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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18940727Friday, July 27th,1894089878987View PageSant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Crawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-1909.08787
19010718Thursday, July 18th,19011289912899View PageSant' IlarioSant' IlarioCrawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-19090044

+Patron (84)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
14121412View Page18800503Monday, May 3rd, 1880Sarah E BradburySarah E BradburyEast Adams St.
45934593View Page18941027Saturday, October 27th, 1894Jeanette M. ShortJeanette M. Short1000 E Adams
42544254View Page18930523Tuesday, May 23rd, 1893Anna M BestAnna M Best414 E. Gilbert
11031103View Page18781030Wednesday, October 30th, 1878A. J. PhinneyA. J. PhinneyCor. Main + Mulberry
11881188View Page18790224Monday, February 24th, 1879Burt BradburyBurt BradburyEast Jackson
40254025View Page18921022Saturday, October 22nd, 1892Linnie CoffeenLinnie Coffeen522 E. Charles
44564456View Page18940502Wednesday, May 2nd, 1894Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulett220 North Walnut
43584358View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman302 N Monroe
27362736View Page18901122Saturday, November 22nd, 1890Nellie RussellNellie Russell1211 E Main
16361636View Page18810203Thursday, February 3rd, 1881Mamie WilsonMamie WilsonWillow St.
49684968View Page18990119Thursday, January 19th, 1899Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam1 Boycetown
49714971View Page18990121Saturday, January 21st, 1899Lottie ToppLottie Topp319 s Liberty St.
0651651View Page18770412Thursday, April 12th, 1877Emma J. WellsEmma J. WellsCor High & Howard
28012801View Page18910210Tuesday, February 10th, 1891Lola HarringtonLola HarringtonNot listed
24082408View Page18870318Friday, March 18th, 1887Allie SnellAllie Snellcor e Chestnut Ave
32353235View Page18950806Tuesday, August 6th, 1895Bertha E. SmithBertha E. Smith114 n Monroe St.
34633463View Page18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896Sara WysorSara Wysor418 North St.
36683668View Page18970313Saturday, March 13th, 1897Kate B. PattersonKate B. Patterson212 1/2 s Walnut
37573757View Page18970828Saturday, August 28th, 1897James F. SmithJames F. Smith514 w Main St.
39243924View Page18980214Monday, February 14th, 1898Mrs. J. G. ThomasMrs. J. G. Thomas306 n Monroe St.
46344634View Page18941120Tuesday, November 20th, 1894Ella JeffersElla Jeffers715 E Jackson St.
48774877View Page18981109Wednesday, November 9th, 1898Mary R. LeggMary R. LeggSmithfield Pike
51525152View Page18990911Monday, September 11th, 1899Wm. S. DragooWm. S. Dragoo1804 s Elm
52075207View Page18991023Monday, October 23rd, 1899Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. StrattonBraun House
40474047View Page18921108Tuesday, November 8th, 1892Harry OrrHarry Orr609 E Main
18011801View Page18810604Saturday, June 4th, 1881Ida BrownIda BrownWalnut St.
25402540View Page18890611Tuesday, June 11th, 1889May MorelandMay Moreland316 W Adams
29572957View Page18920123Saturday, January 23rd, 1892George BurtGeorge Burt230 N. Vine St.
41824182View Page18930225Saturday, February 25th, 1893Helen Norwood BardHelen Norwood BardNot listed
42954295View Page18930810Thursday, August 10th, 1893Angie D. ShieldsAngie D. Shields413 S. Liberty
43084308View Page18940104Thursday, January 4th, 1894Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas300 North Monroe
44964496View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams115 N Monroe
27602760View Page18901222Monday, December 22nd, 1890Nella KinertNella KinertNot listed
0635635View Page18770404Wednesday, April 4th, 1877Laura StifflerLaura Stiffler798 Adams & Hackley
40544054View Page18921112Saturday, November 12th, 1892Mrs. W. C. DickieMrs. W. C. Dickie402. E. Adams
45134513View Page18940711Wednesday, July 11th, 1894Ralph WintersRalph Winters216 W. Adams
42964296View Page18930812Saturday, August 12th, 1893Mrs. Anna C. KirbyMrs. Anna C. Kirby408 E. Jackson
42944294View Page18930809Wednesday, August 9th, 1893Mrs. Jennie EvansMrs. Jennie Evans310 W. Adams
26752675View Page18900830Saturday, August 30th, 1890Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn216 S. Jefferson
27702770View Page18910110Saturday, January 10th, 1891Helena CrawfordHelena CrawfordHomer Ave.
29282928View Page18911012Monday, October 12th, 1891Virginia ClaypoolVirginia ClaypoolEast of City
29342934View Page18911205Saturday, December 5th, 1891Louise MaddyLouise Maddy222 1/2 S. Walnut st.
30883088View Page18920827Saturday, August 27th, 1892Ada HannAda Hann511 S Walnut
29842984View Page18920215Monday, February 15th, 1892Maud HineMaud Hine306 E. Gilbert
29942994View Page18920301Tuesday, March 1st, 1892Emma KingsburyEmma KingsburySouth Walnut
44604460View Page18940507Monday, May 7th, 1894Willie ArnoldWillie Arnold821 E Charles
52385238View Page18991115Wednesday, November 15th, 1899Mrs. J. E. HughesMrs. J. E. Hughes512 1/2 S. Walnut
0373373View Page18760315Wednesday, March 15th, 1876W. J. CarsonW. J. CarsonNo 3 South High St.
45404540View Page18940813Monday, August 13th, 1894Mrs. W R MaddyMrs. W R Maddy218 S Walnut
44014401View Page18940226Monday, February 26th, 1894R. Q. RichardsR. Q. Richards610 Pollock
51315131View Page18990812Saturday, August 12th, 1899M. [W?] E. BeallM. [W?] E. BeallCor. Franklin & Gilbert
32343234View Page18950805Monday, August 5th, 1895Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray411 Howard St
32473247View Page18950914Saturday, September 14th, 1895Thalia CochraneThalia Cochrane219 N Mulberry St
31053105View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Mr. Milton LongMr. Milton Long420 S. High
31213121View Page18950209Saturday, February 9th, 1895Harriet F BeardsleyHarriet F Beardsley414 North St
31263126View Page18950212Tuesday, February 12th, 1895Ella UptgraftElla Uptgraft1407 - E. Gilbert
0794794View Page18770604Monday, June 4th, 1877Joseph StifflerJoseph Stiffler798 East Adams
33913391View Page18960208Saturday, February 8th, 1896Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold904 E Main
35293529View Page18961003Saturday, October 3rd, 1896Ernest C. BassettErnest C. Bassett1626 Mulberry
36733673View Page18970325Thursday, March 25th, 1897Louise AnthonyLouise Anthony1828 S. Walnut
36463646View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Frank CrawfordFrank CrawfordOhmer Ave
36243624View Page18970123Saturday, January 23rd, 1897Mrs. Frank HustisMrs. Frank Hustis214 S. Grant
38543854View Page18971208Wednesday, December 8th, 1897Mrs. W. M. MarshMrs. W. M. Marsh222 E. Adams
37043704View Page18970526Wednesday, May 26th, 1897Mabel MorrowMabel Morrow516 E. Washington
48294829View Page18981008Saturday, October 8th, 1898Maude CulverMaude Culver310 - Alameda Ave
11811181View Page18790218Tuesday, February 18th, 1879Sara BradburySara BradburyEast Jackson
48014801View Page18980916Friday, September 16th, 1898Mrs. Milt GrayMrs. Milt Gray1408 E. Main
39193919View Page18980207Monday, February 7th, 1898Laura PaytonLaura Payton305 N Walnut St
56385638View Page19001215Saturday, December 15th, 1900W. R. BraunellW. R. Braunell608 Jackson St
56665666View Page19010112Saturday, January 12th, 1901Mae HanleyMae Hanley911 - S. Grant
54455445View Page19000522Tuesday, May 22nd, 1900Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin120 W. Seymour St.
55165516View Page19000810Friday, August 10th, 1900Mrs. O. A. JohnsonMrs. O. A. Johnson216 S. High
56285628View Page19001206Thursday, December 6th, 1900Mrs. C. H. McCulloughMrs. C. H. McCullough109 Kilgore Ave
54815481View Page19000630Saturday, June 30th, 1900Mrs. T. J. McLeanMrs. T. J. McLean512 So. Liberty
56195619View Page19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900Mrs. Cora E. NobelMrs. Cora E. Nobel900 E. Main
58095809View Page19010629Saturday, June 29th, 1901Carl BilbyCarl Bilby1229 E. 8th
59235923View Page19011026Saturday, October 26th, 1901D. K. HayerD. K. Hayer703 N Elm
15671567View Page18810112Wednesday, January 12th, 1881Maggie CaseyMaggie CaseyKirby House
17651765View Page18810326Saturday, March 26th, 1881Clifford AndrewsClifford AndrewsEast Washington
20872087View Page18831020Saturday, October 20th, 1883W R SnyderW R SnyderMadison St
60916091View Page19020401Tuesday, April 1st, 1902Mrs. John AshtonMrs. John Ashton218. Adams
23852385View Page18861019Tuesday, October 19th, 1886Chas RyanChas RyanWest Washington
23462346View Page18860114Thursday, January 14th, 1886Hallie WachtellHallie WachtellWest Adams st
24842484View Page18880918Tuesday, September 18th, 1888Frak RiegleFrak RiegleEast Jackson and Mul

+Transaction (91)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18941108Thursday, November 8th, 1894View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Bert Bradbury11881188Burt BradburyBurt Bradbury
18941128Wednesday, November 28th, 1894View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Linnie Coffeen40254025Linnie CoffeenLinnie Coffeen
18941208Saturday, December 8th, 1894View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Dr A. J. Phinney11031103A. J. PhinneyA. J. Phinney
18941223Sunday, December 23rd, 1894View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mr A J Phinney11031103A. J. PhinneyA. J. Phinney
18950122Tuesday, January 22nd, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Nellie Russell27362736Nellie RussellNellie Russell
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Chas Ryan23852385Chas RyanChas RyanNumber 116 written after patron name
18950329Friday, March 29th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. E. Williams44964496Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams
18950402Tuesday, April 2nd, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Ada A. Hamm30883088Ada HannAda Hann
18950511Saturday, May 11th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. J. C. Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18950610Monday, June 10th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.George Best29572957George BurtGeorge Burt
18950713Saturday, July 13th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Anna O. Kirby42964296Mrs. Anna C. KirbyMrs. Anna C. Kirby
18950828Wednesday, August 28th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Angie D. Shields42954295Angie D. ShieldsAngie D. Shields
18950912Thursday, September 12th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Norwood Carnes18011801Ida BrownIda Brown
18950927Friday, September 27th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Anna Best42544254Anna M BestAnna M Best
18951005Saturday, October 5th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Joseph Stiffler0794794Joseph StifflerJoseph Stiffler
18951026Saturday, October 26th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Miss Emma Kingsbury29942994Emma KingsburyEmma Kingsbury
18951214Saturday, December 14th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs S.C. Goshorn26752675Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn
18951226Thursday, December 26th, 1895View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Louise Maddy29342934Louise MaddyLouise Maddy
18960114Tuesday, January 14th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs W R Maddy45404540Mrs. W R MaddyMrs. W R Maddy
18960407Tuesday, April 7th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mable Nold33913391Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold
18960523Saturday, May 23rd, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Laura S. Brown0635635Laura StifflerLaura Stiffler
18960606Saturday, June 6th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Jeannette Short45934593Jeanette M. ShortJeanette M. Shortfixed patron number (orig. 4598)
18960804Tuesday, August 4th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Ella Jeffers46344634Ella JeffersElla Jeffers
18960818Tuesday, August 18th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Grace Gayman15671567Maggie CaseyMaggie Caseypatron ID of Maggie Casey//fixed borrower's name (orig. "Guyman")
18961001Thursday, October 1st, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Maude Hine29842984Maud HineMaud Hine
18961023Friday, October 23rd, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. G M Bard41824182Helen Norwood BardHelen Norwood Bard
18961113Friday, November 13th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs W C. Dickie40544054Mrs. W. C. DickieMrs. W. C. Dickie
18961128Saturday, November 28th, 1896View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Harry Orr40474047Harry OrrHarry Orr
18970116Saturday, January 16th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Virginia Claypool29282928Virginia ClaypoolVirginia Claypool
18970128Thursday, January 28th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Frank Hulett44564456Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulettfixed borrower's name (orig. Halett)
18970218Thursday, February 18th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. M Lowry31053105Mr. Milton LongMr. Milton Long
18970304Thursday, March 4th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Frank Hustis36243624Mrs. Frank HustisMrs. Frank Hustis
18970324Wednesday, March 24th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Clifford Andrews17651765Clifford AndrewsClifford Andrewsfixed borrower's name (orig. "Anchaus")
18970405Monday, April 5th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs E. C Bassett35293529Ernest C. BassettErnest C. Bassett
18970417Saturday, April 17th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.W R Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18970504Tuesday, May 4th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Thalia Cochran32473247Thalia CochraneThalia Cochrane
18970524Monday, May 24th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Minnie Thomas43084308Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas
18970710Saturday, July 10th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Allie Snell24082408Allie SnellAllie Snell
18970721Wednesday, July 21st, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Kate Patterson36683668Kate B. PattersonKate B. Patterson
18970814Saturday, August 14th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Ms. Kate Patterson36683668Kate B. PattersonKate B. Patterson
18970830Monday, August 30th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Pearl Zimmerman31263126Ella UptgraftElla UptgraftPatron ID of Ella Uptgraft
18971026Tuesday, October 26th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Louise Anthony36733673Louise AnthonyLouise Anthony
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.W J Carson0373373W. J. CarsonW. J. Carson
18980107Friday, January 7th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Carroll Hemingray32343234Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray
18980127Thursday, January 27th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Frank Reigle24842484Frak RiegleFrak Riegle
18980212Saturday, February 12th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Jennie Boomer42944294Mrs. Jennie EvansMrs. Jennie Evans
18980222Tuesday, February 22nd, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Beardsley31213121Harriet F BeardsleyHarriet F Beardsley
18980311Friday, March 11th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. W. M. Marsh38543854Mrs. W. M. MarshMrs. W. M. Marsh
18980328Monday, March 28th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Susie Craighead14121412Sarah E BradburySarah E Bradbury
18980412Tuesday, April 12th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. W. R. Maddy45404540Mrs. W R MaddyMrs. W R Maddy
18980507Saturday, May 7th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Hallie Wachtell23462346Hallie WachtellHallie Wachtell
18980521Saturday, May 21st, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.B. Eliz. Smith32353235Bertha E. SmithBertha E. Smith
18980708Friday, July 8th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Laura Payton39193919Laura PaytonLaura Payton
18980715Friday, July 15th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.James F Smith37573757James F. SmithJames F. Smith
18980816Tuesday, August 16th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Hallie Arnold44604460Willie ArnoldWillie Arnold
18981015Saturday, October 15th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Frank Crawford27702770Helena CrawfordHelena Crawford
18981105Saturday, November 5th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Milton Gray48014801Mrs. Milt GrayMrs. Milt Gray
18981230Friday, December 30th, 1898View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Emma Guffigan0651651Emma J. WellsEmma J. Wells
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Maude Culver48294829Maude CulverMaude Culver
18990225Saturday, February 25th, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Mamie Case16361636Mamie WilsonMamie Wilson
18990311Saturday, March 11th, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Mamie Case16361636Mamie WilsonMamie Wilson
18990407Friday, April 7th, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Mary Legg48774877Mary R. LeggMary R. Legg
18990911Monday, September 11th, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.M. E. Beull51315131M. [W?] E. BeallM. [W?] E. Beall
18991122Wednesday, November 22nd, 1899View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs J E Hughes52385238Mrs. J. E. HughesMrs. J. E. Hughes
19000210Saturday, February 10th, 1900View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Ralph Winters45134513Ralph WintersRalph Wintersfixed patron number (orig. 4313)
19000407Saturday, April 7th, 1900View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.W.R. Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
19000504Friday, May 4th, 1900View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Sarah Wysor34633463Sara WysorSara Wysor
19000727Friday, July 27th, 1900View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. May Moreland25402540May MorelandMay Moreland
19010105Saturday, January 5th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Lottie Topp49714971Lottie ToppLottie Topp
19010114Monday, January 14th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.W. R. Bromwell56385638W. R. BraunellW. R. Braunell
19010118Friday, January 18th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Chas McCullough56285628Mrs. C. H. McCulloughMrs. C. H. McCullough
19010330Saturday, March 30th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.R. Q. Richards44014401R. Q. RichardsR. Q. Richards
19010529Wednesday, May 29th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Cora Nold56195619Mrs. Cora E. NobelMrs. Cora E. Nobel
19010712Friday, July 12th, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs Bertha Gilliam49684968Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam
19010820Tuesday, August 20th, 1901View Page1289912899Sant' IlarioSant' IlarioW S Dragoo51525152Wm. S. DragooWm. S. Dragoo
19010911Wednesday, September 11th, 1901View Page1289912899Sant' IlarioSant' IlarioO A Johnson55165516Mrs. O. A. JohnsonMrs. O. A. Johnson
19010920Friday, September 20th, 1901View Page1289912899Sant' IlarioSant' IlarioAlice Irwin54455445Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin
19011121Thursday, November 21st, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mable Morrow37043704Mabel MorrowMabel Morrow
19011221Saturday, December 21st, 1901View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.D. Hayes59235923D. K. HayerD. K. Hayer
19020201Saturday, February 1st, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Sarah Bradbury11811181Sara BradburySara Bradbury
19020215Saturday, February 15th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mary Hanley56665666Mae HanleyMae Hanley
19020301Saturday, March 1st, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Frank Crawford36463646Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford
19020325Tuesday, March 25th, 1902View Page1289912899Sant' IlarioSant' IlarioMrs. J.A. Thomas39243924Mrs. J. G. ThomasMrs. J. G. Thomas
19020411Friday, April 11th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. John Ashton60916091Mrs. John AshtonMrs. John AshtonNumber 53 written after patron's name
19020510Saturday, May 10th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. Lola Needham28012801Lola HarringtonLola Harrington
19020823Saturday, August 23rd, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Carl Bilby58095809Carl BilbyCarl Bilby
19020929Monday, September 29th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Alice Wall54815481Mrs. T. J. McLeanMrs. T. J. McLean
19021017Friday, October 17th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Will Arnold44604460Willie ArnoldWillie Arnold
19021101Saturday, November 1st, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Nellie Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
19021115Saturday, November 15th, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Nellie Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
19021122Saturday, November 22nd, 1902View Page089878987Sant' Ilario.Sant' Ilario.Mrs. H.C. Shratton52075207Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. Stratton