Patron # 3039 Patron Name: Kusick, Lizzie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 185 Date Joined Saturday, April 30th,1892 Patron # 3039
Patron Information Name Lizzie Kusick Nickname Residence 244 Kilgore
Guarantor Information Name J. Carnes Residence 1109 S Walnut
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Additional Info patron address denoted by ditto marks

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 201 w Willard Occupation Directory Year 1894-1895
Additional Info
Census Data Name Elizabeth Kusick
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Ohio Year of Birth 1848
Birthplace of Father Pennsylvania Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status Boarder # Boarders 10 # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note [illeg] and lining in Casket Factory
Occupation Group Blue Collar Occupational Rank Semi-Skilled/Service Worker
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+Transaction History (22)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18951129Friday, November 29th, 1895View Page1500615006Lippincott's monthly magazine.Lippincott's monthly magazine.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick"Nov 1895 Lip" recorded as Book ID
18951109Saturday, November 9th, 1895View Page086528652Erema, or, My father's sin.Erema, or, My father's sin.Mis Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusickthis transaction crossed out
18951025Friday, October 25th, 1895View Page095319531The frozen pirate.The frozen pirate.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950527Monday, May 27th, 1895View Page089968996Ivanhoe and the talisman.Ivanhoe and the talisman.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950514Tuesday, May 14th, 1895View Page092809280Lippincott's monthly magazine.Lippincott's monthly magazine.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950501Wednesday, May 1st, 1895View Page084068406His great self.His great self.Mrs. Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick"x" after book ID
18950411Thursday, April 11th, 1895View Page00686686Antonina, or The fall of Rome.Antonina, or The fall of Rome.Miss L Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950401Monday, April 1st, 1895View Page085608560The tenant of Wildfell Hall.The tenant of Wildfell Hall.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page086348634The pathfinder; or, The inland sea.The pathfinder; or, The inland sea.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950305Tuesday, March 5th, 1895View Page071957195Harper's new monthly magazine.Harper's new monthly magazine.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie KusickNumber 60 marked after patron's name
18950218Monday, February 18th, 1895View Page062466246Harper's new monthly magazine.Harper's new monthly magazine.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950216Saturday, February 16th, 1895View Page00946946The portent : a story of the inner vision of the Highlanders, commonly called The second sight.The portent : a story of the inner vision of the Highlanders, commonly called The second sight.Miss L. Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950212Tuesday, February 12th, 1895View Page0005555The history of Arabia : ancient and modern.The history of Arabia : ancient and modern.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950202Saturday, February 2nd, 1895View Page083398339The heir of Redclyffe.The heir of Redclyffe.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950124Thursday, January 24th, 1895View Page085778577A royal gentleman : a novel.A royal gentleman : a novel.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18950114Monday, January 14th, 1895View Page088388838The Century illustrated monthly magazine.The Century illustrated monthly magazine.Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie KusickNumber 76 marked after patron's name
18950103Thursday, January 3rd, 1895View Page090379037The refugees : a tale of two continents.The refugees : a tale of two continents.Miss L. Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18941203Monday, December 3rd, 1894View Page089828982John Bodewin's testimony.John Bodewin's testimony.Miss L. Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18941117Saturday, November 17th, 1894View Page066446644Alexander Hamilton.Alexander Hamilton.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18920521Saturday, May 21st, 1892View Page065666566Jane Eyre.Jane Eyre.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18920517Tuesday, May 17th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18920430Saturday, April 30th, 1892View Page066176617Gold Elsie.Gold Elsie.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick