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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18890928Saturday, September 28th,1889070157015View PageVenetian life.Venetian life.Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920.01313
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875012701270View PageVenetian life.Venetian life.Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920.0077

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
11441144View Page18781230Monday, December 30th, 1878Katie GarstKatie GarstCor 2nd and Jefferson
43704370View Page18940209Friday, February 9th, 1894Mary KinertMary Kinert924. E. Main
0699699View Page18770508Tuesday, May 8th, 1877Zulena WilcoxonZulena Wilcoxon94 High & Dumont
45624562View Page18940922Saturday, September 22nd, 1894Lizzie DiermillerLizzie Diermiller510 East Charles
29962996View Page18920302Wednesday, March 2nd, 1892Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson216. S. High
28782878View Page18911020Tuesday, October 20th, 1891Clyde LeagerClyde Leager707 E Jackson
39983998View Page18980512Thursday, May 12th, 1898Emma WallingEmma Walling803 n Adams
17081708View Page18810215Tuesday, February 15th, 1881Charles ScottCharles Scottcor Mulberry + Adams
42394239View Page18930509Tuesday, May 9th, 1893Mrs. Cora B. LingleMrs. Cora B. Lingle616 E 8th
21382138View Page18840111Friday, January 11th, 1884Miss. Bertha WoodMiss. Bertha WoodMadison & Gilbert
28842884View Page18911022Thursday, October 22nd, 1891Mrs. Carrie SnyderMrs. Carrie SnyderNew South in Hobt.
29192919View Page18910921Monday, September 21st, 1891Carl ToppCarl Topp319 S. Liberty
43904390View Page18940221Wednesday, February 21st, 1894J. B. LuptonJ. B. Lupton733 Vine St.
32473247View Page18950914Saturday, September 14th, 1895Thalia CochraneThalia Cochrane219 N Mulberry St
37213721View Page18970612Saturday, June 12th, 1897William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby315 S. Mulberry
21772177View Page18840314Friday, March 14th, 1884Thad A NeelyThad A NeelyEast Adams

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Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18920208Monday, February 8th, 1892View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Mrs Carrie Snyder28842884Mrs. Carrie SnyderMrs. Carrie Snyder
18920304Friday, March 4th, 1892View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Maggie Driscoll28782878Clyde LeagerClyde Leager
18920318Friday, March 18th, 1892View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Maggie Driscoll28782878Clyde LeagerClyde Leagerpatron ID of Clyde Leager
18920430Saturday, April 30th, 1892View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garst
18950307Thursday, March 7th, 1895View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Arthur Johnson29962996Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson
18950315Friday, March 15th, 1895View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Berthie Ward21382138Miss. Bertha WoodMiss. Bertha Wood
18950612Wednesday, June 12th, 1895View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Mrs. Cora Lingle42394239Mrs. Cora B. LingleMrs. Cora B. Lingle
18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Mary Kinert43704370Mary KinertMary Kinert
18961010Saturday, October 10th, 1896View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Lizzie Diermiller45624562Lizzie DiermillerLizzie Diermiller
18970119Tuesday, January 19th, 1897View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.J. P. Lupton43904390J. B. LuptonJ. B. Luptonfixed borrower's name (orig. Lupkin)
18970126Tuesday, January 26th, 1897View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Thalin Cochman32473247Thalia CochraneThalia Cochrane"74" written after patron name.
18970311Thursday, March 11th, 1897View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Zutman Wilcoxen0699699Zulena WilcoxonZulena Wilcoxon
18970324Wednesday, March 24th, 1897View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Juliane Wilcoxen0699699Zulena WilcoxonZulena Wilcoxon
18990609Friday, June 9th, 1899View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Mabelle Keuchman17081708Charles ScottCharles Scott
18991121Tuesday, November 21st, 1899View Page012701270Venetian life.Venetian life.Carl Lopp29192919Carl ToppCarl Topp
19001102Friday, November 2nd, 1900View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Rev. W. H. Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. OxtobyAn "X" is drawn over borrower name
19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Rev. W. H. Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby
19010412Friday, April 12th, 1901View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Mrs. T. A. Neely21772177Thad A NeelyThad A NeelyLine through entry
19010429Monday, April 29th, 1901View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Mrs L. A. Neeley21772177Thad A NeelyThad A Neely
19020819Tuesday, August 19th, 1902View Page070157015Venetian life.Venetian life.Emma Walling39983998Emma WallingEmma Walling