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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
19000709Monday, July 9th,19001189611896View PageThe touchstone.The touchstone.Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.05555
19010718Thursday, July 18th,19011293812938View PageThe touchstone : [a story]The touchstone : [a story]Wharton, Edith, 1862-19370000

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
41054105View Page18921228Wednesday, December 28th, 1892Mrs. A. C. JonesMrs. A. C. JonesCor Char. & Plumb
28182818View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadornnot entered
14121412View Page18800503Monday, May 3rd, 1880Sarah E BradburySarah E BradburyEast Adams St.
0102102View Page18750612Saturday, June 12th, 1875Carrie AndrewsCarrie Andrews282 High St
0173173View Page18750723Friday, July 23rd, 1875Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. OrrMain St.
26492649View Page18900707Monday, July 7th, 1890Helen HickmanHelen Hickman304 W. Gilbert
49654965View Page18990118Wednesday, January 18th, 1899Mrs. Lola FranklinMrs. Lola Franklin416 e Main
49714971View Page18990121Saturday, January 21st, 1899Lottie ToppLottie Topp319 s Liberty St.
27072707View Page18901015Wednesday, October 15th, 1890Norwood CarnesNorwood Carness Kilgore Ave
33323332View Page18951221Saturday, December 21st, 1895Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard1315 s Madison
33403340View Page18951231Tuesday, December 31st, 1895Loys SaxonLoys Saxon219 n Vine
33253325View Page18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon219 n Vine
32233223View Page18950722Monday, July 22nd, 1895Reba RicheyReba Richey403 w Adams St
38073807View Page18971108Monday, November 8th, 1897Florence KingsburryFlorence Kingsburry405 e Washington
38283828View Page18971121Sunday, November 21st, 1897Rex SmithRex Smith514 w Main
38763876View Page18980108Saturday, January 8th, 1898H. L. KinertH. L. Kinert609 s Walnut
39933993View Page18980507Saturday, May 7th, 1898Psyche HooverPsyche Hoover316 w Main
45654565View Page18940928Friday, September 28th, 1894E. A. EdwardsE. A. Edwards314 S Jefferson
51445144View Page18990829Tuesday, August 29th, 1899Maude M SmithMaude M Smith514 w Main
12171217View Page18790405Saturday, April 5th, 1879R. W. MonroeR. W. MonroeWest Main
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
24712471View Page18880609Saturday, June 9th, 1888Louisa KoernerLouisa KoernerNorth St.
45464546View Page18940825Saturday, August 25th, 1894Mrs. J. F. HallMrs. J. F. Hall317 E. Jackson
29602960View Page18920126Tuesday, January 26th, 1892Flora HarperFlora Harper311 W. Adams
30143014View Page18920326Saturday, March 26th, 1892Walter J. HoweWalter J. Howe1118 E. Jackson
52415241View Page18991116Thursday, November 16th, 1899Mrs. Idah DragooMrs. Idah Dragoo1215 W. 11th St.
43914391View Page18940222Thursday, February 22nd, 1894L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray411 Howard St.
47054705View Page18950119Saturday, January 19th, 1895C. H. BeardsleyC. H. Beardsley332 North St.
31083108View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Clifford BrownClifford BrownKilgore Ave
33313331View Page18951220Friday, December 20th, 1895Karl NuttingKarl Nutting315 West Adams
33633363View Page18960123Thursday, January 23rd, 1896Florence BleaseFlorence Blease500 Proud
35143514View Page18960912Saturday, September 12th, 1896Theodore DenslowTheodore Denslow516 E Washington
35263526View Page18960929Tuesday, September 29th, 1896Carrie KeenerCarrie Keener235 N. Vine St.
34063406View Page18960303Tuesday, March 3rd, 1896Fred PrestonFred Preston603 E Adams
37353735View Page18970715Thursday, July 15th, 1897J. W. KirkpatrickJ. W. Kirkpatrick619 Council St.
38383838View Page18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth116 S. Proud
36123612View Page18970115Friday, January 15th, 1897Lillian MitchellLillian Mitchell419 S. Jefferson
11551155View Page18790111Saturday, January 11th, 1879Ada TurnerAda TurnerCor Pine and Jackson
38723872View Page18980106Thursday, January 6th, 1898Clifford BowerClifford Bower333 E Washington
54445444View Page19000521Monday, May 21st, 1900Deo L. BantaDeo L. Banta506 E. Main St.
53585358View Page19000217Saturday, February 17th, 1900Nora L BradburyNora L Bradbury415 S. High St.
53895389View Page19000310Saturday, March 10th, 1900Alvin CohenAlvin Cohen406 E. Jackson
55755575View Page19001026Friday, October 26th, 1900Pearl EberPearl Eber2 1/2 miles W. Jackson
54575457View Page19000531Thursday, May 31st, 1900Mrs. Louis C FoldrichMrs. Louis C Foldrich315 N. Vine St.
54075407View Page19000321Wednesday, March 21st, 1900Mrs. W. V. HaleMrs. W. V. Hale603 W. Adams
55315531View Page19000823Thursday, August 23rd, 1900Moses HanesMoses HanesWheeling Ave Riverside
53185318View Page19000117Wednesday, January 17th, 1900Anna HedgerAnna HedgerRiverside
53745374View Page19000302Friday, March 2nd, 1900Nellie RichmireNellie Richmire419 W. Howard
55445544View Page19000927Thursday, September 27th, 1900J. M. SamuelsJ. M. Samuels214 Nth Liberty
56105610View Page19001121Wednesday, November 21st, 1900W. P. StevensW. P. Stevens605 Riverside
58585858View Page19010902Monday, September 2nd, 1901EnescottEnescott111 W Main St
57325732View Page19010228Thursday, February 28th, 1901Minnie KerrMinnie Kerr524 W. Charles St.
59855985View Page19020102Thursday, January 2nd, 1902J. H. WhiteJ. H. White118 S. Grant
23782378View Page18860807Saturday, August 7th, 1886Flora RussillFlora RussillEast Adams st

+Transaction (55)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19000711Wednesday, July 11th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Florence Blease33633363Florence BleaseFlorence Blease
19000719Thursday, July 19th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Norwood Carnes27072707Norwood CarnesNorwood Carnes
19000721Saturday, July 21st, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Louis Foldrich54575457Mrs. Louis C FoldrichMrs. Louis C Foldrich
19000725Wednesday, July 25th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Gertrude Hagadon28182818Gertrude HagadornGertrude Hagadorn
19000728Saturday, July 28th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
19000802Thursday, August 2nd, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.R. W. Monroe12171217R. W. MonroeR. W. Monroe
19000803Friday, August 3rd, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.J. W. Kirkpatrick37353735J. W. KirkpatrickJ. W. Kirkpatrick
19000817Friday, August 17th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. W. K. Hale54075407Mrs. W. V. HaleMrs. W. V. Hale
19000818Saturday, August 18th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Rex Smith38283828Rex SmithRex Smith
19000901Saturday, September 1st, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Ida Dragoo52415241Mrs. Idah DragooMrs. Idah Dragoo
19000904Tuesday, September 4th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Alvin Cohen53895389Alvin CohenAlvin Cohen
19000905Wednesday, September 5th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Psyche Hoover39933993Psyche HooverPsyche Hoover
19000908Saturday, September 8th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Nellie Richman53745374Nellie RichmireNellie Richmire
19000913Thursday, September 13th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.L. M. Hemingray43914391L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray
19000920Thursday, September 20th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Helen Hickman26492649Helen HickmanHelen Hickman
19000929Saturday, September 29th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.J. M. Samuels55445544J. M. SamuelsJ. M. Samuels
19001002Tuesday, October 2nd, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Flora Harper29602960Flora HarperFlora Harper
19001011Thursday, October 11th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Josephine Cecil33323332Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard
19001020Saturday, October 20th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Ada Turner11551155Ada TurnerAda Turner
19001027Saturday, October 27th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Deo Banta54445444Deo L. BantaDeo L. Banta
19001029Monday, October 29th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. J. F. Hall45464546Mrs. J. F. HallMrs. J. F. Hall
19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Carrie Burt0102102Carrie AndrewsCarrie AndrewsPatron ID "102" is registered to "Carrie Andrews" MCD name is listed as "Mrs. Carrie Burt"
19001112Monday, November 12th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Theodore Denslow35143514Theodore DenslowTheodore Denslowfixed patron number (orig. 4514)
19001117Saturday, November 17th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Lola Franklin49654965Mrs. Lola FranklinMrs. Lola Franklin
19001124Saturday, November 24th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Nora Bradbury53585358Nora L BradburyNora L Bradbury
19001201Saturday, December 1st, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Clifford Bower38723872Clifford BowerClifford Bower
19001208Saturday, December 8th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.E A Edwards45654565E. A. EdwardsE. A. Edwards
19001215Saturday, December 15th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Pearl Eber55755575Pearl EberPearl Eber
19001218Tuesday, December 18th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
19001229Saturday, December 29th, 1900View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Walter Howe30143014Walter J. HoweWalter J. Howe
19010104Friday, January 4th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Fred Preston34063406Fred PrestonFred Preston
19010119Saturday, January 19th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.W. P. Stevens56105610W. P. StevensW. P. Stevens
19010122Tuesday, January 22nd, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Lillian Mitchell36123612Lillian MitchellLillian Mitchell
19010201Friday, February 1st, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.H. L. Kinert38763876H. L. KinertH. L. Kinert
19010205Tuesday, February 5th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Maude Smith51445144Maude M SmithMaude M Smith
19010209Saturday, February 9th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Lottie Topp49714971Lottie ToppLottie Topp
19010210Sunday, February 10th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Viva Barle55315531Moses HanesMoses Hanes
19010212Tuesday, February 12th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. F. Kingsbury38073807Florence KingsburryFlorence Kingsburry
19010218Monday, February 18th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Carrie Kenan35263526Carrie KeenerCarrie Keener
19010306Wednesday, March 6th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Margaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
19010309Saturday, March 9th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Susie Craighead14121412Sarah E BradburySarah E Bradbury
19010316Saturday, March 16th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Karl Nutting33313331Karl NuttingKarl Nutting
19010329Friday, March 29th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Minnie Orr0173173Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. Orr
19010420Saturday, April 20th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Minnie Kerr57325732Minnie KerrMinnie Kerr
19010531Friday, May 31st, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Flora Russell23782378Flora RussillFlora Russill
19010719Friday, July 19th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.I. B. Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
19010803Saturday, August 3rd, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs Lola Franklin47054705C. H. BeardsleyC. H. Beardsley
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs A C Jones41054105Mrs. A. C. JonesMrs. A. C. Jones
19010917Tuesday, September 17th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.E. M. Scott58585858EnescottEnescott
19011005Saturday, October 5th, 1901View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Geo. Koerner24712471Louisa KoernerLouisa Koerner
19020107Tuesday, January 7th, 1902View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.J.H. White59855985J. H. WhiteJ. H. White
19020110Friday, January 10th, 1902View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Loys Saxon33403340Loys SaxonLoys Saxon
19020115Wednesday, January 15th, 1902View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Clifford Brown31083108Clifford BrownClifford Brown
19020222Saturday, February 22nd, 1902View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Reba Richey32233223Reba RicheyReba Richey
19020925Thursday, September 25th, 1902View Page1189611896The touchstone.The touchstone.Mrs. Anna Hedger53185318Anna HedgerAnna Hedger