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+Book (3)

Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18981110Thursday, November 10th,18981108311083View PageUncle Bernac : a memory of the empire.Uncle Bernac : a memory of the empire.Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.000I0 (Indeterminate)
18940821Tuesday, August 21st,1894090309030View PagePicciola.Picciola.Saintine, Joseph Xavier Boniface, known as, 1798-1865.01919
18781014Monday, October 14th,1878031893189View PageThe shadow of the sword : a romance.The shadow of the sword : a romance.Buchanan, Robert Williams, 1841-1901.0011

+Patron (19)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
45304530View Page18940728Saturday, July 28th, 1894I. N. TrentI. N. Trent424 E. Charles St.
0760760View Page18770516Wednesday, May 16th, 1877Sarah HeinsohnSarah HeinsohnCor Main & Jefferson
11031103View Page18781030Wednesday, October 30th, 1878A. J. PhinneyA. J. PhinneyCor. Main + Mulberry
12061206View Page18790324Monday, March 24th, 1879Jeannie BradburyJeannie BradburyEast Jackson
49804980View Page18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899Mrs. Anna LambertMrs. Anna Lambert413 S Liberty
0367367View Page18760311Saturday, March 11th, 1876Allie EmersonAllie Emerson303 East Jackson
46854685View Page18950112Saturday, January 12th, 1895Hallie DarnallHallie Darnall506 s Mulberry
26912691View Page18900923Tuesday, September 23rd, 1890Emory SeldomridgeEmory SeldomridgeNot listed
28802880View Page18911021Wednesday, October 21st, 1891Max BishopMax Bishop322 Main St.
43214321View Page18940112Friday, January 12th, 1894Elsie N. HusseyElsie N. Hussey407 S Franklin
44464446View Page18940413Friday, April 13th, 1894Mr. M. D. GarrettMr. M. D. Garrett304 1/2 S. Walnut
44854485View Page18940609Saturday, June 9th, 1894Pearl GettysPearl Gettys807 S. Vine St.
26322632View Page18900421Monday, April 21st, 1890Lily SnyderLily Snyder319 W. Adams
40784078View Page18921203Saturday, December 3rd, 1892Frank HainesFrank Haines513 S. Jefferson st.
37933793View Page18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady411 W. Adams
37713771View Page18970929Wednesday, September 29th, 1897H. H. WolfH. H. Wolf123 The Johnson
53385338View Page19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900Isaac LoshIsaac Losh1210 E 7th St.
54895489View Page19000712Thursday, July 12th, 1900Alice WallAlice Wall514 S. Council
22632263View Page18850223Monday, February 23rd, 1885Mrs. Kate McCormickMrs. Kate McCormickWest Gilbert

+Transaction (20)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18920416Saturday, April 16th, 1892View Page031893189The shadow of the sword : a romance.The shadow of the sword : a romance.Mrs Kate McCormick22632263Mrs. Kate McCormickMrs. Kate McCormick
18941112Monday, November 12th, 1894View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Emory Seldomridge26912691Emory SeldomridgeEmory Seldomridge
18941124Saturday, November 24th, 1894View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Elsie Hussey43214321Elsie N. HusseyElsie N. Husseyfixed borrower's name (orig. Hassey)
18941206Thursday, December 6th, 1894View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Sarah Heinsohn0760760Sarah HeinsohnSarah Heinsohn
18941226Wednesday, December 26th, 1894View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Pearl Gettys44854485Pearl GettysPearl Gettys
18950116Wednesday, January 16th, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Max Bishop28802880Max BishopMax Bishop
18950202Saturday, February 2nd, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Dr I. N. Trent45304530I. N. TrentI. N. Trent
18950204Monday, February 4th, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Frank Haines40784078Frank HainesFrank HainesNumber 63 marked after patron's name//fixed borrower's name (orig. Hames)
18950413Saturday, April 13th, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Mr. M D Garrett44464446Mr. M. D. GarrettMr. M. D. Garrett
18951024Thursday, October 24th, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Jean Bradbury12061206Jeannie BradburyJeannie Bradbury
18951206Friday, December 6th, 1895View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Allie Emerson0367367Allie EmersonAllie Emerson
18960123Thursday, January 23rd, 1896View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Lily Snyder26322632Lily SnyderLily Snyder
18970929Wednesday, September 29th, 1897View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.H H Wolf37713771H. H. WolfH. H. WolfNumber 42 noted after patron name
18971113Saturday, November 13th, 1897View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Ida JacobsPatron ID partially illegible: 42?? Patron ID should be 4279
18980226Saturday, February 26th, 1898View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Dr. A. J. Phinney11031103A. J. PhinneyA. J. Phinney
18980405Tuesday, April 5th, 1898View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Hattie Darnall46854685Hallie DarnallHallie Darnall
18980419Tuesday, April 19th, 1898View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Mrs Louise Cassady37933793M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady
19000717Tuesday, July 17th, 1900View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Mrs. Alice Wall54895489Alice WallAlice Wall
19010923Monday, September 23rd, 1901View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Isaac Losh53385338Isaac LoshIsaac Losh
19020830Saturday, August 30th, 1902View Page090309030Picciola.Picciola.Mrs. Anna Lambert49804980Mrs. Anna LambertMrs. Anna Lambert