Accession # 6597 Title: St Elmo Author: Agusta Evans Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 127
Accession # 6597
Accession Date Standardized Date: Saturday, September 28th, 1889
Written Text: Sept 28 1889
Discard Date Standardized Date:
Written Text:
Book Information Author: Agusta Evans
Title: St Elmo
Where Published: N.Y. Publisher: When Published: 1866 # Vols: 1 Size: 10 # Pages: 571 Binding Type: Cloth
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+Book Record

Author Evans, Augusta J. (Augusta Jane), 1835-1909. Pen Name:
Title: St. Elmo.
Uniform Title:
Publisher: Where Published: New York, NY
Additional Info:

+Transaction History (97)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18980810Wednesday, August 10th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Estilla Clark37083708Estella ClarkEstella Clark
18980716Saturday, July 16th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Ivins10371037Martha J IvinsMartha J Ivinsnumber 89 marked next to patron's name//fixed borrower's name (orig. "Ivans")
18980630Thursday, June 30th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Bird Richardson35413541Miss. Bird RichardsonMiss. Bird Richardson
18980618Saturday, June 18th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Everett Warner31453145Everett WarnerEverett Warner
18980531Tuesday, May 31st, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Harriet Maggs32463246Harriet MaggsHarriet Maggs
18980525Wednesday, May 25th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Gertrude Horlocher25432543Gertie HortacherGertie HortacherOriginal transaction lists patron # as 2542, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Gertrude Hortacher's actual patron #2543.
18980518Wednesday, May 18th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Orville Spurgeon28852885Orville SpurgeonOrville Spurgeon
18980513Friday, May 13th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Olin Spurgeon38363836Lizzie KyteLizzie Kyte"+" marked next to patron's name
18980429Friday, April 29th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Emma Helvie45554555Emma HelvieEmma Helvie
18980326Saturday, March 26th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. George Philips34783478Mrs. Geo PhillipsMrs. Geo Phillips
18980321Monday, March 21st, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Mary Glenn39563956Mary GlennMary Glenn
18980215Tuesday, February 15th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Katie Sullivan42854285Katie SullivanKatie Sullivan
18980113Thursday, January 13th, 1898View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Ms A. L. Bingham38123812Mrs. A. L. BinghamMrs. A. L. Bingham
18971231Friday, December 31st, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.James F. Smith37573757James F. SmithJames F. Smith
18971218Saturday, December 18th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Ms Maggie Jones37263726Mrs. Maggie JonesMrs. Maggie Jones
18971208Wednesday, December 8th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Ms. M A Faulkner38473847Mrs. M. A. FaulknerMrs. M. A. Faulkner
18971129Monday, November 29th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Walter Bartlett31403140Walter BartlettWalter Bartlett
18971118Thursday, November 18th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Ms J. C. Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Arthur Cassady23992399Arthur B. CassadyArthur B. Cassady
18971016Saturday, October 16th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Bessie Hine45424542Bessie HinesBessie Hines
18971002Saturday, October 2nd, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Emily V HowePatron ID illegible
18970921Tuesday, September 21st, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Allie Snell24082408Allie SnellAllie Snell
18970902Thursday, September 2nd, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Estella McClelland45364536Estella McClellandEstella McClelland
18970818Wednesday, August 18th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Roy Spradling32243224Roy SpradlingRoy Spradling
18970807Saturday, August 7th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Mary Carpenter0630630Mary CarpenterMary Carpenter
18970724Saturday, July 24th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Willie Carey33843384Willie CareyWillie Carey
18970710Saturday, July 10th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Carrie Paden37003700Carrie PadenCarrie Paden
18970706Tuesday, July 6th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Margaret Flaherty36603660Margaret FlahertyMargaret Flaherty
18970618Friday, June 18th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Mary Neal31153115Mrs. Mary NealMrs. Mary Neal
18970617Thursday, June 17th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Lulu Morrison17661766Lula AndrewsLula Andrews
18970531Monday, May 31st, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Donna Cunningham30343034Mrs. Donna CunninghamMrs. Donna Cunningham
18970522Saturday, May 22nd, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mina Guthrie43574357Mina GuthrieMina Guthrie
18970506Thursday, May 6th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Rudolph Bloom41684168Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom
18970417Saturday, April 17th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Minnie Icerman32513251Minnie IcermanMinnie Icerman"52" written after patron name.
18970325Thursday, March 25th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. H Reynolds32013201Mrs. H. ReynoldsMrs. H. Reynolds
18970320Saturday, March 20th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Chas Kilgore43444344Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore
18970312Friday, March 12th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Dallin Lantz34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18970305Friday, March 5th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Go Hickok42514251Mrs. George HickokMrs. George Hickok
18970223Tuesday, February 23rd, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Vollie Bower18021802Vollie BowerVollie Bowerfixed borrower's name (orig. "Vallie")
18970217Wednesday, February 17th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. H. E. Wilcoxen003636H. E. ToddH. E. Todd
18970210Wednesday, February 10th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Geo. Sutton31153115Mrs. Mary NealMrs. Mary Neal
18970204Thursday, February 4th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Helen Shuller32253225Helen ShidelerHelen Shideler
18970125Monday, January 25th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Hattie Hamilton34373437Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton
18970113Wednesday, January 13th, 1897View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Edgar Williams35733573Edgar WilliamsEdgar Williams
18961230Wednesday, December 30th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Edgar Williams35733573Edgar WilliamsEdgar Williams
18961228Monday, December 28th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.WR Snyden20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18961216Wednesday, December 16th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.India Linder14971497Anna KellyAnna Kellyfixed borrower's name (orig. Lunder)
18961202Wednesday, December 2nd, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mary Hill40384038Mary V. HillMary V. Hillfixed borrower's name (orig. "Mary")// fixed patron number (orig. 4035)
18961124Tuesday, November 24th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs J H Hayden41434143Mrs. J H HaydenMrs. J H Hayden
18961111Wednesday, November 11th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Jessie Richey12531253David SpureonDavid Spureon
18961028Wednesday, October 28th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Lizzie Jones27222722Lizzie JonesLizzie Jones
18961016Friday, October 16th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Lizzie Jones27222722Lizzie JonesLizzie Jones
18961002Friday, October 2nd, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Louisa Dixon34553455Miss. Louisa DixonMiss. Louisa Dixon
18960921Monday, September 21st, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.D H McAfee35083508D. N. McAfeeD. N. McAfeepatron ID of D N McAfee
18960905Saturday, September 5th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Maggie Bruck25072507Maggie BruckMaggie Bruck
18960824Monday, August 24th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Albert Carpenter00066Albert CarpenterAlbert Carpenter
18960810Monday, August 10th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Albert Carpenter00066Albert CarpenterAlbert Carpenter
18960720Monday, July 20th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Alma Budd42494249Alma BuddAlma Budd
18960706Monday, July 6th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs J. C Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18960629Monday, June 29th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Dennie Gray34543454Dennie GrayDennie Gray
18960626Friday, June 26th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Anna Shuman31603160Anna ShumanAnna Shuman
18960622Monday, June 22nd, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.W. R. Synder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18960608Monday, June 8th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Chas F Redding32573257Chas T ReddingChas T Redding
18960528Thursday, May 28th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Dr Bowers44844484Mrs. Dr BowersMrs. Dr Bowers
18960518Monday, May 18th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Ethel Starr44644464Ethel StarrEthel Starr
18960501Friday, May 1st, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Nellie Postma34413441Nellie PostmaNellie Postma
18960413Monday, April 13th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Frank S Marts33933393Frank S MartsFrank S Marts
18960404Saturday, April 4th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Blanche Winters31943194Blanche WintersBlanche Winters
18960328Saturday, March 28th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Louise Lyman33663366Louise LymanLouise Lyman
18960326Thursday, March 26th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Nellie Spooner33583358Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner
18960314Saturday, March 14th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mary Shinn40694069Mary ShinnMary Shinnfixed borrower's name (orig. Shirm)
18960306Friday, March 6th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Isabelle Preston33743374Isabelle PrestonIsabelle Preston
18960220Thursday, February 20th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Elvie Harvey40904090Elvie HarveyElvie Harvey
18960207Friday, February 7th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Rose Bowers43424342Mrs. Rose BowersMrs. Rose Bowersfixed borrower's name (orig. Bowen)
18960121Tuesday, January 21st, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs Robt Stevenson42664266Mrs. Robt. M. StevensonMrs. Robt. M. Stevenson
18960109Thursday, January 9th, 1896View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Lillie Eades41204120Lilly EadesLilly Eades
18951227Friday, December 27th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Gertrude Sanders46694669Gertrude SandersGertrude Sanders
18951213Friday, December 13th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Gertrude Sanders46694669Gertrude SandersGertrude Sanders
18951123Saturday, November 23rd, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Minnie Wolff32923292Miss. Minnie WolffMiss. Minnie Wolff
18951101Friday, November 1st, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mr Frankie Roy45604560Frankie RoyFrankie Roy
18951023Wednesday, October 23rd, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs C.C. Shaufelberger44344434Mrs. C. C. ShaufelbergerMrs. C. C. Shaufelberger
18951005Saturday, October 5th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Miss May Hickok44424442Mae HickokMae Hickoknumber 65 noted after patron name
18950627Thursday, June 27th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mr. S. B. Garrett27122712S. B. GarrettS. B. Garrett
18950608Saturday, June 8th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mrs. Burton Foster45064506Libbie FosterLibbie Foster
18950517Friday, May 17th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Dr. I. N. Trent45304530I. N. TrentI. N. Trent
18950502Thursday, May 2nd, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mr. W. G. Dinius45814581Mrs. W. G. DiniusMrs. W. G. Dinius
18950419Friday, April 19th, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Nellie Jensen41024102Nellie JensenNellie Jensen
18950403Wednesday, April 3rd, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.R. L. Richards44014401R. Q. RichardsR. Q. Richards
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Nellie Jensen41024102Nellie JensenNellie Jensen
18941215Saturday, December 15th, 1894View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Oliver H Rams42224222Ada KarnlyAda Karnly
18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Marie Ryan45114511Mayme MahoneyMayme Mahoneyfixed patron number (orig. 4511)
18941110Saturday, November 10th, 1894View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Mamie Mahoney45114511Mayme MahoneyMayme Mahoney
18920521Saturday, May 21st, 1892View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Maude Johnson28582858Maude JohnsonMaude Johnson
18920510Tuesday, May 10th, 1892View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Maude Johnson28582858Maude JohnsonMaude Johnson
18920425Monday, April 25th, 1892View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Maude Johnson20662066Hattie JohnsonHattie Johnson
18920416Saturday, April 16th, 1892View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.George Haller30043004Geo. HallerGeo. Haller
18920409Saturday, April 9th, 1892View Page065976597St. Elmo.St. Elmo.Agnes Howe29182918Agnes HoweAgnes Howe