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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18940821Tuesday, August 21st,1894090349034View PageDeephaven.Deephaven.Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849-1909.05151

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
0365365View Page18760309Thursday, March 9th, 1876Sue S. MongSue S. MongMuncie
11441144View Page18781230Monday, December 30th, 1878Katie GarstKatie GarstCor 2nd and Jefferson
26102610View Page18900213Thursday, February 13th, 1890Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham516 East Washington
43704370View Page18940209Friday, February 9th, 1894Mary KinertMary Kinert924. E. Main
26932693View Page18900924Wednesday, September 24th, 1890Cora TrentCora Trent403 e Main
44954495View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mr. A. WilliamsMr. A. Williams115 N Monroe
41124112View Page18921231Saturday, December 31st, 1892Maude BrownellMaude Brownell710 E Main
16251625View Page18810202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1881Linnie MarshLinnie MarshCor Douglas & Liberty
12061206View Page18790324Monday, March 24th, 1879Jeannie BradburyJeannie BradburyEast Jackson
0266266View Page18751119Friday, November 19th, 1875Mrs. W. J. BoydenMrs. W. J. BoydenE Washington Street
12501250View Page18790616Monday, June 16th, 1879Mrs. E CammackMrs. E CammackEast Adams
44564456View Page18940502Wednesday, May 2nd, 1894Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulett220 North Walnut
29962996View Page18920302Wednesday, March 2nd, 1892Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson216. S. High
43584358View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman302 N Monroe
28832883View Page18911022Thursday, October 22nd, 1891Rosa MartinRosa MartinCor Main + Cherry
43164316View Page18940110Wednesday, January 10th, 1894Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard1203 Kirby Ave.
29152915View Page18910829Saturday, August 29th, 1891Mrs. Thomas WinsorMrs. Thomas Winsor506 W. Adams
51005100View Page18990628Wednesday, June 28th, 1899Elijah WardElijah Ward1311 w 7th
20802080View Page18830929Saturday, September 29th, 1883Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. WildmanEast Washington
31703170View Page18950417Wednesday, April 17th, 1895Ella CareyElla Carey622 w Adams
31893189View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster811 Seymour St.
33253325View Page18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon219 n Vine
34753475View Page18960717Friday, July 17th, 1896Rebekah DenslowRebekah Denslow406 e Gilbert
36633663View Page18970306Saturday, March 6th, 1897Roland StreeterRoland Streeter523 e Washington
002727View Page18750601Tuesday, June 1st, 1875H. M. WinansH. M. Winans72 E. Adams
0981981View Page18780206Wednesday, February 6th, 1878E. K. KuechmannE. K. KuechmannEast Main St.
17081708View Page18810215Tuesday, February 15th, 1881Charles ScottCharles Scottcor Mulberry + Adams
44464446View Page18940413Friday, April 13th, 1894Mr. M. D. GarrettMr. M. D. Garrett304 1/2 S. Walnut
45014501View Page18940628Thursday, June 28th, 1894Edna HooverEdna Hoover517 W. Main St
45364536View Page18940803Friday, August 3rd, 1894Estella McClellandEstella McClelland624 W. Jackson
29712971View Page18920203Wednesday, February 3rd, 1892Mrs. T. H. BartonMrs. T. H. Barton601 w Main
40264026View Page18921022Saturday, October 22nd, 1892J. L. KingsburyJ. L. KingsburyS. Monroe
44734473View Page18940524Thursday, May 24th, 1894Mrs. T L ZookMrs. T L Zook901 S Jefferson
31533153View Page18950320Wednesday, March 20th, 1895Mrs. M. E. GertieMrs. M. E. Gertie318 E. Jackson
31293129View Page18950214Thursday, February 14th, 1895Mrs. J. S. SampleMrs. J. S. Sample621 - E. Main
31343134View Page18950216Saturday, February 16th, 1895Caroline D. ReidCaroline D. Reid1332 E. Jackson St.
0546546View Page18770221Wednesday, February 21st, 1877Belle WallingBelle WallingCor. Charles & Council
33583358View Page18960114Tuesday, January 14th, 1896Nellie SpoonerNellie Spooner8 Arcade Building
35613561View Page18961120Friday, November 20th, 1896John W. LittleJohn W. Little622 E. Washington
34433443View Page18960421Tuesday, April 21st, 1896Clara WalkerClara Walker424 E. Chas. St.
48904890View Page18981119Saturday, November 19th, 1898Mrs. E L BarborMrs. E L Barbor1102 - E. Adams
54885488View Page19000709Monday, July 9th, 1900Lealah BellLealah Bell517 E. Washington
57145714View Page19010216Saturday, February 16th, 1901Thos. HarrisonThos. Harrison1214 E Main St
53935393View Page19000312Monday, March 12th, 1900J. G. MillerJ. G. Miller620 W. Charles
18841884View Page18820217Friday, February 17th, 1882Ella MillerElla MillerEast Main St
20872087View Page18831020Saturday, October 20th, 1883W R SnyderW R SnyderMadison St
24172417View Page18870506Friday, May 6th, 1887Miriam CaseMiriam CaseSouth Liberty

+Transaction (51)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18941110Saturday, November 10th, 1894View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Ella Cammack12501250Mrs. E CammackMrs. E Cammack
18941110Saturday, November 10th, 1894View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Sue S. Mong0365365Sue S. MongSue S. Mong
18941117Saturday, November 17th, 1894View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Clarence Bayden0266266Mrs. W. J. BoydenMrs. W. J. Boyden
18941201Saturday, December 1st, 1894View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Clarence Bayden0266266Mrs. W. J. BoydenMrs. W. J. BoydenNumber 124 written after patron's name
18950109Wednesday, January 9th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Arthur Johnson29962996Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson
18950128Monday, January 28th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.M. D. Garrett44464446Mr. M. D. GarrettMr. M. D. Garrett
18950220Wednesday, February 20th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs Carolin D Reid31343134Caroline D. ReidCaroline D. Reid
18950226Tuesday, February 26th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garst
18950401Monday, April 1st, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mabelle Kenchman17081708Charles ScottCharles Scott
18950405Friday, April 5th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mildred Westlake18841884Ella MillerElla Miller
18950411Thursday, April 11th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Miss Rose Martin28832883Rosa MartinRosa Martin
18950413Saturday, April 13th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Sue L. Manny0365365Sue S. MongSue S. Mong
18950429Monday, April 29th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Jean Bradbury12061206Jeannie BradburyJeannie Bradbury
18950524Friday, May 24th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Maude Brownell41124112Maude BrownellMaude Brownell
18950610Monday, June 10th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.W. R. Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18950617Monday, June 17th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. Mary Leonard43164316Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard
18950627Thursday, June 27th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs Thos Winsor29152915Mrs. Thomas WinsorMrs. Thomas Winsor
18950720Saturday, July 20th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs J.C. Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18950727Saturday, July 27th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.H.M. Winans002727H. M. WinansH. M. Winans
18950814Wednesday, August 14th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs E. R. Keuchman0981981E. K. KuechmannE. K. Kuechmann
18950919Thursday, September 19th, 1895View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Olive Gilmore36633663Roland StreeterRoland Streeter
18960118Saturday, January 18th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs J.E. Durham26102610Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham
18960204Tuesday, February 4th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.I.B. Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18960215Saturday, February 15th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs T H Barton29712971Mrs. T. H. BartonMrs. T. H. Barton
18960314Saturday, March 14th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Edna Hoover45014501Edna HooverEdna Hoover
18960409Thursday, April 9th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mr A Williams44954495Mr. A. WilliamsMr. A. Williams
18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Miriam Case24172417Miriam CaseMiriam Caselast name denoted by ditto mark
18960710Friday, July 10th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Clara Walker34433443Clara WalkerClara Walker
18960801Saturday, August 1st, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Ms Cora Trent26932693Cora TrentCora Trent
18961006Tuesday, October 6th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. Nellie Spooner33583358Nellie SpoonerNellie SpoonerPatron ID of Mrs. J.C. Leatherman//fixed patron number (4358)
18961006Tuesday, October 6th, 1896View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. S. P. Wldman20802080Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. Wildman
18970204Thursday, February 4th, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. MZ. Ginslet31533153Mrs. M. E. GertieMrs. M. E. Gertie
18970504Tuesday, May 4th, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Flora B Walling0546546Belle WallingBelle Walling
18970520Thursday, May 20th, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Estella McClelland45364536Estella McClellandEstella McClelland
18970603Thursday, June 3rd, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs John W Little35613561John W. LittleJohn W. Little
18970622Tuesday, June 22nd, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Rebekah Denslow34753475Rebekah DenslowRebekah Denslow
18970701Thursday, July 1st, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18970731Saturday, July 31st, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Rosa Bormaster31893189Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster
18970908Wednesday, September 8th, 1897View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Frank Hulett44564456Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulett
18980401Friday, April 1st, 1898View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Lizzie Kuhn16251625Linnie MarshLinnie Marsh
18980430Saturday, April 30th, 1898View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18980516Monday, May 16th, 1898View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mary Kinert43704370Mary KinertMary Kinert
18980923Friday, September 23rd, 1898View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.J.L. Kingsbury40264026J. L. KingsburyJ. L. Kingsbury
18981105Saturday, November 5th, 1898View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mary Kinert43704370Mary KinertMary Kinert
18990513Saturday, May 13th, 1899View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs E.L. Barbor48904890Mrs. E L BarborMrs. E L Barbor
19010311Monday, March 11th, 1901View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Elijah Wasel51005100Elijah WardElijah Ward
19011012Saturday, October 12th, 1901View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. T.L. Zook44734473Mrs. T L ZookMrs. T L Zook
19020107Tuesday, January 7th, 1902View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Thos Harrison57145714Thos. HarrisonThos. Harrison
19020319Wednesday, March 19th, 1902View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Lilah Bell54885488Lealah BellLealah Bell
19020416Wednesday, April 16th, 1902View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.J.E. Miller53935393J. G. MillerJ. G. Miller
19020507Wednesday, May 7th, 1902View Page090349034Deephaven.Deephaven.Mrs. Mary G. Sample31293129Mrs. J. S. SampleMrs. J. S. Sample