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TitleAuthor# Times
18920315Tuesday, March 15th,1892082488248View PageLake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Gilbert, Grove Karl, 1843-1918.126126

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
14991499View Page18801130Tuesday, November 30th, 1880Harry FoxHarry FoxNorth of North
24522452View Page18880128Saturday, January 28th, 1888Omer MitchellOmer MitchellSouth Walnut
11441144View Page18781230Monday, December 30th, 1878Katie GarstKatie GarstCor 2nd and Jefferson
26372637View Page18900509Friday, May 9th, 1890Ida B. MeekerIda B. MeekerE. Jackson
43444344View Page18940126Friday, January 26th, 1894Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore417 W. Main St.
45294529View Page18940728Saturday, July 28th, 1894Mrs. J. A. CraigheadMrs. J. A. Craighead509 S. Franklin
45554555View Page18940915Saturday, September 15th, 1894Emma HelvieEmma Helvie820. E. Adams
45064506View Page18940707Saturday, July 7th, 1894Libbie FosterLibbie Foster521 S. Grant st.
16251625View Page18810202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1881Linnie MarshLinnie MarshCor Douglas & Liberty
0803803View Page18770609Saturday, June 9th, 1877Lon M. NeelyLon M. NeelyCor Main +&Monroe
40254025View Page18921022Saturday, October 22nd, 1892Linnie CoffeenLinnie Coffeen522 E. Charles
18081808View Page18810702Saturday, July 2nd, 1881Jere GarrardJere GarrardEast Jackson
26592659View Page18900718Friday, July 18th, 1890Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey301 3rd
43344334View Page18940120Saturday, January 20th, 1894Clara ShuttleworthClara ShuttleworthMerryweather Ave.
49404940View Page18990103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1899Mrs. Kate A SouderMrs. Kate A Souder215 s Monroe St.
007878View Page18750605Saturday, June 5th, 1875Kate WilsonKate WilsonWashington St.
0132132View Page18750626Saturday, June 26th, 1875Mary C. KlineMary C. KlineCor Jackson and Jefferson
0957957View Page18780112Saturday, January 12th, 1878Mary J. LuickMary J. LuickCor Charles & Franklin
006969View Page18750605Saturday, June 5th, 1875Sue H. MaddySue H. MaddyNo. 95 Washington Street
17471747View Page18810305Saturday, March 5th, 1881Taylor MooreTaylor MooreWest Charles
31703170View Page18950417Wednesday, April 17th, 1895Ella CareyElla Carey622 w Adams
31893189View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster811 Seymour St.
33323332View Page18951221Saturday, December 21st, 1895Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard1315 s Madison
33253325View Page18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon219 n Vine
34253425View Page18960321Saturday, March 21st, 1896Mrs. E. SeldomridgeMrs. E. Seldomridge507 w Jackson
38273827View Page18971121Sunday, November 21st, 1897Mrs. D. V. BowerMrs. D. V. Bower309 1/2 e Main
39453945View Page18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach1112 e 5th St
40554055View Page18921112Saturday, November 12th, 1892Frank E. BurtFrank E. Burt230 n Vine
46344634View Page18941120Tuesday, November 20th, 1894Ella JeffersElla Jeffers715 E Jackson St.
46854685View Page18950112Saturday, January 12th, 1895Hallie DarnallHallie Darnall506 s Mulberry
47414741View Page18980623Thursday, June 23rd, 1898Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe223 n High
29662966View Page18920128Thursday, January 28th, 1892Heinrich PfitznerHeinrich PfitznerKilgore Ave.
45384538View Page18940807Tuesday, August 7th, 1894Mrs. Milton GrayMrs. Milton Gray408 S. High
27122712View Page18901026Sunday, October 26th, 1890S. B. GarrettS. B. GarrettW. Wash
003636View Page18750603Thursday, June 3rd, 1875H. E. ToddH. E. ToddCor. Jackson + Liberty
12171217View Page18790405Saturday, April 5th, 1879R. W. MonroeR. W. MonroeWest Main
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
25402540View Page18890611Tuesday, June 11th, 1889May MorelandMay Moreland316 W Adams
28502850View Page18910513Wednesday, May 13th, 1891Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson108 N. Monroe
28652865View Page18910707Tuesday, July 7th, 1891Mrs. Frank ThompsonMrs. Frank Thompson430 E. Charles
28802880View Page18911021Wednesday, October 21st, 1891Max BishopMax Bishop322 Main St.
30753075View Page18920729Friday, July 29th, 1892Gertrude BateyGertrude BateyE. Jackson
40454045View Page18921105Saturday, November 5th, 1892Mrs. Emma MolesMrs. Emma MolesMerryweather Ave
40824082View Page18921207Wednesday, December 7th, 1892Harley B. HockettHarley B. Hockett302 North St
42364236View Page18930506Saturday, May 6th, 1893Nora McLainNora McLain212 East 2nd
42464246View Page18930517Wednesday, May 17th, 1893Georgia ColeGeorgia ColeWysor St.
43084308View Page18940104Thursday, January 4th, 1894Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas300 North Monroe
44854485View Page18940609Saturday, June 9th, 1894Pearl GettysPearl Gettys807 S. Vine St.
45014501View Page18940628Thursday, June 28th, 1894Edna HooverEdna Hoover517 W. Main St
27602760View Page18901222Monday, December 22nd, 1890Nella KinertNella KinertNot listed
41384138View Page18930120Friday, January 20th, 1893Rena McKeagRena McKeag1043 S Hackley
42404240View Page18930510Wednesday, May 10th, 1893Mrs. Willie SandersMrs. Willie Sanders120 S. High
42514251View Page18930520Saturday, May 20th, 1893Mrs. George HickokMrs. George Hickok310 E. Jackson st.
46594659View Page18941221Friday, December 21st, 1894F. E. HigginsF. E. Higgins614 Monroe St.
26752675View Page18900830Saturday, August 30th, 1890Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn216 S. Jefferson
28692869View Page18910720Monday, July 20th, 1891Amy KendallAmy Kendall315 W. Jackson
29182918View Page18910921Monday, September 21st, 1891Agnes HoweAgnes Howe318 E. Jackson
29212921View Page18910929Tuesday, September 29th, 1891Laura StevensLaura Stevens1114 Kirby Ave.
41104110View Page18921230Friday, December 30th, 1892Mary HaysMary Hays315 S. Mulberry st.
40394039View Page18921102Wednesday, November 2nd, 1892Mr. R. C. HemingrayMr. R. C. HemingrayNot listed
30803080View Page18920817Wednesday, August 17th, 1892Edith JacksonEdith Jackson800 East Main st.
40264026View Page18921022Saturday, October 22nd, 1892J. L. KingsburyJ. L. KingsburyS. Monroe
40984098View Page18921216Friday, December 16th, 1892B. L. PritnerB. L. Pritner403 Wysor st.
44374437View Page18940403Tuesday, April 3rd, 1894Mrs. Florence G SilverburgMrs. Florence G Silverburg604 W Charles St
0431431View Page18760814Monday, August 14th, 1876Jennie BradyJennie BradyN. Monroe St.
43064306View Page18940103Wednesday, January 3rd, 1894Walter GregoryWalter GregoryWashington
46394639View Page18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894L. E. WilliamsL. E. Williams1210 E. Adams St
46444644View Page18941203Monday, December 3rd, 1894Clarence PerkinsClarence Perkins522 E. Jackson
46924692View Page18950116Wednesday, January 16th, 1895Mary CromwellMary Cromwell123 Adams St
31473147View Page18950311Monday, March 11th, 1895Mrs. W. G. WhitedMrs. W. G. Whited513 S. Jefferson
31583158View Page18950327Wednesday, March 27th, 1895John BantaJohn Banta506 E Main St
31873187View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Walter W. SotherlandWalter W. Sotherland507 S. Jefferson St
31883188View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Anna G. TabbAnna G. Tabb313 E. Charles St.
31933193View Page18950610Monday, June 10th, 1895Mrs. G. C. JanneyMrs. G. C. Janney313 E. Charles
31943194View Page18950611Tuesday, June 11th, 1895Blanche WintersBlanche Winters216 W. Adams
31263126View Page18950212Tuesday, February 12th, 1895Ella UptgraftElla Uptgraft1407 - E. Gilbert
32923292View Page18951109Saturday, November 9th, 1895Miss. Minnie WolffMiss. Minnie Wolff213 S Liberty
47164716View Page18950123Wednesday, January 23rd, 1895Anna RodgersAnna Rodgers1001 Beacon
34863486View Page18960727Monday, July 27th, 1896Adelle WalkerAdelle Walker402 Wysor St.
33583358View Page18960114Tuesday, January 14th, 1896Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner8 Arcade Building
33663366View Page18960126Sunday, January 26th, 1896Louise LymanLouise Lyman1347 E Jackson
33733373View Page18960128Tuesday, January 28th, 1896Mabel StewartMabel Stewart710 E Jackson
33803380View Page18960131Friday, January 31st, 1896Mable HartmanMable Hartman616 E Washington
35763576View Page18961202Wednesday, December 2nd, 1896Mrs. Minnie BaldwinMrs. Minnie Baldwin410 W. Jackson
33993399View Page18960220Thursday, February 20th, 1896Gertrude ClarkGertrude Clark326 E. Jackson
34643464View Page18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896Ida V. ClineIda V. Cline414 S. Mulberry
34473447View Page18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896Leora CurtisLeora Curtis" " [1415 S High]
35493549View Page18961111Wednesday, November 11th, 1896Ohle GillOhle Gill441 W Howard
34023402View Page18960228Friday, February 28th, 1896Mrs. Flora HobsonMrs. Flora Hobson114 N. Mulberry st.
35913591View Page18961219Saturday, December 19th, 1896Williemae HodlerbyWilliemae Hodlerby434 E Charles
35773577View Page18961204Friday, December 4th, 1896Walter PerdieuWalter Perdieu620 E. Charles
34423442View Page18960412Sunday, April 12th, 1896Josie ZimmermanJosie Zimmerman1103 W. First
35303530View Page18961013Tuesday, October 13th, 1896Mrs. H. M. DenslowMrs. H. M. Denslow406 E. Gilbert St.
36613661View Page18970302Tuesday, March 2nd, 1897W. A. BrunnerW. A. Brunner416 W Jackson St.
38203820View Page18971118Thursday, November 18th, 1897Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen510 S. Jefferson
36663666View Page18970310Wednesday, March 10th, 1897Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer306 E. Jackson
38493849View Page18971204Saturday, December 4th, 1897Edgar FreemanEdgar Freeman120 Hoyt Ave
38383838View Page18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth116 S. Proud
37593759View Page18970831Tuesday, August 31st, 1897Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long915 E. Jackson
37833783View Page18971012Tuesday, October 12th, 1897Harry MillernsHarry Millerns900 East Willard
37623762View Page18970911Saturday, September 11th, 1897James E NelsonJames E Nelson208 East 8th Street
37023702View Page18970526Wednesday, May 26th, 1897Louise ThomasLouise Thomas609 West Jackson St.
47874787View Page18980901Thursday, September 1st, 1898Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor418 N. Walnut
39203920View Page18980207Monday, February 7th, 1898Ella E. KesslerElla E. Kessler809 Kirby Ave
39253925View Page18980214Monday, February 14th, 1898Mrs. Maud AlbrightMrs. Maud Albright1124 E 8th
57065706View Page19010211Monday, February 11th, 1901Mrs. George MaringMrs. George Maring809 E. Washington
14231423View Page18800625Friday, June 25th, 1880Lulu WillsLulu WillsSouth High St
18931893View Page18820223Thursday, February 23rd, 1882S RingolskyS RingolskyMulberry
20872087View Page18831020Saturday, October 20th, 1883W R SnyderW R SnyderMadison St
23882388View Page18861106Saturday, November 6th, 1886Fred PutnamFred PutnamJackson & Mulberry
23462346View Page18860114Thursday, January 14th, 1886Hallie WachtellHallie WachtellWest Adams st
24352435View Page18871015Saturday, October 15th, 1887Tena GreelyTena GreelyCherry and Maine
24362436View Page18871017Monday, October 17th, 1887Nora McCreightNora McCreightEast Jackson st.

+Transaction (126)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18941124Saturday, November 24th, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Mary Moreland25402540May MorelandMay Moreland
18941206Thursday, December 6th, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs H. C. Wilcoxen003636H. E. ToddH. E. Todd
18941207Friday, December 7th, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Ed Bishop18081808Jere GarrardJere Garrard
18941214Friday, December 14th, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Lon M Neely0803803Lon M. NeelyLon M. Neely
18941217Monday, December 17th, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.H B Hockett40824082Harley B. HockettHarley B. Hockett
18941231Monday, December 31st, 1894View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Jennie Brady0431431Jennie BradyJennie Brady
18950107Monday, January 7th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18950117Thursday, January 17th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garst
18950123Wednesday, January 23rd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ida Meeker26372637Ida B. MeekerIda B. Meeker
18950128Monday, January 28th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.S. B. Garrett27122712S. B. GarrettS. B. Garrett
18950206Wednesday, February 6th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Omer Mitchell24522452Omer MitchellOmer Mitchell
18950209Saturday, February 9th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mr L. E. Williams46394639L. E. WilliamsL. E. Williams
18950213Wednesday, February 13th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Frank Higgins46594659F. E. HigginsF. E. Higgins
18950228Thursday, February 28th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.W R Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18950309Saturday, March 9th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Hallie Darnall46854685Hallie DarnallHallie DarnallPages 88-89 are out of order; according to dates (March 7-8) they should be the last pages in ledger, but were written by librarian upside down in middle of ledger, between January 8-9. Librarian did mark "Last Page" at top of page 88.
18950316Saturday, March 16th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Cleora Shuttleworth43344334Clara ShuttleworthClara Shuttleworth
18950322Friday, March 22nd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. S.C. Goshern26752675Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. J. H. Craighead45294529Mrs. J. A. CraigheadMrs. J. A. Craigheadfixed borrower's name (orig. Craidhead)
18950330Saturday, March 30th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ella Jeffers46344634Ella JeffersElla Jeffers
18950415Monday, April 15th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Nora McLain42364236Nora McLainNora McLain
18950423Tuesday, April 23rd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Milton Gray45384538Mrs. Milton GrayMrs. Milton Grayfixed patron number (orig. 4533)
18950426Friday, April 26th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Frank Burt40554055Frank E. BurtFrank E. Burt"44" written after patron's name
18950504Saturday, May 4th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Lizzie Kuhn16251625Linnie MarshLinnie Marsh
18950518Saturday, May 18th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. S. C. Goshen26752675Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn
18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. J. L. Kingsbury40264026J. L. KingsburyJ. L. Kingsburyfixed borrower's name (orig. "Kingling")
18950617Monday, June 17th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. Anne Tabb31883188Anna G. TabbAnna G. Tabb
18950620Thursday, June 20th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. G. C. Janney31933193Mrs. G. C. JanneyMrs. G. C. Janney
18950625Tuesday, June 25th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Agnes Howe29182918Agnes HoweAgnes Howe
18950702Tuesday, July 2nd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Allie Leonard28692869Amy KendallAmy Kendall
18950716Tuesday, July 16th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. W. G. Whited31473147Mrs. W. G. WhitedMrs. W. G. Whited
18950720Saturday, July 20th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Willie Sanders42404240Mrs. Willie SandersMrs. Willie Sandersfixed borrower's name (orig. Sonders)
18951102Saturday, November 2nd, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.W.R. Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18951109Saturday, November 9th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Edna Hoover45014501Edna HooverEdna Hoover
18951211Wednesday, December 11th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.George Lonick0132132Mary C. KlineMary C. Kline
18951220Friday, December 20th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Heinrick Pfitzner29662966Heinrich PfitznerHeinrich Pfitzner
18951227Friday, December 27th, 1895View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Walter Sotherland31873187Walter W. SotherlandWalter W. Sotherland
18960104Saturday, January 4th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Mina Thomas43084308Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas
18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Anna Rodgers47164716Anna RodgersAnna Rodgers
18960118Saturday, January 18th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Emma Moles40454045Mrs. Emma MolesMrs. Emma Moles
18960122Wednesday, January 22nd, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.India Linder14991499Harry FoxHarry Fox
18960506Wednesday, May 6th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Mary Louick0957957Mary J. LuickMary J. Luick
18960527Wednesday, May 27th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.John Banta31583158John BantaJohn Banta
18960603Wednesday, June 3rd, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Pearl Zimmerman31263126Ella UptgraftElla Uptgraft
18960629Monday, June 29th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Louise Lyman33663366Louise LymanLouise Lyman
18960707Tuesday, July 7th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mable Stewart33733373Mabel StewartMabel Stewart
18960720Monday, July 20th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Tena Greely24352435Tena GreelyTena Greely
18960803Monday, August 3rd, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Nella Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
18960820Thursday, August 20th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.I. B. Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18960921Monday, September 21st, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18960926Saturday, September 26th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. F. H. Hays41104110Mary HaysMary Hayspatron ID of Mary Hays
18961015Thursday, October 15th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18961024Saturday, October 24th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Max Bishop28802880Max BishopMax Bishop
18961028Wednesday, October 28th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Lulu Wills14231423Lulu WillsLulu Wills
18961106Friday, November 6th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs F G Silverburg44374437Mrs. Florence G SilverburgMrs. Florence G Silverburg
18961114Saturday, November 14th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.B. L. Pritner40984098B. L. PritnerB. L. Pritner
18961123Monday, November 23rd, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Sue M neely006969Sue H. MaddySue H. Maddy
18961207Monday, December 7th, 1896View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Barton Foster45064506Libbie FosterLibbie Foster
18970102Saturday, January 2nd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Miss Mini Wolff32923292Miss. Minnie WolffMiss. Minnie Wolff
18970116Saturday, January 16th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Gertrude Batey30753075Gertrude BateyGertrude Batey
18970130Saturday, January 30th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Rosie Burmuster31893189Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster
18970210Wednesday, February 10th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. E E Clive34643464Ida V. ClineIda V. Cline
18970220Saturday, February 20th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Fred Putnam23882388Fred PutnamFred Putnam
18970303Wednesday, March 3rd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Willeamea Holderby35913591Williemae HodlerbyWilliemae Hodlerby
18970313Saturday, March 13th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garst
18970320Saturday, March 20th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Louis Coffeen40254025Linnie CoffeenLinnie Coffeenfixed borrower's name (orig. "Coffman")
18970327Saturday, March 27th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. M D Cromwell46924692Mary CromwellMary Cromwell
18970407Wednesday, April 7th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Josie Zimmerman34423442Josie ZimmermanJosie Zimmerman
18970423Friday, April 23rd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Nellie Spooner33583358Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner
18970430Friday, April 30th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Liora Curtis34473447Leora CurtisLeora Curtis"M" marked after patron name
18970511Tuesday, May 11th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Flora Hobson34023402Mrs. Flora HobsonMrs. Flora Hobson
18970527Thursday, May 27th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Taylor Moore17471747Taylor MooreTaylor Moorefixed borrower's name (orig. "Moon")
18970619Saturday, June 19th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Rena McKeag41384138Rena McKeagRena McKeag
18970626Saturday, June 26th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Georgia Cole42464246Georgia ColeGeorgia Cole
18970629Tuesday, June 29th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Edith Jackson30803080Edith JacksonEdith Jackson
18970726Monday, July 26th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ms. Mina Baldwin35763576Mrs. Minnie BaldwinMrs. Minnie Baldwin
18970804Wednesday, August 4th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ms. D. L. Gracey26592659Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey
18970813Friday, August 13th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. I. C. Goshen26752675Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. GoshornNumber 53 noted after patron name
18970817Tuesday, August 17th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.S. Ringolsky18931893S RingolskyS RingolskyPatron ID of G W Morin//fixed patron number (orig. 1873)// fixed borrower's name (orig. "Ringoldskiny")
18970831Tuesday, August 31st, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Walter Perdieu35773577Walter PerdieuWalter Perdieu
18970904Saturday, September 4th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. Laura Stevens29212921Laura StevensLaura Stevens
18970923Thursday, September 23rd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.R. C. Hemingray40394039Mr. R. C. HemingrayMr. R. C. Hemingray
18970925Saturday, September 25th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Walter Gregory43064306Walter GregoryWalter Gregory
18971004Monday, October 4th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Josephine Rickard33323332Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard
18971018Monday, October 18th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ms. Ida Long37593759Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long
18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Louise Thomas37023702Louise ThomasLouise Thomas
18971123Tuesday, November 23rd, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ms Frank Thompson28652865Mrs. Frank ThompsonMrs. Frank Thompson
18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Adelle Walker34863486Adelle WalkerAdelle Walker
18971211Saturday, December 11th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Adelle Walker34863486Adelle WalkerAdelle WalkerNumber 114 marked next to patron's name
18971214Tuesday, December 14th, 1897View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ms Herman Cohen38203820Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen
18980105Wednesday, January 5th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Charlie Gill35493549Ohle GillOhle Gillillegible words written next to name
18980108Saturday, January 8th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. E. Seldomridge34253425Mrs. E. SeldomridgeMrs. E. Seldomridge
18980120Thursday, January 20th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Emma HelviePatron ID partially illegible: 45?5
18980203Thursday, February 3rd, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Emma Helvie45554555Emma HelvieEmma Helvie
18980217Thursday, February 17th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs H. M. Denslow35303530Mrs. H. M. DenslowMrs. H. M. Denslow
18980221Monday, February 21st, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Geo Hickok42514251Mrs. George HickokMrs. George Hickok
18980304Friday, March 4th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.W. A. Brunner36613661W. A. BrunnerW. A. Brunner
18980314Monday, March 14th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. D. V. Bower38273827Mrs. D. V. BowerMrs. D. V. Bower
18980321Monday, March 21st, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. James E. Nelson37623762James E NelsonJames E Nelson
18980323Wednesday, March 23rd, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Nora McRight24362436Nora McCreightNora McCreight
18980402Saturday, April 2nd, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Blanche Winters31943194Blanche WintersBlanche Winters
18980409Saturday, April 9th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Hallie Wachtell23462346Hallie WachtellHallie Wachtell
18980504Wednesday, May 4th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ella Kessler39203920Ella E. KesslerElla E. Kessler
18980513Friday, May 13th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Anna Gudloch39453945Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach
18980530Monday, May 30th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Harry Millern37833783Harry MillernsHarry Millerns
18980616Thursday, June 16th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Margaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
18980623Thursday, June 23rd, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. Charles Kilgore43444344Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore
18980705Tuesday, July 5th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Prof T H Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
18980718Monday, July 18th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Prof T H Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
18980801Monday, August 1st, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Gertrude Clark33993399Gertrude ClarkGertrude Clark
18980813Saturday, August 13th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Gertrude Clark33993399Gertrude ClarkGertrude Clark
18980902Friday, September 2nd, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Clarence Perkins46444644Clarence PerkinsClarence Perkins
18980906Tuesday, September 6th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs C.E. Dwyer36663666Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer
18980929Thursday, September 29th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Ed Wilson007878Kate WilsonKate Wilson
18981015Saturday, October 15th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Anna Rodgers47164716Anna RodgersAnna Rodgersfixed patron number (orig. 4710)
18981104Friday, November 4th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Maude Albright39253925Mrs. Maud AlbrightMrs. Maud Albright
18981115Tuesday, November 15th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Pearl Gettys44854485Pearl GettysPearl Gettys
18981208Thursday, December 8th, 1898View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Edgar Freeman38493849Edgar FreemanEdgar Freeman
18990202Thursday, February 2nd, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mable Hartman33803380Mable HartmanMable Hartman
18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Gertrude Batey30753075Gertrude BateyGertrude Batey
18990506Saturday, May 6th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Alice Monroe47414741Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice MonroeNumber 60 written next to patron's name
18990526Friday, May 26th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18990605Monday, June 5th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18990620Tuesday, June 20th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs Kate Souder49404940Mrs. Kate A SouderMrs. Kate A Souder"+" marked next to patron's name
18990724Monday, July 24th, 1899View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs. H. R. Wysor47874787Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysorfixed patron number (orig. 4789)
19010210Sunday, February 10th, 1901View Page082488248Lake Bonneville.Lake Bonneville.Mrs George Warren57065706Mrs. George MaringMrs. George Maring