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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18900623Monday, June 23rd,1890072167216View PageRomola.Romola.Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880.03939
18750313Saturday, March 13th,187500781781View PageRomola.Romola.Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880.0011
1280712807View PageRomola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880.01818
18930222Wednesday, February 22nd,1893086338633View PageRomola.Romola.Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880.01515
18770720Friday, July 20th,1877030703070View PageThe Maid of Florence : a novel of the 13th century.The Maid of Florence : a novel of the 13th century.0000
18780710Wednesday, July 10th,1878031623162View PageRomola.Romola.Cross, Marian Evans, 1819-1880.0011

+Patron (65)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
45934593View Page18941027Saturday, October 27th, 1894Jeanette M. ShortJeanette M. Short1000 E Adams
42224222View Page18930329Wednesday, March 29th, 1893Ada KarnlyAda KarnlyNot listed
0173173View Page18750723Friday, July 23rd, 1875Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. OrrMain St.
18591859View Page18811209Friday, December 9th, 1881Emma WilcoxonEmma WilcoxonCor High + Dumont
45984598View Page18941101Thursday, November 1st, 1894Gertrude EvansGertrude Evans500. S Hackley
28782878View Page18911020Tuesday, October 20th, 1891Clyde LeagerClyde Leager707 E Jackson
43584358View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman302 N Monroe
43024302View Page18940102Tuesday, January 2nd, 1894A. H. OlinA. H. Olincor Harriett + Delaware
0960960View Page18780112Saturday, January 12th, 1878Allie ErvinAllie ErvinElm Street
0144144View Page18750702Friday, July 2nd, 1875N. F. EthellN. F. EthellCor Chas + Jefferson
28632863View Page18910624Wednesday, June 24th, 1891Miss. Edith LeeMiss. Edith Lee114 n Liberty
25782578View Page18891104Monday, November 4th, 1889Clarence LaceyClarence Laceye Gilbert St.
31703170View Page18950417Wednesday, April 17th, 1895Ella CareyElla Carey622 w Adams
31893189View Page18950601Saturday, June 1st, 1895Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster811 Seymour St.
37403740View Page18970719Monday, July 19th, 1897Mrs. Leon HouzeMrs. Leon Houze414 Blaine St.
37573757View Page18970828Saturday, August 28th, 1897James F. SmithJames F. Smith514 w Main St.
39453945View Page18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach1112 e 5th St
40144014View Page18921011Tuesday, October 11th, 1892E. R. TemplerE. R. Templer214 W. Jackson
47904790View Page18980903Saturday, September 3rd, 1898Jeannie MooreJeannie Moore506 e Charles
48574857View Page18981028Friday, October 28th, 1898Pearl BennettPearl Bennett325 w Main St
28852885View Page18911031Saturday, October 31st, 1891Orville SpurgeonOrville Spurgeon115 s Council St.
28502850View Page18910513Wednesday, May 13th, 1891Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson108 N. Monroe
28652865View Page18910707Tuesday, July 7th, 1891Mrs. Frank ThompsonMrs. Frank Thompson430 E. Charles
45364536View Page18940803Friday, August 3rd, 1894Estella McClellandEstella McClelland624 W. Jackson
41944194View Page18930304Saturday, March 4th, 1893Mary NealMary Neal322. W. Washington
41924192View Page18930303Friday, March 3rd, 1893Nora HawkNora Hawk503 Hackley
44924492View Page18940620Wednesday, June 20th, 1894Ola CourtneyOla Courtneycor Powers & Berlin
25912591View Page18891218Wednesday, December 18th, 1889Clara LeonardClara Leonard601 Roberts st.
26222622View Page18900313Thursday, March 13th, 1890Bell FriornBell Friorn329 East Gilbert st.
28792879View Page18911021Wednesday, October 21st, 1891Kate BrattonKate Bratton217 North
28892889View Page18911104Wednesday, November 4th, 1891Morris WolffMorris Wolff117 W. Main
28982898View Page18911114Saturday, November 14th, 1891Jennie MillerJennie Miller1006 S. Walnut
29052905View Page18911117Tuesday, November 17th, 1891Eva HagemanEva Hageman662 E. Wash.
29852985View Page18920217Wednesday, February 17th, 1892Harry KendallHarry Kendall418 W. Charles
45484548View Page18940825Saturday, August 25th, 1894Minnie T BoyceMinnie T Boyce308 E Jackson
51365136View Page18990814Monday, August 14th, 1899Reba KoonsReba KoonsRiverside
32223222View Page18950719Friday, July 19th, 1895Albert AultAlbert AultOhio Ave
31933193View Page18950610Monday, June 10th, 1895Mrs. G. C. JanneyMrs. G. C. Janney313 E. Charles
31173117View Page18950204Monday, February 4th, 1895W. M. BradfordW. M. Bradford325 E. Main
32583258View Page18951005Saturday, October 5th, 1895Cora K LikelyCora K Likely#725 E Jackson
33523352View Page18960108Wednesday, January 8th, 1896Fred LeslieFred Leslie502 W Jackson
35663566View Page18961121Saturday, November 21st, 1896John M. BlossJohn M. Bloss615 Council St.
34503450View Page18960508Friday, May 8th, 1896H. T. SarverH. T. Sarver211 E. Gilbert St.
35453545View Page18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896Frank StephensFrank Stephens315 W. Jackson
35383538View Page18961022Thursday, October 22nd, 1896Mrs. Mary WilliamsMrs. Mary WilliamsFlat C. Arcade, Main St.
37933793View Page18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady411 W. Adams
38253825View Page18971121Sunday, November 21st, 1897Helen HuntHelen Hunt203 N High
37213721View Page18970612Saturday, June 12th, 1897William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby315 S. Mulberry
36413641View Page18970209Tuesday, February 9th, 1897Maggie SlaterMaggie SlaterWest Jackson St
36323632View Page18970202Tuesday, February 2nd, 1897Rhoda WatsonRhoda Watson715 E. Charles
36293629View Page18970201Monday, February 1st, 1897Lonzo WeaverLonzo WeaverS. Penn st.
11811181View Page18790218Tuesday, February 18th, 1879Sara BradburySara BradburyEast Jackson
47714771View Page18980805Friday, August 5th, 1898C. C. PaveyC. C. Pavey330 Wysor
56365636View Page19001213Thursday, December 13th, 1900Mrs. H. E. LawellMrs. H. E. Lawell832. E. Charles st.
58095809View Page19010629Saturday, June 29th, 1901Carl BilbyCarl Bilby1229 E. 8th
58105810View Page19010629Saturday, June 29th, 1901Nora SpurgeonNora Spurgeon322 East Charles St.
13491349View Page18800126Monday, January 26th, 1880Fannie DarracottFannie DarracottKirby Avenue
14971497View Page18801127Saturday, November 27th, 1880Anna KellyAnna KellyLiberty Street
15671567View Page18810112Wednesday, January 12th, 1881Maggie CaseyMaggie CaseyKirby House
17651765View Page18810326Saturday, March 26th, 1881Clifford AndrewsClifford AndrewsEast Washington
18281828View Page18811022Saturday, October 22nd, 1881Mrs. Alice JesseeMrs. Alice JesseeWest Jackson
18931893View Page18820223Thursday, February 23rd, 1882S RingolskyS RingolskyMulberry
20632063View Page18830626Tuesday, June 26th, 1883Arthur CaseArthur CaseCor Jackson Elm
62546254View Page19021016Thursday, October 16th, 1902Elona CanfieldElona Canfield500. W. Howard
22772277View Page18850514Thursday, May 14th, 1885Rose RussellRose RussellWest Charels St.

+Transaction (73)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911121Saturday, November 21st, 1891View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Era Hageman29052905Eva HagemanEva Hageman
18920104Monday, January 4th, 1892View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mr N.F. Ethell0144144N. F. EthellN. F. Ethell
18920122Friday, January 22nd, 1892View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Maggie Driscoll28782878Clyde LeagerClyde Leager"+" marked next to book ID
18920309Wednesday, March 9th, 1892View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Harry Kendall29852985Harry KendallHarry Kendall
18920429Friday, April 29th, 1892View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Rose Russell22772277Rose RussellRose Russell
18941108Thursday, November 8th, 1894View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Mrs. Mary Neal41944194Mary NealMary Neal
18941203Monday, December 3rd, 1894View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Gertrude Evans45984598Gertrude EvansGertrude Evans
18950205Tuesday, February 5th, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mr A H Olin43024302A. H. OlinA. H. Olin
18950216Saturday, February 16th, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Estella McClelland45364536Estella McClellandEstella McClelland
18950301Friday, March 1st, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.W M Bradford31173117W. M. BradfordW. M. Bradford
18950701Monday, July 1st, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs. J. C. Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18950720Saturday, July 20th, 1895View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Mrs G C Janny31933193Mrs. G. C. JanneyMrs. G. C. Janney
18950803Saturday, August 3rd, 1895View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Miss Lizzie Thompson42224222Ada KarnlyAda Karnly"(6 Rous)" written after patron name
18950807Wednesday, August 7th, 1895View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Fannie Darracott13491349Fannie DarracottFannie Darracott"July 7" recorded as date but should be "August 7"
18950810Saturday, August 10th, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mr A. Ault32223222Albert AultAlbert Ault
18951025Friday, October 25th, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mr A H Olin43024302A. H. OlinA. H. Olinfixed patron number (orig. 4312)
18951125Monday, November 25th, 1895View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Morris Wolff28892889Morris WolffMorris Wolff
18960302Monday, March 2nd, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Jeanette Short45934593Jeanette M. ShortJeanette M. Shortfixed patron number (orig. 4598)
18960304Wednesday, March 4th, 1896View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs Alice Jessee18281828Mrs. Alice JesseeMrs. Alice Jesseefixed borrower's name (orig. "Jessie")
18960321Saturday, March 21st, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Mrs Minnie Orr0173173Mrs. Minnie L. OrrMrs. Minnie L. Orr
18960716Thursday, July 16th, 1896View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18961022Thursday, October 22nd, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Mrs Mary Williams35383538Mrs. Mary WilliamsMrs. Mary Williams
18961105Thursday, November 5th, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Mrs Mary Williams35383538Mrs. Mary WilliamsMrs. Mary Williams
18961215Tuesday, December 15th, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Edith L Klein28632863Miss. Edith LeeMiss. Edith Lee
18961219Saturday, December 19th, 1896View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Clara Leonard25912591Clara LeonardClara Leonard"22" is marked above patron's name
18961231Thursday, December 31st, 1896View Page086338633Romola.Romola.India Linder14971497Anna KellyAnna Kellyfixed borrower's name (orig. Lurden)
18970104Monday, January 4th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.John M. Blass35663566John M. BlossJohn M. Bloss
18970115Friday, January 15th, 1897View Page031623162Romola.Romola.Frank Stephens35453545Frank StephensFrank Stephens
18970210Wednesday, February 10th, 1897View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Maggie Slater36413641Maggie SlaterMaggie Slater
18970305Friday, March 5th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Katie B. Beemer28792879Kate BrattonKate Bratton
18970503Monday, May 3rd, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs M T Boyce45484548Minnie T BoyceMinnie T Boyce
18970612Saturday, June 12th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Wm H Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby
18970703Saturday, July 3rd, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Bell Irwin26222622Bell FriornBell Friorn
18970717Saturday, July 17th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.A C Case20632063Arthur CaseArthur Case
18970804Wednesday, August 4th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Clifford Andrews17651765Clifford AndrewsClifford Andrews
18970811Wednesday, August 11th, 1897View Page086338633Romola.Romola.S. Ringolsky18931893S RingolskyS Ringolskyfixed patron number (orig. 1873)// fixed borrower's name (orig. "Ringolski")
18970828Saturday, August 28th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.James F. Smith37573757James F. SmithJames F. Smith
18971001Friday, October 1st, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mary L. Carmichael25782578Clarence LaceyClarence LaceyPatron ID of Clarence Lacey
18971002Saturday, October 2nd, 1897View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Wm H Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby
18971101Monday, November 1st, 1897View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Jennie Miller28982898Jennie MillerJennie Miller
18971115Monday, November 15th, 1897View Page086338633Romola.Romola.Ms. Frank Thompson28652865Mrs. Frank ThompsonMrs. Frank Thompson
18971117Wednesday, November 17th, 1897View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Louise Cassady37933793M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady
18980326Saturday, March 26th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Rosa Barmaster31893189Rosa BurmasterRosa Burmaster
18980513Friday, May 13th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Wm H Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby
18980604Saturday, June 4th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Smith Cones15671567Maggie CaseyMaggie Casey
18980926Monday, September 26th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Nora Hawk41924192Nora HawkNora Hawk
18981105Saturday, November 5th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs Rhoda Watson36323632Rhoda WatsonRhoda Watson
18981212Monday, December 12th, 1898View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Jennie Moore47904790Jeannie MooreJeannie Moore
18990218Saturday, February 18th, 1899View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Prof T H Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
18990323Thursday, March 23rd, 1899View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Fred Leslie33523352Fred LeslieFred Leslie
18990526Friday, May 26th, 1899View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Pearl Bennett48574857Pearl BennettPearl Bennett
18991102Thursday, November 2nd, 1899View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs. Sarah Bradbury11811181Sara BradburySara Bradbury
18991219Tuesday, December 19th, 1899View Page00781781Romola.Romola.Mrs L Houze37403740Mrs. Leon HouzeMrs. Leon Houze
19000118Thursday, January 18th, 1900View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Mrs L Houze37403740Mrs. Leon HouzeMrs. Leon Houze
19000131Wednesday, January 31st, 1900View Page072167216Romola.Romola.Jamie Templer40144014E. R. TemplerE. R. Templer
19010626Wednesday, June 26th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Anne Goodloch39453945Anna GundlachAnna Gundlach
19010904Wednesday, September 4th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Nora Spurgeon58105810Nora SpurgeonNora Spurgeon
19010905Thursday, September 5th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Orville Spurgeon28852885Orville SpurgeonOrville SpurgeonOriginal transaction lists patron # as 2883, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Orville Spurgeon's actual patron # 2885.
19011026Saturday, October 26th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Girtrude Gilsan34503450H. T. SarverH. T. SarverPatron ID of H.T. Sarver
19011105Tuesday, November 5th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Allie Carpenter0960960Allie ErvinAllie ErvinPatron ID of Allie Ervin
19011123Saturday, November 23rd, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Cora K Likely32583258Cora K LikelyCora K Likely
19011207Saturday, December 7th, 1901View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Mrs. Cora Likely32583258Cora K LikelyCora K LikelyNumber 112 written after patron's name
19020203Monday, February 3rd, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Rev W.H. Oxtoby37213721William H. OxtobyWilliam H. Oxtoby
19020211Tuesday, February 11th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Mrs. H.E. Lowell56365636Mrs. H. E. LawellMrs. H. E. Lawell
19020308Saturday, March 8th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.C.C. Pavey47714771C. C. PaveyC. C. Pavey
19020408Tuesday, April 8th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Mrs. Louise Cassidy37933793M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady
19020528Wednesday, May 28th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Reba Karn51365136Reba KoonsReba Koons
19020621Saturday, June 21st, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Emma Wilcoxon18591859Emma WilcoxonEmma Wilcoxonfixed borrowe'rs name (orig. "Wilcoxen")
19020719Saturday, July 19th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Carl Bilby58095809Carl BilbyCarl Bilby
19020917Wednesday, September 17th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Alonzo Weaver36293629Lonzo WeaverLonzo Weaver
19021011Saturday, October 11th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Helen Hunt38253825Helen HuntHelen Hunt
19021113Thursday, November 13th, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Elena Canfield62546254Elona CanfieldElona Canfield
19021122Saturday, November 22nd, 1902View Page1280712807Romola : Silas Marner.Romola : Silas Marner.Ola Courtney44924492Ola CourtneyOla Courtneyfixed borrower's name (orig. Cowling)