounceE. W. Younce
19000212Monday, February 12th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Fred Fuller43144314Edna SmithEdna Smith
19000222Thursday, February 22nd, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Sutton53405340Pearl SuttonPearl Sutton
19000228Wednesday, February 28th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs Mary Louick0957957Mary J. LuickMary J. Luick
19000308Thursday, March 8th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Anna Belle Bayley33153315Anna B BayleyAnna B Bayley
19000317Saturday, March 17th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs Anne Stoeckly49954995Mrs. Anna StoecklyMrs. Anna Stoeckly
19000319Monday, March 19th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Anna B. Buley33153315Anna B BayleyAnna B Bayley
19000329Thursday, March 29th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Isaac Losh53385338Isaac LoshIsaac Losh
19000409Monday, April 9th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Florence O'Harra51545154Florence O'HarraFlorence O'Harra
19000424Tuesday, April 24th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Karl Cecil51995199Karl CecilKarl CecilEntry is crossed out
19000505Saturday, May 5th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Karl Cecil51995199Karl CecilKarl Cecil
19000509Wednesday, May 9th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Anna Kern51215121Anna KerinsAnna Kerins
19000521Monday, May 21st, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. EH Thompson32283228Mrs. E. H. ThompsonMrs. E. H. Thompson
19000529Tuesday, May 29th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mable Perdieu52205220Mabel PerdieuMabel Perdieu
19000606Wednesday, June 6th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lola Jackson47334733Lola JacksonLola Jackson
19000609Saturday, June 9th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. Ella Meeker0383383Ellen E. SmithEllen E. Smith
19000612Tuesday, June 12th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Louis Bloom39703970Mrs. L. L. BallMrs. L. L. Ball
19000618Monday, June 18th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Elizabeth Carter54515451Elizabeth CarterElizabeth Carter
19000627Wednesday, June 27th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mary McPherson54615461May McPhersonMay McPherson
19000705Thursday, July 5th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Alvin Cohen53895389Alvin CohenAlvin Cohen
19000714Saturday, July 14th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Anna Hamilton47424742Anna HamiltonAnna Hamilton
19000718Wednesday, July 18th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Garnet Hilty54385438Garnet HiltyGarnet Hilty
19000725Wednesday, July 25th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. C. M. Carter54875487Mrs. C. M. CarterMrs. C. M. Carter
19000801Wednesday, August 1st, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Josephine Gray39673967Josephine GrayJosephine Gray
19000810Friday, August 10th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Thos. Richards26532653T. Y. RichardsT. Y. Richards
19000815Wednesday, August 15th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. T. S. Tredwell50805080Mrs. T. S. TredwellMrs. T. S. Tredwell
19000827Monday, August 27th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Gloe Sumption50755075Gloria SumptionGloria Sumption
19000907Friday, September 7th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mable Monroe54995499Mabel MonroeMabel Monroe
19000926Wednesday, September 26th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lois L. Durham50625062Lois L. DurhamLois L. Durham
19000929Saturday, September 29th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. E. Williams44964496Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams
19001009Tuesday, October 9th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mamie Urton54915491Mamie UrtonMamie Urton
19001024Wednesday, October 24th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mamie Urton54915491Mamie UrtonMamie Urton
19001109Friday, November 9th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Hoover55675567Pearl HooverPearl Hoover
19001112Monday, November 12th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Louise Tyler52315231Louise TylerLouise Tyler
19001114Wednesday, November 14th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Reba Hoover54025402Reba HooverReba Hoover
19001119Monday, November 19th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. Emma Yockey45564556Mrs. Emma YockeyMrs. Emma Yockey
19001207Friday, December 7th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Reba Hoover54025402Reba HooverReba Hoover
19001210Monday, December 10th, 1900View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Genevia Hollimyer49504950Genevia HollimyerGenevia HollimyerLine crossed through entire entry
19001211Tuesday, December 11th, 1900View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mable Hartman33803380Mable HartmanMable Hartman
19010109Wednesday, January 9th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Hattie Karn38423842Hattie KarnHattie Karn
19010112Saturday, January 12th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Hollie Frazer53445344Hollie FrazerHollie Frazer
19010117Thursday, January 17th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs C L Wolfrom33543354Mrs. C. L. WolfromMrs. C. L. Wolfrom
19010204Monday, February 4th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Pearl Buck54155415Pearl BuckPearl Buck
19010208Friday, February 8th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.E W Younce36473647E. W. YounceE. W. Younce"Daisy" written after patron name
19010216Saturday, February 16th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. H C Lowell56365636Mrs. H. E. LawellMrs. H. E. Lawell
19010225Monday, February 25th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Vinton Cecil33593359Vinton CecilVinton Cecil
19010306Wednesday, March 6th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Maude Gray57225722Maude GrayMaude Gray
19010308Friday, March 8th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Beulah Smith54775477Beulah SmithBeulah Smith
19010323Saturday, March 23rd, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Ella J. Earp53835383Mrs. E. G. EarpMrs. E. G. Earp
19010402Tuesday, April 2nd, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Gladys Sutton36063606Glady SuttonGlady Sutton
19010403Wednesday, April 3rd, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Osie Carpenter57235723Osie CarpenterOsie Carpenter
19010413Saturday, April 13th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Lillie De Young57055705Lillie DeYoungLillie DeYoung
19010422Monday, April 22nd, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Blanche Williams33563356Blanche WilliamsBlanche Williams
19010423Tuesday, April 23rd, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Zulu Clark57455745Julie ClarkJulie Clark
19010426Friday, April 26th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.May Long56335633Mary YoungMary Young
19010511Saturday, May 11th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mamie Long57315731Marie LongMarie Long
19010511Saturday, May 11th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Harry Kuhn29452945Harry KuhnHarry Kuhn
19010522Wednesday, May 22nd, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Anna Merrick56685668Anna MinnickAnna MinnickDate listed as 5/8/1901; however, listed in ledger between dates 5/21/1901 and 5/23/1901, suggesting it should be 5/22/1901.
19010528Tuesday, May 28th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Annie Bell54825482Annie BellAnnie Bell
19010607Friday, June 7th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mazie Gilmore56565656Mazie GilmoreMazie Gilmore
19010624Monday, June 24th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.John DeYoung57915791John O E GorryJohn O E Gorry
19010706Saturday, July 6th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. Frame. Paden55175517Mrs. Frances PadenMrs. Frances Paden
19010708Monday, July 8th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs T J McLean54815481Mrs. T. J. McLeanMrs. T. J. McLean
19010716Tuesday, July 16th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Helen Cleveland57675767Helen CleavelandHelen Cleaveland
19010723Tuesday, July 23rd, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Margaret Lother51055105Margaret LathamMargaret Latham
19010729Monday, July 29th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Maude Hammers47944794Maude HammersMaude Hammers
19010806Tuesday, August 6th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.C Knapp48784878Charline KnappCharline Knapp
19010812Monday, August 12th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Margaret Kennedy38273827Mrs. D. V. BowerMrs. D. V. Bower
19010827Tuesday, August 27th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ethel Gilmore57435743Ethel GilmoreEthel Gilmore
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Daisy Cecil54835483Daisy CecilDaisy Cecil
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Mrs H Darnall35833583Mrs. H. C. DarnallMrs. H. C. Darnall
19010912Thursday, September 12th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs Frank Taylor46574657Mrs. F. TaylorMrs. F. Taylor
19010918Wednesday, September 18th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Ruth Gilmore58575857Ruth GilmoreRuth Gilmore
19010928Saturday, September 28th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Mrs. Margaret Bailey55825582Mrs. M M BaileyMrs. M M Bailey
19011009Wednesday, October 9th, 1901View Page1104511045Daisy.Daisy.Anna Gundloch39453945Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach
19011017Thursday, October 17th, 1901View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Willie Allum53145314Willie AllumWillie Allum
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