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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18900623Monday, June 23rd,1890072247224View PageSunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Porter, Ann E. (Ann Emerson), 1816-1898.02323
18840717Thursday, July 17th,1884050425042View PageSunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Porter, Ann E. (Ann Emerson), 1816-1898.0000

+Patron (21)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
28182818View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadornnot entered
43014301View Page18940102Tuesday, January 2nd, 1894Edward B DuffyEdward B DuffyCor Willard + Blaine
29922992View Page18920224Wednesday, February 24th, 1892George McCreightGeorge McCreight216 S. Walnut
16251625View Page18810202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1881Linnie MarshLinnie MarshCor Douglas & Liberty
23272327View Page18851117Tuesday, November 17th, 1885Pearl StorerPearl StorerWest Charles
0132132View Page18750626Saturday, June 26th, 1875Mary C. KlineMary C. KlineCor Jackson and Jefferson
47264726View Page18980519Thursday, May 19th, 1898Willie ConnerWillie Conner207 e Madison St.
26072607View Page18900206Thursday, February 6th, 1890Katie KuechmannKatie KuechmannWest Adams
44964496View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams115 N Monroe
14621462View Page18801019Tuesday, October 19th, 1880W. W. StuartW. W. StuartFire Department
25632563View Page18890927Friday, September 27th, 1889Ruby PerkinsRuby Perkins518 East Jackson
31273127View Page18950214Thursday, February 14th, 1895Charles McDonaldCharles McDonaldcor Willard & Penn
27132713View Page18901027Monday, October 27th, 1890Jas. T. NelsonJas. T. NelsonNorth Plum
27432743View Page18901201Monday, December 1st, 1890Lola ChildsLola ChildsNot listed
27552755View Page18901217Wednesday, December 17th, 1890Maude McCrillusMaude McCrillus322 S High
28822882View Page18911022Thursday, October 22nd, 1891Lela KernLela Kern316 W. Gilbert
29802980View Page18920210Wednesday, February 10th, 1892Ada CumminsAda Cummins1201 E. Main
35463546View Page18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith219 S Franklin
36873687View Page18970414Wednesday, April 14th, 1897Wm EmmonsWm EmmonsNorth Jefferson
57885788View Page19010518Saturday, May 18th, 1901Lula E.M. LangdonLula E.M. Langdon109 W. 8th
22912291View Page18850613Saturday, June 13th, 1885Myron MedskerMyron MedskerCor Wash & Monroe

+Transaction (21)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911118Wednesday, November 18th, 1891View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Lola Childs27432743Lola ChildsLola Childs
18911125Wednesday, November 25th, 1891View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Willie Kemper14621462W. W. StuartW. W. StuartPatron ID of W.W. Stuart
18911210Thursday, December 10th, 1891View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Jas T. Nelson27132713Jas. T. NelsonJas. T. Nelson
18920208Monday, February 8th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Lela Kern28822882Lela KernLela Kern
18920208Monday, February 8th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Katie Keuchman26072607Katie KuechmannKatie Kuechmann
18920223Tuesday, February 23rd, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Gertrude Hagadorn28182818Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadorn
18920225Thursday, February 25th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.George McReight29922992George McCreightGeorge McCreight
18920227Saturday, February 27th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Myron Medsker22912291Myron MedskerMyron Medsker
18920325Friday, March 25th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Ada Cummins29802980Ada CumminsAda Cummins
18920421Thursday, April 21st, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Ruby Perkins25632563Ruby PerkinsRuby Perkins
18920518Wednesday, May 18th, 1892View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Maude McCrillus27552755Maude McCrillusMaude McCrillus
18941115Thursday, November 15th, 1894View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Pearl Storer23272327Pearl StorerPearl Storer
18950211Monday, February 11th, 1895View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Edward Duffy43014301Edward B DuffyEdward B Duffy
18950815Thursday, August 15th, 1895View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Charles McDonald31273127Charles McDonaldCharles McDonald
18960118Saturday, January 18th, 1896View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Mrs E. Williams44964496Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams
18970728Wednesday, July 28th, 1897View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.George Luick0132132Mary C. KlineMary C. KlinePatron ID of Mary C. Kline
18990124Tuesday, January 24th, 1899View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Willie Conner47264726Willie ConnerWillie Conner
18990719Wednesday, July 19th, 1899View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Mrs. Charlie Smith35463546Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith
19000423Monday, April 23rd, 1900View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Lizzie Kuhn16251625Linnie MarshLinnie Marsh
19010305Tuesday, March 5th, 1901View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Mrs Wm Emmons36873687Wm EmmonsWm Emmons
19010518Saturday, May 18th, 1901View Page072247224Sunset mountain.Sunset mountain.Mrs Lulu E M Langdon57885788Lula E.M. LangdonLula E.M. Langdon