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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500962962View PageJaphet in search of a father.Japhet in search of a father.Marryatt, Frederick, 1792-1848.0000
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500963963View PageMr. Midshipman Easy.Mr. Midshipman Easy.Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848.0000
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500964964View PagePeter Simple.Peter Simple.Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848.03636
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500969969View PageNewton Forster, or, The merchant service.Newton Forster, or, The merchant service.Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848.0011
19010719Friday, July 19th,19011290112901View PageJaphet in search of a fatherJaphet in search of a fatherMarryat, Frederick, 1792-18480011

+Patron (34)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
43144314View Page18940106Saturday, January 6th, 1894Edna SmithEdna Smith602. E. Charles
27652765View Page18910105Monday, January 5th, 1891Charlie Kougel Jr.Charlie Kougel Jr.Not listed
40024002View Page18920929Thursday, September 29th, 1892Bertie WilliamsonBertie Williamson632 W Jackson
49594959View Page18990114Saturday, January 14th, 1899Geo GogginGeo Goggin1021 E First
25342534View Page18890531Friday, May 31st, 1889Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan703 w Adams St
31103110View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Wayman AdamsWayman Adams1314 e Adams
32093209View Page18950706Saturday, July 6th, 1895Louis IcermanLouis Icerman511 w Main
32233223View Page18950722Monday, July 22nd, 1895Reba RicheyReba Richey403 w Adams St
37883788View Page18971018Monday, October 18th, 1897Ralph JacksonRalph Jackson1015 e Charles
29222922View Page18910929Tuesday, September 29th, 1891Ray WadeRay Wade217 S. High
45694569View Page18941002Tuesday, October 2nd, 1894Ralph HyerRalph Hyer1110 Virginia
46024602View Page18941103Saturday, November 3rd, 1894Frank G. JacksonFrank G. JacksonMerriweather Ave
42094209View Page18930318Saturday, March 18th, 1893W. H. PalmerW. H. Palmer323 S. Franklin
42314231View Page18930421Friday, April 21st, 1893Robert MockRobert Mock114 Wall st.
42704270View Page18930619Monday, June 19th, 1893Bessie G. BunchBessie G. Bunch1333 E. Jackson
31333133View Page18950216Saturday, February 16th, 1895Wilbur PersonettWilbur PersonettFlorence St.
31273127View Page18950214Thursday, February 14th, 1895Charles McDonaldCharles McDonaldcor Willard & Penn
27712771View Page18910110Saturday, January 10th, 1891Arthur LeonardArthur Leonard601 Robert st.
28952895View Page18911110Tuesday, November 10th, 1891Richard KirkeRichard Kirke214 Wysor st.
29932993View Page18920227Saturday, February 27th, 1892Harry McCombHarry McCombSouth Walnut
0323323View Page18760129Saturday, January 29th, 1876Willie R. BrothertonWillie R. BrothertonE. Adams St
43954395View Page18940223Friday, February 23rd, 1894Gertrude HaleGertrude Hale554 Howard
32153215View Page18950709Tuesday, July 9th, 1895Ralph BardRalph Bard404 E Washington
47034703View Page18950119Saturday, January 19th, 1895Minnie GainorMinnie Gainorcor Blaine + Heekin
31543154View Page18950321Thursday, March 21st, 1895Lottie SnyderLottie Snyder317 Wysor St.
31583158View Page18950327Wednesday, March 27th, 1895John BantaJohn Banta506 E Main St
31763176View Page18950504Saturday, May 4th, 1895Forest MorehartForest Morehart515 E. Main St.
34843484View Page18960723Thursday, July 23rd, 1896Ruth BestRuth Best302 e North St.
33863386View Page18960204Tuesday, February 4th, 1896Mary CraigMary Craig1207 S Monroe
37083708View Page18970529Saturday, May 29th, 1897Estella ClarkEstella Clark235 N. Plum
11661166View Page18790127Monday, January 27th, 1879Jeannie W SmithJeannie W SmithCor Jackson and Mulberry
56595659View Page19010105Saturday, January 5th, 1901Mrs. L. B. PrestonMrs. L. B. Preston518 E. Washington
55245524View Page19000820Monday, August 20th, 1900John WilliamsJohn Williams500 st halky st.
24672467View Page18880411Wednesday, April 11th, 1888Wm MorganWm MorganSouth Monroe

+Transaction (38)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18950218Monday, February 18th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Ralph Hyer45694569Ralph HyerRalph Hyer
18950219Tuesday, February 19th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Frank E Jackson46024602Frank G. JacksonFrank G. Jackson
18950304Monday, March 4th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Charles McDowell31273127Charles McDonaldCharles McDonald
18950314Thursday, March 14th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.W. H. Palmer42094209W. H. PalmerW. H. Palmer
18950326Tuesday, March 26th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Wm . Morgan24672467Wm MorganWm Morgan
18950330Saturday, March 30th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Bessie Bunch42704270Bessie G. BunchBessie G. Bunch
18950401Monday, April 1st, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Gertrude Hale43954395Gertrude HaleGertrude Hale
18950402Tuesday, April 2nd, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Johnnie Banta31583158John BantaJohn Banta
18950403Wednesday, April 3rd, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.John McMillen25342534Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan
18950411Thursday, April 11th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Austin Evans29222922Ray WadeRay Wade"49" written after patron's name
18950515Wednesday, May 15th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Edna Smith43144314Edna SmithEdna Smith
18950520Monday, May 20th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Bertie WmSon40024002Bertie WilliamsonBertie Williamsonfixed patron number (orig. 4022)
18950614Friday, June 14th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Robt. Mock42314231Robert MockRobert Mock
18950807Wednesday, August 7th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Eddie Icerman31103110Wayman AdamsWayman Adams"July 7" recorded as date but should be "August 7"
18950808Thursday, August 8th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Tucker Boaz11661166Jeannie W SmithJeannie W Smith
18950815Thursday, August 15th, 1895View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Reba Richey32233223Reba RicheyReba Richey
18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Wilbur Personett31333133Wilbur PersonettWilbur Personett
18960206Thursday, February 6th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.John Banta31583158John BantaJohn Banta
18960207Friday, February 7th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Lotta Snyder31543154Lottie SnyderLottie Snyder
18960224Monday, February 24th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.George McRight29932993Harry McCombHarry McComb
18960302Monday, March 2nd, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Minnie Gainor47034703Minnie GainorMinnie Gainor
18960924Thursday, September 24th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.George McRoybt29932993Harry McCombHarry McCombpatron ID of Harry McComb
18961128Saturday, November 28th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Ruth Best34843484Ruth BestRuth Best
18961130Monday, November 30th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Mary B Craig33863386Mary CraigMary Craig
18961219Saturday, December 19th, 1896View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Arthur Leonard27712771Arthur LeonardArthur Leonard
18970312Friday, March 12th, 1897View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Bertha E. Smith31763176Forest MorehartForest Morehart
18970419Monday, April 19th, 1897View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Ralph Bond32153215Ralph BardRalph Bard
18970522Saturday, May 22nd, 1897View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Louis Iceman32093209Louis IcermanLouis Icerman
18980122Saturday, January 22nd, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Ernest Davis37083708Estella ClarkEstella Clark
18980126Wednesday, January 26th, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Richard Kirk28952895Richard KirkeRichard Kirke
18980216Wednesday, February 16th, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Charles Kougel27652765Charlie Kougel Jr.Charlie Kougel Jr.
18980301Tuesday, March 1st, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Ralph Jackson37883788Ralph JacksonRalph Jackson
18980405Tuesday, April 5th, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Mrs. M. C. Gayman0323323Willie R. BrothertonWillie R. Brotherton
18980416Saturday, April 16th, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.Minnie Gainor47034703Minnie GainorMinnie Gainor
18981027Thursday, October 27th, 1898View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.George McRight29932993Harry McCombHarry McComb
18990225Saturday, February 25th, 1899View Page00964964Peter Simple.Peter Simple.George Goggin49594959Geo GogginGeo GogginNumber 200 written next to patron's name
19000928Friday, September 28th, 1900View Page00969969Newton Forster, or, The merchant service.Newton Forster, or, The merchant service.John Williams55245524John WilliamsJohn Williams
19010907Saturday, September 7th, 1901View Page1290112901Japhet in search of a fatherJaphet in search of a fatherMrs L B Preston56595659Mrs. L. B. PrestonMrs. L. B. Preston