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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18960623Tuesday, June 23rd,1896098779877View PageDolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Goodwin, Maud Wilder, 1856-1935.01818

+Patron (17)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
43444344View Page18940126Friday, January 26th, 1894Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore417 W. Main St.
45304530View Page18940728Saturday, July 28th, 1894I. N. TrentI. N. Trent424 E. Charles St.
0760760View Page18770516Wednesday, May 16th, 1877Sarah HeinsohnSarah HeinsohnCor Main & Jefferson
42504250View Page18930520Saturday, May 20th, 1893Mrs. Mathew EdenMrs. Mathew EdenMeriweather Ave.
43164316View Page18940110Wednesday, January 10th, 1894Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard1203 Kirby Ave.
33543354View Page18960109Thursday, January 9th, 1896Mrs. C. L. WolfromMrs. C. L. Wolfrom212 e Gilbert
13041304View Page18791121Friday, November 21st, 1879Mabel HagadornMabel Hagadorn600 South Jefferson
003131View Page18750602Wednesday, June 2nd, 1875Mary ThomasMary ThomasAdams Street
18011801View Page18810604Saturday, June 4th, 1881Ida BrownIda BrownWalnut St.
0678678View Page18770502Wednesday, May 2nd, 1877Anna LutzAnna LutzSouth Beacon
0715715View Page18770511Friday, May 11th, 1877Addie KnowltonAddie Knowlton405 East Main
34373437View Page18960404Saturday, April 4th, 1896Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton608 E. Main
35463546View Page18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith219 S Franklin
36963696View Page18970506Thursday, May 6th, 1897W. C. BallW. C. Ball406 E. Gilbert
37973797View Page18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897Lizzie VanstrienLizzie Vanstrien829 E 1st
22782278View Page18850515Friday, May 15th, 1885Howard CoffeenHoward CoffeenEast Main St.
24452445View Page18880103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1888Eugene NeffEugene NeffWest Main

+Transaction (18)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18960727Monday, July 27th, 1896View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Harriet Hamilton34373437Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton
18961118Wednesday, November 18th, 1896View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Norwood Carnes18011801Ida BrownIda Brown
18961207Monday, December 7th, 1896View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs Mary Leonard43164316Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard
18961219Saturday, December 19th, 1896View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Dr I N Trent45304530I. N. TrentI. N. Trent
18970204Thursday, February 4th, 1897View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Howard Coffen22782278Howard CoffeenHoward CoffeenOriginal transaction listed patron # 2275, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Howard Coffen's actual patron # 2278.
18970308Monday, March 8th, 1897View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs. C. L. Wolfran33543354Mrs. C. L. WolfromMrs. C. L. Wolfrom
18970324Wednesday, March 24th, 1897View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs. Chas Kilgore43444344Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore
18970327Saturday, March 27th, 1897View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mable Hagadorn13041304Mabel HagadornMabel Hagadorn
18970814Saturday, August 14th, 1897View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Ms. M. Eden42504250Mrs. Mathew EdenMrs. Mathew Eden
18990204Saturday, February 4th, 1899View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Dr G R Green24452445Eugene NeffEugene Neff
18990316Thursday, March 16th, 1899View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs C.A. Spilker003131Mary ThomasMary Thomas
18990801Tuesday, August 1st, 1899View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs. Charlie Smith35463546Charity E. SmithCharity E. Smith
18991028Saturday, October 28th, 1899View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Lizzie Vanstrein37973797Lizzie VanstrienLizzie Vanstrien
19000117Wednesday, January 17th, 1900View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Robbie Knowlton0715715Addie KnowltonAddie Knowlton
19000928Friday, September 28th, 1900View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Mrs. W. C. Ruell0678678Anna LutzAnna Lutz
19001012Friday, October 12th, 1900View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.W. A. Ball36963696W. C. BallW. C. Ball
19001231Monday, December 31st, 1900View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Sarah H Harley0760760Sarah HeinsohnSarah Heinsohn
19010111Friday, January 11th, 1901View Page098779877Dolly Madison.Dolly Madison.Sarah H Hartley0760760Sarah HeinsohnSarah Heinsohn