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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 73 Date Joined Thursday, March 4th,1897 Patron # 3662
Patron Information Name Elsie Sheetz Nickname Residence 720 Powers St.
Guarantor Information Name J.W. Hilling Residence 609 Powers
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City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year 1897-1898
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Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
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Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
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+Transaction History (31)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18990621Wednesday, June 21st, 1899View Page1207012070A Kentucky colonel : a novel.A Kentucky colonel : a novel.Inez Banks36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970723Friday, July 23rd, 1897View Page092209220Elsie at Viamede.Elsie at Viamede.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970715Thursday, July 15th, 1897View Page084088408Not like other girls.Not like other girls.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970712Monday, July 12th, 1897View Page084488448Sink or swim, or, Harry Raymond's resolve.Sink or swim, or, Harry Raymond's resolve.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970710Saturday, July 10th, 1897View Page083168316The mill on the Floss.The mill on the Floss.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970703Saturday, July 3rd, 1897View Page092189218Elsie's vacation and after events.Elsie's vacation and after events.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970617Thursday, June 17th, 1897View Page077327732Rufus and Rose, or, The fortunes of Rough and Ready.Rufus and Rose, or, The fortunes of Rough and Ready.Elsie Shultz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970614Monday, June 14th, 1897View Page084758475The young circus rider, or, The mystery of Robert Rudd.The young circus rider, or, The mystery of Robert Rudd.Elsie Schultz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970611Friday, June 11th, 1897View Page091109110The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.Elsie Shultz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970607Monday, June 7th, 1897View Page084588458Wait and hope, or, Ben Bradford's motto.Wait and hope, or, Ben Bradford's motto.Elsie Shultz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970602Wednesday, June 2nd, 1897View Page092179217Elsie yachting with the Raymonds.Elsie yachting with the Raymonds.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970529Saturday, May 29th, 1897View Page010491049Paul and Virginia.Paul and Virginia.Elsie Shultz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970526Wednesday, May 26th, 1897View Page065896589Donald and Dorothy.Donald and Dorothy.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie SheetzNumber 9 marked after patron's name
18970524Monday, May 24th, 1897View Page065806580A little country girl.A little country girl.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970521Friday, May 21st, 1897View Page084808480What Katy did : a story.What Katy did : a story.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970513Thursday, May 13th, 1897View Page097989798Our Bessie.Our Bessie.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970507Friday, May 7th, 1897View Page092149214Elsie and the Raymonds.Elsie and the Raymonds.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970501Saturday, May 1st, 1897View Page092129212Christmas with Grandma Elsie.Christmas with Grandma Elsie.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970424Saturday, April 24th, 1897View Page092119211Elsie's friends at Woodburn.Elsie's friends at Woodburn.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970417Saturday, April 17th, 1897View Page092099209Elsie's kith and kin.Elsie's kith and kin.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970416Friday, April 16th, 1897View Page092069206The two Elsies.The two Elsies.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970409Friday, April 9th, 1897View Page092059205Elsie at Nantucket : a sequel to "Elsie's new relations.Elsie at Nantucket : a sequel to "Elsie's new relations.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970403Saturday, April 3rd, 1897View Page083738373Elsie's new relations : what they did and how they fared at Ion.Elsie's new relations : what they did and how they fared at Ion.Elsie Shettz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970402Friday, April 2nd, 1897View Page092029202Grandmother Elsie : a sequel to Elsie's widowhood.Grandmother Elsie : a sequel to Elsie's widowhood.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970331Wednesday, March 31st, 1897View Page092019201Elsie's Widowhood : a sequel to "Elsie's children".Elsie's Widowhood : a sequel to "Elsie's children".Elsie Sheets36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970330Tuesday, March 30th, 1897View Page083668366Elsie's children.Elsie's children.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970329Monday, March 29th, 1897View Page092009200Elsie's MotherhoodElsie's MotherhoodElsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970326Friday, March 26th, 1897View Page091989198Elsie's womanhood.Elsie's womanhood.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970313Saturday, March 13th, 1897View Page084408440Christie's Christmas.Christie's Christmas.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970310Wednesday, March 10th, 1897View Page091979197Holidays at Roselands : with some scenes in Elsie's life, being a sequel to Elsie Dinsmore.Holidays at Roselands : with some scenes in Elsie's life, being a sequel to Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Shutz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz
18970305Friday, March 5th, 1897View Page083658365Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Sheetz36623662Elsie SheetzElsie Sheetz