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TitleAuthor# Times
18940821Tuesday, August 21st,1894090509050View PageThe scapegoat.The scapegoat.Caine, Hall, Sir, 1853-1931.08080

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
12671267View Page18790726Saturday, July 26th, 1879Sarah J. MongSarah J. MongCor Liberty & Adams
29382938View Page18911215Tuesday, December 15th, 1891M. MarkM. Mark422 Howard St.
28182818View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadornnot entered
26102610View Page18900213Thursday, February 13th, 1890Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham516 East Washington
0173173View Page18750723Friday, July 23rd, 1875Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. OrrMain St.
0342342View Page18760212Saturday, February 12th, 1876E. K HeinsohnE. K HeinsohnKirby House
11881188View Page18790224Monday, February 24th, 1879Burt BradburyBurt BradburyEast Jackson
42994299View Page18930819Saturday, August 19th, 1893Mrs. M. H. GableMrs. M. H. Gable304 Wysor
24402440View Page18871112Saturday, November 12th, 1887Della SampleDella SampleCor Mulberry + Howard
42744274View Page18930630Friday, June 30th, 1893Mae ThomasMae ThomasNorth Monroe St.
20802080View Page18830929Saturday, September 29th, 1883Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. WildmanEast Washington
31703170View Page18950417Wednesday, April 17th, 1895Ella CareyElla Carey622 w Adams
32183218View Page18950711Thursday, July 11th, 1895E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant416 e Charles St
32423242View Page18950826Monday, August 26th, 1895Julia FowlerJulia Fowler703 w Adams
34633463View Page18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896Sara WysorSara Wysor418 North St.
36633663View Page18970306Saturday, March 6th, 1897Roland StreeterRoland Streeter523 e Washington
48764876View Page18981109Wednesday, November 9th, 1898Rozetta ShinnRozetta Shinn927 e Adams St.
43524352View Page18940201Thursday, February 1st, 1894Mrs. G. W. MunnMrs. G. W. Munn523 W. Charles St.
30003000View Page18920305Saturday, March 5th, 1892D. K. FreemanD. K. Freeman516 S. Liberty
0247247View Page18751029Friday, October 29th, 1875Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow600 Sth Jefferson St
27122712View Page18901026Sunday, October 26th, 1890S. B. GarrettS. B. GarrettW. Wash
002727View Page18750601Tuesday, June 1st, 1875H. M. WinansH. M. Winans72 E. Adams
17081708View Page18810215Tuesday, February 15th, 1881Charles ScottCharles Scottcor Mulberry + Adams
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
29572957View Page18920123Saturday, January 23rd, 1892George BurtGeorge Burt230 N. Vine St.
44964496View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams115 N Monroe
40544054View Page18921112Saturday, November 12th, 1892Mrs. W. C. DickieMrs. W. C. Dickie402. E. Adams
41684168View Page18930213Monday, February 13th, 1893Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom313 W Michigan
41964196View Page18930304Saturday, March 4th, 1893Ida HarnIda Harn109 Kilgore Ave.
42484248View Page18930518Thursday, May 18th, 1893Mrs. Zula M. ValentineMrs. Zula M. Valentine120 S. Mulberry
25912591View Page18891218Wednesday, December 18th, 1889Clara LeonardClara Leonard601 Roberts st.
25962596View Page18900110Friday, January 10th, 1890Mrs. W. A. VandegriftMrs. W. A. VandegriftEast Main st. 920
26752675View Page18900830Saturday, August 30th, 1890Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn216 S. Jefferson
28532853View Page18910516Saturday, May 16th, 1891Lizzie BanksLizzie Banks323 Willard St.
29912991View Page18920224Wednesday, February 24th, 1892Joe BoehmJoe Boehm211 East Main st.
30803080View Page18920817Wednesday, August 17th, 1892Edith JacksonEdith Jackson800 East Main st.
40694069View Page18921122Tuesday, November 22nd, 1892Mary ShinnMary Shinn927 E. Adams
50645064View Page18990417Monday, April 17th, 1899Mrs. R. H. MunshowerMrs. R. H. Munshower428 W. Howard St.
52385238View Page18991115Wednesday, November 15th, 1899Mrs. J. E. HughesMrs. J. E. Hughes512 1/2 S. Walnut
44814481View Page18940602Saturday, June 2nd, 1894Mrs. W L HolmesMrs. W L Holmes119 S Liberty
45484548View Page18940825Saturday, August 25th, 1894Minnie T BoyceMinnie T Boyce308 E Jackson
46434643View Page18941201Saturday, December 1st, 1894Wm t. ReidWm t. Reid#5 Little Block
32333233View Page18950805Monday, August 5th, 1895Ella WoodElla Wood429 W Charles
32343234View Page18950805Monday, August 5th, 1895Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray411 Howard St
31533153View Page18950320Wednesday, March 20th, 1895Mrs. M. E. GertieMrs. M. E. Gertie318 E. Jackson
31583158View Page18950327Wednesday, March 27th, 1895John BantaJohn Banta506 E Main St
31883188View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Anna G. TabbAnna G. Tabb313 E. Charles St.
31073107View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Mary MyersMary Myers715 E. Jackson
31173117View Page18950204Monday, February 4th, 1895W. M. BradfordW. M. Bradford325 E. Main
32693269View Page18951018Friday, October 18th, 1895Anna LyonsAnna Lyons1009 E Charles St
33653365View Page18960124Friday, January 24th, 1896Ben RosenbushBen Rosenbush319 W Main
33743374View Page18960128Tuesday, January 28th, 1896Isabelle PrestonIsabelle Preston603 Adams
34503450View Page18960508Friday, May 8th, 1896H. T. SarverH. T. Sarver211 E. Gilbert St.
38203820View Page18971118Thursday, November 18th, 1897Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen510 S. Jefferson
37433743View Page18970722Thursday, July 22nd, 1897Mrs. Fannie CohnMrs. Fannie Cohn406 W. Main
36663666View Page18970310Wednesday, March 10th, 1897Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer306 E. Jackson
36133613View Page18970115Friday, January 15th, 1897J. E. GermandJ. E. Germand321 E. Charles
38643864View Page18971222Wednesday, December 22nd, 1897J. F. KiserJ. F. Kiser619 Powers st.
37503750View Page18970810Tuesday, August 10th, 1897Claude McElweeClaude McElwee617 E. Adams
38103810View Page18971109Tuesday, November 9th, 1897Howard SchraderHoward Schrader606 S Walnut
37893789View Page18971018Monday, October 18th, 1897Mrs. W. W. WadsworthMrs. W. W. Wadsworth319 S. Franklin
48064806View Page18980923Friday, September 23rd, 1898Dr. F. D. CaseDr. F. D. Case421 1/2 S. Walnut
38853885View Page18980115Saturday, January 15th, 1898Jennie RappJennie RappNew Southern Hotel
47844784View Page18980827Saturday, August 27th, 1898Anna OlinAnna Olin201 - East 9th
54885488View Page19000709Monday, July 9th, 1900Lealah BellLealah Bell517 E. Washington
56675667View Page19010114Monday, January 14th, 1901Harriet HaleHarriet Hale416 E. North
57195719View Page19010223Saturday, February 23rd, 1901Anna StuckeyAnna Stuckey211 E Main
56295629View Page19001206Thursday, December 6th, 1900Mrs. R. W. ThompsonMrs. R. W. Thompson113 E. Seymour
16521652View Page18810203Thursday, February 3rd, 1881Mary WallingMary WallingNorth Walnut
59275927View Page19011101Friday, November 1st, 1901John CareyJohn Carey510 Elliott
59715971View Page19011205Thursday, December 5th, 1901Louis HargravesLouis Hargraves720 E 8th
22462246View Page18850106Tuesday, January 6th, 1885Nannie BlossNannie BlossWest Washington
22772277View Page18850514Thursday, May 14th, 1885Rose RussellRose RussellWest Charels St.
49384938View Page18981231Saturday, December 31st, 1898Wm HartmanWm Hartman215 S Vine

+Transaction (80)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18941109Friday, November 9th, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Della C Sample24402440Della SampleDella Sample
18941114Wednesday, November 14th, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr. S. B. Garrett27122712S. B. GarrettS. B. Garrett
18941115Thursday, November 15th, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. E. K. Heinsohn0342342E. K HeinsohnE. K Heinsohn
18941123Friday, November 23rd, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Bert Bradbury11881188Burt BradburyBurt Bradbury
18941201Saturday, December 1st, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Gertrude Hagadorn28182818Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadorn
18941223Sunday, December 23rd, 1894View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Sarah J Mong12671267Sarah J. MongSarah J. Mong
18950107Monday, January 7th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs W. C. Dickie40544054Mrs. W. C. DickieMrs. W. C. Dickie
18950211Monday, February 11th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.W. M. Bradford31173117W. M. BradfordW. M. Bradford
18950222Friday, February 22nd, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr M Mark29382938M. MarkM. Mark
18950323Saturday, March 23rd, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. D. K. Freeman30003000D. K. FreemanD. K. Freeman
18950402Tuesday, April 2nd, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. S. P. Wilbur20802080Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. Wildman
18950412Friday, April 12th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs J E Durham26102610Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham
18950611Tuesday, June 11th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mabelle Kuechmann17081708Charles ScottCharles Scott
18950622Saturday, June 22nd, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mabelle Keuchmann17081708Charles ScottCharles Scott
18950708Monday, July 8th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr. W. H. Reid46434643Wm t. ReidWm t. Reid
18950725Thursday, July 25th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ida Harn (Donson)41964196Ida HarnIda Harn
18950803Saturday, August 3rd, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.H.M. Winans002727H. M. WinansH. M. Winans
18950820Tuesday, August 20th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Nannie Bloss22462246Nannie BlossNannie Bloss
18950824Saturday, August 24th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18950907Saturday, September 7th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Lizzie Banks28532853Lizzie BanksLizzie Banks
18951005Saturday, October 5th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.George Burt29572957George BurtGeorge Burt
18951018Friday, October 18th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs E. Williams44964496Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams
18951025Friday, October 25th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ida Ludlow0247247Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow
18951109Saturday, November 9th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Anna Tabb31883188Anna G. TabbAnna G. Tabb
18951206Friday, December 6th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs S.C. Goshorn26752675Mrs. S. L. GoshornMrs. S. L. Goshorn
18951214Saturday, December 14th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs W.A. Vandegrift25962596Mrs. W. A. VandegriftMrs. W. A. Vandegrift
18951221Saturday, December 21st, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ella Woods32333233Ella WoodElla Wood
18951228Saturday, December 28th, 1895View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr W H Gable42994299Mrs. M. H. GableMrs. M. H. Gable
18960120Monday, January 20th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Julie Fowler32423242Julia FowlerJulia Fowler
18960210Monday, February 10th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Harvy Lynn32693269Anna LyonsAnna Lyons
18960304Wednesday, March 4th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Clara Leonard25912591Clara LeonardClara Leonard
18960324Tuesday, March 24th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr Ben Rosenbusch33653365Ben RosenbushBen Rosenbush
18960408Wednesday, April 8th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mr Ben Rosenbush33653365Ben RosenbushBen Rosenbush
18960423Thursday, April 23rd, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Isabelle Preston33743374Isabelle PrestonIsabelle Preston
18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs M H Gable42994299Mrs. M. H. GableMrs. M. H. Gable
18960713Monday, July 13th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Edith Jackson30803080Edith JacksonEdith Jackson
18960822Saturday, August 22nd, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Rose Russell22772277Rose RussellRose Russell
18961109Monday, November 9th, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Olive Gilmore36633663Roland StreeterRoland Streeter
18961202Wednesday, December 2nd, 1896View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ms Zula Valentine42484248Mrs. Zula M. ValentineMrs. Zula M. Valentine
18970118Monday, January 18th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.J E Gernard36133613J. E. GermandJ. E. Germand
18970126Tuesday, January 26th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. M L Boyce45484548Minnie T BoyceMinnie T Boyce
18970201Monday, February 1st, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mary Meyers31073107Mary MyersMary Myers
18970327Saturday, March 27th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.M. E. Gerstel31533153Mrs. M. E. GertieMrs. M. E. Gertie
18970405Monday, April 5th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. Minna Orr0173173Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. Orr
18970414Wednesday, April 14th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Gertrude Gibson34503450H. T. SarverH. T. Sarver
18970429Thursday, April 29th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Gertrude Gibson34503450H. T. SarverH. T. Sarver
18970515Saturday, May 15th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Rudolph Bloom41684168Rudolph BloomRudolph BloomNumber 85 marked after patron's name
18970625Friday, June 25th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.May Thomas42744274Mae ThomasMae Thomas
18970724Saturday, July 24th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Madge Walling16521652Mary WallingMary Walling
18971030Saturday, October 30th, 1897View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ms. W W Wordsworth37893789Mrs. W. W. WadsworthMrs. W. W. Wadsworth
18980202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Wm L Holmes44814481Mrs. W L HolmesMrs. W L Holmes
18980219Saturday, February 19th, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Carroll Hemingray32343234Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray
18980809Tuesday, August 9th, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Loville Millitt38853885Jennie RappJennie Rapp
18980923Friday, September 23rd, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs G W Munn43524352Mrs. G. W. MunnMrs. G. W. Munn
18981001Saturday, October 1st, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Herman Cohn38203820Mrs. Herman CohenMrs. Herman Cohen
18981010Monday, October 10th, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.F D Case48064806Dr. F. D. CaseDr. F. D. Case
18981018Tuesday, October 18th, 1898View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18990110Tuesday, January 10th, 1899View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.J.F. Kiser38643864J. F. KiserJ. F. Kiser
18990221Tuesday, February 21st, 1899View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.John C Banta31583158John BantaJohn Banta
18990318Saturday, March 18th, 1899View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.E.L. Chalfont32183218E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant
18990417Monday, April 17th, 1899View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs R.H. Munshower50645064Mrs. R. H. MunshowerMrs. R. H. Munshower
18991229Friday, December 29th, 1899View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs J E Hughes52385238Mrs. J. E. HughesMrs. J. E. Hughes
19000106Saturday, January 6th, 1900View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Claude McElwee37503750Claude McElweeClaude McElwee
19000201Thursday, February 1st, 1900View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs C E Dwyer36663666Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer
19000216Friday, February 16th, 1900View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs C E Dwyer36663666Mrs. C. E. DwyerMrs. C. E. Dwyer
19000428Saturday, April 28th, 1900View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Sarah Wysor34633463Sara WysorSara Wysor
19000928Friday, September 28th, 1900View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Lelah Bell54885488Lealah BellLealah Bell"47" written to the right of borrower name
19010306Wednesday, March 6th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mary Shinn40694069Mary ShinnMary Shinnfixed borrower's name (orig. Marie Shirm)
19010323Saturday, March 23rd, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Bessie Brownell57195719Anna StuckeyAnna Stuckey
19010326Tuesday, March 26th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs Fannie Cohn37433743Mrs. Fannie CohnMrs. Fannie Cohn
19010624Monday, June 24th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Harriet Hale56675667Harriet HaleHarriet Hale
19010713Saturday, July 13th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Howard Schrader38103810Howard SchraderHoward Schrader
19010809Friday, August 9th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Ana Olin47844784Anna OlinAnna Olin
19011007Monday, October 7th, 1901View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Wm Hartman49384938Wm HartmanWm Hartman
19020502Friday, May 2nd, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.John Carey59275927John CareyJohn Carey
19020908Monday, September 8th, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Joseph Boehman29912991Joe BoehmJoe Boehm
19020923Tuesday, September 23rd, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Louis Hargrave59715971Louis HargravesLouis HargravesBook 9054 borrowed on same transaction
19021004Saturday, October 4th, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Louis Hargrave59715971Louis HargravesLouis HargravesBook ID 9054 borrowed on same transaction
19021117Monday, November 17th, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Mrs. R.W. Thompson56295629Mrs. R. W. ThompsonMrs. R. W. Thompson
19021201Monday, December 1st, 1902View Page090509050The scapegoat.The scapegoat.Rosetta Shinn48764876Rozetta ShinnRozetta Shinn