Accession # 1206 Title: Daisy Author: S. Warner (Elisebeth Welterell) Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 32
Accession # 1206
Accession Date Standardized Date: Saturday, March 13th, 1875
Written Text: March 13th, 1875
Discard Date Standardized Date:
Written Text:
Book Information Author: S. Warner (Elisebeth Welterell)
Title: Daisy
Where Published: Philadelphia Publisher: When Published: 1868 # Vols: 1 Size: 12 # Pages: 435 Binding Type: Sheep
Of Whom Procured: H. C. Marsh Cost: Nature of Origin: Additional Info:

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Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18980819Friday, August 19th, 1898View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Blanche Ovens47304730Blanche OvensBlanche Ovens
18980629Wednesday, June 29th, 1898View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.R W Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18980218Friday, February 18th, 1898View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Gertie Foorman34683468Gertie FoormanGertie Foorman
18980104Tuesday, January 4th, 1898View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.A. J. Longbroke38613861Miss. A. J. LongbrokeMiss. A. J. Longbroke
18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Ms. Mary Cooksey37483748Mary CookseyMary CookseyNumber 55 marked next to patron's name
18970925Saturday, September 25th, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Ms. J. R. Griffith45824582Mr. J. R. GriffithMr. J. R. Griffith
18970917Friday, September 17th, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs Bird Richardson35413541Miss. Bird RichardsonMiss. Bird Richardson
18970717Saturday, July 17th, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.D R Freeman30073007Alfred AbbottAlfred Abbott
18970125Monday, January 25th, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Rollin Greely34133413Rollin GreelyRollin Greely
18970102Saturday, January 2nd, 1897View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. Florenc Blease33633363Florence BleaseFlorence Blease
18961223Wednesday, December 23rd, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Daisy Richards34743474Daisy RichardsDaisy Richards
18961107Saturday, November 7th, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs M H Hobbs34093409Mrs. M H HobbsMrs. M H Hobbs
18960520Wednesday, May 20th, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mr S.B. Garrett27122712S. B. GarrettS. B. Garrettlast name indicated by ditto marks
18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Anna Culp45034503Miss. Emma KoulpMiss. Emma Koulp
18960411Saturday, April 11th, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Norman Boomer43174317Norman BoomerNorman Boomer
18960325Wednesday, March 25th, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Cleora Shuttleworth43344334Clara ShuttleworthClara Shuttleworth
18960125Saturday, January 25th, 1896View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs Dora Mitchell42424242Mrs. Dora MitchellMrs. Dora Mitchell
18950831Saturday, August 31st, 1895View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs John Bowers45434543Mrs. John BowersMrs. John Bowers
18950815Thursday, August 15th, 1895View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.May Gill31363136May GillMay Gill
18950724Wednesday, July 24th, 1895View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs Dora Mitchell42424242Mrs. Dora MitchellMrs. Dora Mitchell
18950617Monday, June 17th, 1895View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. G. C. Janey31993199Walter ZellerWalter Zeller
18941130Friday, November 30th, 1894View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mr A Brinkman46254625A. BrinkmanA. Brinkman
18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs E Miller25422542Erna EilerErna Eiler
18920517Tuesday, May 17th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Miss Lizzie Kusick30393039Lizzie KusickLizzie Kusick
18920506Friday, May 6th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.R.W. Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
18920502Monday, May 2nd, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.A.C. Case20632063Arthur CaseArthur Case
18920428Thursday, April 28th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Katie Bruck25072507Maggie BruckMaggie Bruck
18920423Saturday, April 23rd, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Mrs. C.E. McKibben28482848Mrs. C. E. McKibbenMrs. C. E. McKibben
18920416Saturday, April 16th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Jennie Brady0431431Jennie BradyJennie Bradythis transaction crossed out
18920409Saturday, April 9th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Nellie Roberts29262926Susie HayesSusie Hayes
18920408Friday, April 8th, 1892View Page012061206Daisy.Daisy.Thomas Richards26532653T. Y. RichardsT. Y. Richards