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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
19000130Tuesday, January 30th,19001145611456View PageGreifensteinGreifensteinCrawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-1909.06868
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875015651565View PageTales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Irving, Washington, 1783-1859.02222

+Patron (81)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
12671267View Page18790726Saturday, July 26th, 1879Sarah J. MongSarah J. MongCor Liberty & Adams
43844384View Page18940216Friday, February 16th, 1894Mrs. D. A. McLainMrs. D. A. McLainNot listed
45084508View Page18940709Monday, July 9th, 1894Everett BoorEverett Boor217 W Gilbert
30963096View Page18920924Saturday, September 24th, 1892Mrs. Wm. F. GillMrs. Wm. F. Gill613 West Charles
45494549View Page18940901Saturday, September 1st, 1894Mrs. C. F GaraghtyMrs. C. F Garaghty807 E. Jackson
44564456View Page18940502Wednesday, May 2nd, 1894Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulett220 North Walnut
30663066View Page18920618Saturday, June 18th, 1892Will HerrickWill Herrick415. W. 17th
26492649View Page18900707Monday, July 7th, 1890Helen HickmanHelen Hickman304 W. Gilbert
50635063View Page18990408Saturday, April 8th, 1899Margaret MannMargaret Mann402 Sutton St.
49554955View Page18990109Monday, January 9th, 1899Maud FarringtonMaud Farrington1203 E 1st
49644964View Page18990117Tuesday, January 17th, 1899Frank McCaughanFrank McCaughanWheeling Ave
50165016View Page18990218Saturday, February 18th, 1899Grace BucklesGrace Buckles508 1/2 S Walnut
49684968View Page18990119Thursday, January 19th, 1899Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam1 Boycetown
14641464View Page18801022Friday, October 22nd, 1880Kate KesslerKate KesslerWest Main St
50685068View Page18990422Saturday, April 22nd, 1899Annie McDonaldAnnie McDonald1310 E Main
28012801View Page18910210Tuesday, February 10th, 1891Lola HarringtonLola HarringtonNot listed
17471747View Page18810305Saturday, March 5th, 1881Taylor MooreTaylor MooreWest Charles
24082408View Page18870318Friday, March 18th, 1887Allie SnellAllie Snellcor e Chestnut Ave
25342534View Page18890531Friday, May 31st, 1889Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan703 w Adams St
52335233View Page18991111Saturday, November 11th, 1899Bessie BleaseBessie Blease708 Jarret St.
32233223View Page18950722Monday, July 22nd, 1895Reba RicheyReba Richey403 w Adams St
34633463View Page18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896Sara WysorSara Wysor418 North St.
35573557View Page18961116Monday, November 16th, 1896Miss. Alice KoernerMiss. Alice Koerner321 e North St.
36433643View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Leroy WeaverLeroy Weavers Penn
38413841View Page18971201Wednesday, December 1st, 1897Ethel JonesEthel Jones718 n Madison
46344634View Page18941120Tuesday, November 20th, 1894Ella JeffersElla Jeffers715 E Jackson St.
47414741View Page18980623Thursday, June 23rd, 1898Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe223 n High
47564756View Page18980716Saturday, July 16th, 1898A. E. WilsonA. E. Wilson303 e Washington
51525152View Page18990911Monday, September 11th, 1899Wm. S. DragooWm. S. Dragoo1804 s Elm
51615161View Page18990927Wednesday, September 27th, 1899Lily SnyderLily Snyder319 w Adams
52075207View Page18991023Monday, October 23rd, 1899Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. StrattonBraun House
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
28502850View Page18910513Wednesday, May 13th, 1891Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson108 N. Monroe
29222922View Page18910929Tuesday, September 29th, 1891Ray WadeRay Wade217 S. High
43124312View Page18940105Friday, January 5th, 1894Mrs. L. HerrmannMrs. L. Herrmann120 E. Main
41684168View Page18930213Monday, February 13th, 1893Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom313 W Michigan
41294129View Page18930113Friday, January 13th, 1893Robert CrandallRobert Crandall706 E. Jackson
23442344View Page18851231Thursday, December 31st, 1885Vida CassadyVida CassadyWest Washington
27622762View Page18901229Monday, December 29th, 1890K.L. F. SmithK.L. F. SmithNot listed
28122812View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Willie CrawfordWillie CrawfordOmer Ave.
50645064View Page18990417Monday, April 17th, 1899Mrs. R. H. MunshowerMrs. R. H. Munshower428 W. Howard St.
52455245View Page18991121Tuesday, November 21st, 1899Edna HeckenhouerEdna Heckenhouer214 W. Gilbert St.
52885288View Page18991229Friday, December 29th, 1899Mrs. Walter EsltonMrs. Walter Eslton1113 W. First St.
44814481View Page18940602Saturday, June 2nd, 1894Mrs. W L HolmesMrs. W L Holmes119 S Liberty
51275127View Page18990804Friday, August 4th, 1899Bessie MasonBessie Mason516 S. Mlberry
51285128View Page18990810Thursday, August 10th, 1899Mrs. Martin MeeksMrs. Martin Meeks424 E. Washington
43914391View Page18940222Thursday, February 22nd, 1894L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray411 Howard St.
46434643View Page18941201Saturday, December 1st, 1894Wm t. ReidWm t. Reid#5 Little Block
51755175View Page18991010Tuesday, October 10th, 1899Clara M. StrongClara M. Strong402 W. Howard
31073107View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Mary MyersMary Myers715 E. Jackson
32583258View Page18951005Saturday, October 5th, 1895Cora K LikelyCora K Likely#725 E Jackson
52685268View Page18991212Tuesday, December 12th, 1899Mrs. J. A. OrrMrs. J. A. Orr600 W. Charles St.
33913391View Page18960208Saturday, February 8th, 1896Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold904 E Main
34373437View Page18960404Saturday, April 4th, 1896Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton608 E. Main
36443644View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Seymour CohnSeymour CohnW. Main St.
36463646View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Frank CrawfordFrank CrawfordOhmer Ave
38383838View Page18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth116 S. Proud
37593759View Page18970831Tuesday, August 31st, 1897Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long915 E. Jackson
48104810View Page18980928Wednesday, September 28th, 1898Mrs. W. H. NaumanMrs. W. H. Nauman1412 E. Main
48244824View Page18981005Wednesday, October 5th, 1898Ina CecilIna CecilSmithfield Pike
38703870View Page18980105Wednesday, January 5th, 1898Mrs. A M KleinMrs. A M Klein419 S Council
47794779View Page18980813Saturday, August 13th, 1898India C. LinderIndia C. Linder108 S. Franklin
47874787View Page18980901Thursday, September 1st, 1898Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor418 N. Walnut
47984798View Page18980912Monday, September 12th, 1898Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. Wheale125 E 9th
48014801View Page18980916Friday, September 16th, 1898Mrs. Milt GrayMrs. Milt Gray1408 E. Main
39503950View Page18980312Saturday, March 12th, 1898D LeonardD Leonard1253 Kirby Ave
56175617View Page19001127Tuesday, November 27th, 1900Pearl D. BenbowPearl D. Benbow1418 W. 9th St.
53435343View Page19000205Monday, February 5th, 1900W. C. DenneyW. C. Denney119 S. Franklin St.
54575457View Page19000531Thursday, May 31st, 1900Mrs. Louis C FoldrichMrs. Louis C Foldrich315 N. Vine St.
54455445View Page19000522Tuesday, May 22nd, 1900Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin120 W. Seymour St.
53985398View Page19000317Saturday, March 17th, 1900Mrs. Fred KleinMrs. Fred Klein218 W. Adams St.
53375337View Page19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900May LewisMay Lewis2023 Mulberry
55045504View Page19000724Tuesday, July 24th, 1900W. S. MorganW. S. MorganCor. Brady & Kirby Ave.
53605360View Page19000217Saturday, February 17th, 1900Wm RibbleWm RibbleSmithfield Pike
56475647View Page19001224Monday, December 24th, 1900Guy H RiblettGuy H Riblett1201 East First
55195519View Page19000811Saturday, August 11th, 1900Mrs. F. RichmireMrs. F. Richmire419 W. Howard
58255825View Page19010722Monday, July 22nd, 1901Gertie KennedyGertie Kennedy317 S Franklin St
58855885View Page19011008Tuesday, October 8th, 1901Mrs. B. W. AlexanderMrs. B. W. Alexander326 E Jackson St
58875887View Page19011009Wednesday, October 9th, 1901Mrs. J. C. DroyerMrs. J. C. Droyer309 N Plum
15501550View Page18801231Friday, December 31st, 1880Bessie WilliamsBessie WilliamsE Adams
59745974View Page19011207Saturday, December 7th, 1901Josephine LongJosephine Long319 W Main

+Transaction (90)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18920126Tuesday, January 26th, 1892View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.John Kirby15501550Bessie WilliamsBessie Williams
18920404Monday, April 4th, 1892View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Mrs Kate Kessler14641464Kate KesslerKate Kessler
18941223Sunday, December 23rd, 1894View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Mrs C. F. Garaghty45494549Mrs. C. F GaraghtyMrs. C. F Garaghty
18950708Monday, July 8th, 1895View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.K. L. F. Smith27622762K.L. F. SmithK.L. F. Smith"27" written after patron's name Original transaction lists patron # as 2796, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect K. L. F. Smith's actual patron # 2762.
18950723Tuesday, July 23rd, 1895View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.K.L.F. Smith27622762K.L. F. SmithK.L. F. SmithOriginal transaction lists patron # as 2726, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect K. L. F. Smith's actual patron # 2762.
18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Will Herrick30663066Will HerrickWill Herrick
18960125Saturday, January 25th, 1896View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Will Herrick30663066Will HerrickWill Herrick
18960208Saturday, February 8th, 1896View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Mrs L. Herrmann43124312Mrs. L. HerrmannMrs. L. Herrmannfixed borrower's name (orig. Herman)
18960402Thursday, April 2nd, 1896View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.W H Reid46434643Wm t. ReidWm t. Reid
18961229Tuesday, December 29th, 1896View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Chester A. Evans29222922Ray WadeRay Wade
18970503Monday, May 3rd, 1897View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Alice Koerner35573557Miss. Alice KoernerMiss. Alice Koerner
18970813Friday, August 13th, 1897View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Sarah J. Mong12671267Sarah J. MongSarah J. Mong
18971101Monday, November 1st, 1897View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Rudolph Bloom41684168Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom
18971216Thursday, December 16th, 1897View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Ethel Jones38413841Ethel JonesEthel Jones
18980228Monday, February 28th, 1898View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Leroy Weaver36433643Leroy WeaverLeroy Weaver
18981006Thursday, October 6th, 1898View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Ina Cecil48244824Ina CecilIna Cecil
18981019Wednesday, October 19th, 1898View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Ina Cecil48244824Ina CecilIna Cecil
18990207Tuesday, February 7th, 1899View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Frank McCaughan49644964Frank McCaughanFrank McCaughan
18990922Friday, September 22nd, 1899View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Grace Buckles50165016Grace BucklesGrace Buckles
18991028Saturday, October 28th, 1899View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Maude Farrington49554955Maud FarringtonMaud Farrington
19000130Tuesday, January 30th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Julia Richey32233223Reba RicheyReba Richey
19000207Wednesday, February 7th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinW C Denny53435343W. C. DenneyW. C. Denney
19000208Thursday, February 8th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Ida H Long37593759Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long
19000219Monday, February 19th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinL M Hemingray43914391L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray
19000227Tuesday, February 27th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinLily Snyder51615161Lily SnyderLily Snyder
19000321Wednesday, March 21st, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinCharles W. Moore17471747Taylor MooreTaylor Moore
19000326Monday, March 26th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinSarah Wysor34633463Sara WysorSara Wysor
19000409Monday, April 9th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. H.R. Wysor47874787Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor
19000423Monday, April 23rd, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinVida Cassidy23442344Vida CassadyVida Cassady
19000430Monday, April 30th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinW.S. Dragoo51525152Wm. S. DragooWm. S. Dragoo
19000509Wednesday, May 9th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. CH Shratton52075207Annie C. StrattonAnnie C. Stratton
19000519Saturday, May 19th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinBessie Mason51275127Bessie MasonBessie Mason
19000602Saturday, June 2nd, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinFrances Wheale47984798Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. WhealeNumber 71 writtena bove patron's name
19000614Thursday, June 14th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinSeymour Cohen36443644Seymour CohnSeymour Cohn
19000619Tuesday, June 19th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinProf T.H. Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
19000626Tuesday, June 26th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Martin Meeks51285128Mrs. Martin MeeksMrs. Martin Meeks
19000630Saturday, June 30th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMable Hotel33913391Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold
19000703Tuesday, July 3rd, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinAnna McDonald50685068Annie McDonaldAnnie McDonald
19000709Monday, July 9th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinJohn McMillen25342534Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan
19000711Wednesday, July 11th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. R. H. Munshower50645064Mrs. R. H. MunshowerMrs. R. H. Munshower
19000721Saturday, July 21st, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. D. A. McLain43844384Mrs. D. A. McLainMrs. D. A. McLain
19000731Tuesday, July 31st, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinA. E. Wilson47564756A. E. WilsonA. E. Wilson
19000815Wednesday, August 15th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinHarriet Hamilton34373437Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton
19000825Saturday, August 25th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinRobert Crandall41294129Robert CrandallRobert Crandall
19000908Saturday, September 8th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Fred Richman55195519Mrs. F. RichmireMrs. F. Richmire
19000912Wednesday, September 12th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinD. W. Leonard39503950D LeonardD Leonard
19000928Friday, September 28th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. J. A. Orr52685268Mrs. J. A. OrrMrs. J. A. Orr
19001005Friday, October 5th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Ida Long37593759Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long
19001009Tuesday, October 9th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Louis Foldrich54575457Mrs. Louis C FoldrichMrs. Louis C Foldrich
19001016Tuesday, October 16th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinRobert Crandall41294129Robert CrandallRobert Crandall
19001031Wednesday, October 31st, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinElla Jeffers46344634Ella JeffersElla Jeffers
19001110Saturday, November 10th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMary Meyers31073107Mary MyersMary Myers
19001123Friday, November 23rd, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMary Myers31073107Mary MyersMary Myers
19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. D. W. Stewart26492649Helen HickmanHelen Hickman
19001206Thursday, December 6th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinBessie Blease52335233Bessie BleaseBessie Blease
19001224Monday, December 24th, 1900View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Guy H Ribblett56475647Guy H RiblettGuy H Riblett
19001229Saturday, December 29th, 1900View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMargaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
19010105Saturday, January 5th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinWm L Holmes44814481Mrs. W L HolmesMrs. W L Holmes
19010114Monday, January 14th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Fred Klein53985398Mrs. Fred KleinMrs. Fred Klein
19010126Saturday, January 26th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinWm Ribble53605360Wm RibbleWm Ribble
19010204Monday, February 4th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinAllie Snell24082408Allie SnellAllie Snell
19010215Friday, February 15th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinW. C. Denney53435343W. C. DenneyW. C. Denney
19010226Tuesday, February 26th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. A. M. Klein38703870Mrs. A M KleinMrs. A M Klein
19010306Wednesday, March 6th, 1901View Page015651565Tales of a traveler.Tales of a traveler.Pearl D Benbow56175617Pearl D. BenbowPearl D. Benbow
19010309Saturday, March 9th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinEverett Boor45084508Everett BoorEverett Boor
19010314Thursday, March 14th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinEdna Heckenhouse52455245Edna HeckenhouerEdna Heckenhouer
19010323Saturday, March 23rd, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Alice Monroe47414741Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe
19010401Monday, April 1st, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinAlice Irwin54455445Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin
19010420Saturday, April 20th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Walter Estlow52885288Mrs. Walter EsltonMrs. Walter Eslton
19010727Saturday, July 27th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs Bertha Gilliam49684968Mrs. Bertha GilliamMrs. Bertha Gilliam
19011003Thursday, October 3rd, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Lola (illeg)28012801Lola HarringtonLola Harrington
19011026Saturday, October 26th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. W.H. Nauman48104810Mrs. W. H. NaumanMrs. W. H. Nauman
19011102Saturday, November 2nd, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Milton Gray48014801Mrs. Milt GrayMrs. Milt Gray
19011106Wednesday, November 6th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinIna Cecil48244824Ina CecilIna Cecil
19011116Saturday, November 16th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. J.C. Dwyer58875887Mrs. J. C. DroyerMrs. J. C. Droyer
19011226Thursday, December 26th, 1901View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinB.F. Alexander58855885Mrs. B. W. AlexanderMrs. B. W. Alexander
19020107Tuesday, January 7th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinFrank Hulett44564456Frank R. HulettFrank R. Hulett
19020118Saturday, January 18th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinOla Emmerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
19020124Friday, January 24th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Clara M. Strong51755175Clara M. StrongClara M. Strong
19020201Saturday, February 1st, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinFrank Crawford36463646Frank CrawfordFrank Crawford
19020404Friday, April 4th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinCora K. Likely32583258Cora K LikelyCora K Likely
19020418Friday, April 18th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinCora K. Likely32583258Cora K LikelyCora K Likely
19020529Thursday, May 29th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMrs. Wm Gill30963096Mrs. Wm. F. GillMrs. Wm. F. Gill
19020602Monday, June 2nd, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinW.S. Morgan55045504W. S. MorganW. S. Morgan
19020812Tuesday, August 12th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinGertrude Kennedy58255825Gertie KennedyGertie Kennedy
19020828Thursday, August 28th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinWill Crawford28122812Willie CrawfordWillie Crawford
19020920Saturday, September 20th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinIndia C. Linder47794779India C. LinderIndia C. Linder
19021004Saturday, October 4th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMargaret Mann50635063Margaret MannMargaret Mann
19021104Tuesday, November 4th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinMary Lewis53375337May LewisMay Lewis
19021110Monday, November 10th, 1902View Page1145611456GreifensteinGreifensteinJosephine Long59745974Josephine LongJosephine Long