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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18900623Monday, June 23rd,1890072027202View PageMary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.01818
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500521521View PageMary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879.0000

+Patron (17)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
43344334View Page18940120Saturday, January 20th, 1894Clara ShuttleworthClara ShuttleworthMerryweather Ave.
0957957View Page18780112Saturday, January 12th, 1878Mary J. LuickMary J. LuickCor Charles & Franklin
28602860View Page18910613Saturday, June 13th, 1891Ethel BradyEthel Brady201 w Willard
31893189View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster811 Seymour St.
32113211View Page18950706Saturday, July 6th, 1895Mrs. Aug. MaickMrs. Aug. Maick311 e Main St
37633763View Page18970915Wednesday, September 15th, 1897Mary WysorMary Wysor418 n Walnut
45424542View Page18940816Thursday, August 16th, 1894Bessie HinesBessie Hines703 E Jackson
46964696View Page18950118Friday, January 18th, 1895Willie RileyWillie Riley214 E. Wysor
47084708View Page18950121Monday, January 21st, 1895Jacob HuberJacob Huber710 - S. Monroe
32253225View Page18950726Friday, July 26th, 1895Helen ShidelerHelen Shideler1702 E. Main St.
35633563View Page18961121Saturday, November 21st, 1896Matilda MannMatilda MannSouth Proud
35123512View Page18960907Monday, September 7th, 1896Mabel RiegleMabel Riegle108 N Monroe St.
36463646View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Frank CrawfordFrank CrawfordOhmer Ave
38163816View Page18971116Tuesday, November 16th, 1897Nellie MullNellie Mull821 S. Vine
36063606View Page18970109Saturday, January 9th, 1897Glady SuttonGlady Sutton1223 S. Madison
12761276View Page18790830Saturday, August 30th, 1879C J BradyC J BradyE Washington
15641564View Page18810111Tuesday, January 11th, 1881L L WatsonL L WatsonCor Adams & Madison

+Transaction (17)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911118Wednesday, November 18th, 1891View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Ethel Brady28602860Ethel BradyEthel Brady
18920109Saturday, January 9th, 1892View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.C.J. Brady12761276C J BradyC J Brady
18920220Saturday, February 20th, 1892View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mrs L.L. Watson15641564L L WatsonL L Watsonfixed patron number (orig. 1764)
18950104Friday, January 4th, 1895View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Cleora Shuttleworth43344334Clara ShuttleworthClara Shuttleworth
18950219Tuesday, February 19th, 1895View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Jacob Huber47084708Jacob HuberJacob Huber
18950729Monday, July 29th, 1895View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Helen Shuller32253225Helen ShidelerHelen Shideler
18950903Tuesday, September 3rd, 1895View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Rosa Burmaster31893189Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmasterlibrarian actually recorded "Aug 3d 1895" at top of page, but should be Sept. 3
18961003Saturday, October 3rd, 1896View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mabel Riegle35123512Mabel RiegleMabel Riegle
18961109Monday, November 9th, 1896View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Bessie Hine45424542Bessie HinesBessie Hinespatron Id of John Bowers//fixed patron number (orig. 4543)
18970216Tuesday, February 16th, 1897View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Frank Crawford36463646Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford
18970414Wednesday, April 14th, 1897View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Willie Riley46964696Willie RileyWillie Riley
18970508Saturday, May 8th, 1897View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mrs Aug Maick32113211Mrs. Aug. MaickMrs. Aug. MaickNumber 50 marked after patron's name
18970526Wednesday, May 26th, 1897View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mrs Mary Luick0957957Mary J. LuickMary J. Luick
18970617Thursday, June 17th, 1897View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Gladys Sutton36063606Glady SuttonGlady Sutton
18981208Thursday, December 8th, 1898View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mrs Matilda Mann35633563Matilda MannMatilda Mann
18990227Monday, February 27th, 1899View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Mary Wysor37633763Mary WysorMary Wysor
19000426Thursday, April 26th, 1900View Page072027202Mary Osborne.Mary Osborne.Nelly Mold38163816Nellie MullNellie Mull