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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18971004Monday, October 4th,18971052410524View PageMargaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937.04747

+Patron (45)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
11441144View Page18781230Monday, December 30th, 1878Katie GarstKatie GarstCor 2nd and Jefferson
45304530View Page18940728Saturday, July 28th, 1894I. N. TrentI. N. Trent424 E. Charles St.
45294529View Page18940728Saturday, July 28th, 1894Mrs. J. A. CraigheadMrs. J. A. Craighead509 S. Franklin
26592659View Page18900718Friday, July 18th, 1890Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey301 3rd
26492649View Page18900707Monday, July 7th, 1890Helen HickmanHelen Hickman304 W. Gilbert
43164316View Page18940110Wednesday, January 10th, 1894Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard1203 Kirby Ave.
29012901View Page18911116Monday, November 16th, 1891Louise TaylorLouise Taylor214. E. Gilbert
44114411View Page18940303Saturday, March 3rd, 1894Mrs. L. L. TurnerMrs. L. L. TurnerChas. + Jeff. St.
49554955View Page18990109Monday, January 9th, 1899Maud FarringtonMaud Farrington1203 E 1st
50055005View Page18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899Mrs. L S LeithMrs. L S LeithWheeling Ave
0305305View Page18760119Wednesday, January 19th, 1876S. O. BuddS. O. BuddE. Main St.
20802080View Page18830929Saturday, September 29th, 1883Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. WildmanEast Washington
24102410View Page18870328Monday, March 28th, 1887Delbert SeldomridgeDelbert SeldomridgeEast Main
33323332View Page18951221Saturday, December 21st, 1895Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard1315 s Madison
33253325View Page18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon219 n Vine
35963596View Page18961226Saturday, December 26th, 1896C. P. FranklinC. P. Franklin416 e Main St
36633663View Page18970306Saturday, March 6th, 1897Roland StreeterRoland Streeter523 e Washington
38183818View Page18971116Tuesday, November 16th, 1897Lincoln LeshLincoln Lesh321 e Charles
39943994View Page18980507Saturday, May 7th, 1898Addie HickmanAddie Hickman211 s Cherry St.
13041304View Page18791121Friday, November 21st, 1879Mabel HagadornMabel Hagadorn600 South Jefferson
0247247View Page18751029Friday, October 29th, 1875Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow600 Sth Jefferson St
28912891View Page18911106Friday, November 6th, 1891Roy MartinRoy Martincor Main + Cherry
46244624View Page18941117Saturday, November 17th, 1894Bertha StephensonBertha Stephenson725 E. Jackson
28982898View Page18911114Saturday, November 14th, 1891Jennie MillerJennie Miller1006 S. Walnut
29942994View Page18920301Tuesday, March 1st, 1892Emma KingsburyEmma KingsburySouth Walnut
30193019View Page18920412Tuesday, April 12th, 1892Lula WarrickLula Warrick424 E. Charles
52415241View Page18991116Thursday, November 16th, 1899Mrs. Idah DragooMrs. Idah Dragoo1215 W. 11th St.
52575257View Page18991202Saturday, December 2nd, 1899Jessie HathawayJessie Hathaway305 W. Jackson
52745274View Page18991220Wednesday, December 20th, 1899Goldie CothranGoldie Cothran214 N. Vine
45054505View Page18940707Saturday, July 7th, 1894Emily A HoweEmily A Howe318 E Washington
35623562View Page18961120Friday, November 20th, 1896Roy CoffeenRoy Coffeen622 E Washington
34463446View Page18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz1415 S. High
38653865View Page18971229Wednesday, December 29th, 1897Mrs. Nellie CampbellMrs. Nellie Campbell402 E. Main St.
37933793View Page18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady411 W. Adams
36403640View Page18970209Tuesday, February 9th, 1897Agnes D. DoyleAgnes D. DoyleWest Jackson st.
38383838View Page18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth116 S. Proud
11811181View Page18790218Tuesday, February 18th, 1879Sara BradburySara BradburyEast Jackson
48604860View Page18981028Friday, October 28th, 1898Mrs. Lizzie RhoadesMrs. Lizzie Rhoades415 - W. 6th
48904890View Page18981119Saturday, November 19th, 1898Mrs. E L BarborMrs. E L Barbor1102 - E. Adams
38963896View Page18980121Friday, January 21st, 1898Arthur WallingArthur Walling617 West Adams St
54505450View Page19000526Saturday, May 26th, 1900Charline BundyCharline Bundy416_E. Wysor
54455445View Page19000522Tuesday, May 22nd, 1900Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin120 W. Seymour St.
60756075View Page19020318Tuesday, March 18th, 1902Mrs. Minnie ParkinMrs. Minnie Parkin2900 Madison
23122312View Page18850905Saturday, September 5th, 1885Emma WallingEmma WallingNorth Walnut
24172417View Page18870506Friday, May 6th, 1887Miriam CaseMiriam CaseSouth Liberty

+Transaction (47)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18971009Saturday, October 9th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ms. S R Wildman20802080Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. Wildman
18971016Saturday, October 16th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garstfixed borrower's name (Orig. "Gart")
18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ida Ludlow0247247Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow
18971105Friday, November 5th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Emily Howe45054505Emily A HoweEmily A Howe
18971112Friday, November 12th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Dr. I N Trent45304530I. N. TrentI. N. Trent"Galvie"? written next to patron's name
18971116Tuesday, November 16th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Lincoln Lesh38183818Lincoln LeshLincoln Lesh
18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Louise Cassady37933793M. Louise CassadyM. Louise Cassady
18971203Friday, December 3rd, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Roy Coffin35623562Roy CoffeenRoy Coffeen
18971211Saturday, December 11th, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ms. Sarah Bradbury11811181Sara BradburySara Bradbury
18971222Wednesday, December 22nd, 1897View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ms. L. L. Turner44114411Mrs. L. L. TurnerMrs. L. L. Turner
18980103Monday, January 3rd, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ms Nellie Campbell38653865Mrs. Nellie CampbellMrs. Nellie Campbell
18980105Wednesday, January 5th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Emma Walling23122312Emma WallingEmma Walling
18980114Friday, January 14th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Lulu Warrick30193019Lula WarrickLula Warrick
18980203Thursday, February 3rd, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs E Long28912891Roy MartinRoy Martin
18980215Tuesday, February 15th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. T. H. Gracey26592659Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey
18980219Saturday, February 19th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Rollin Streeter36633663Roland StreeterRoland Streeter
18980225Friday, February 25th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Louise Taylor29012901Louise TaylorLouise Taylor
18980310Thursday, March 10th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Louise Taylor29012901Louise TaylorLouise Taylor
18980419Tuesday, April 19th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Agnes Doyle36403640Agnes D. DoyleAgnes D. Doyle
18980521Saturday, May 21st, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mable Hagadorn13041304Mabel HagadornMabel Hagadornillegible word written above patron's name
18980711Monday, July 11th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Emma K. Willson29942994Emma KingsburyEmma Kingsbury
18980716Saturday, July 16th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. D. W. Stewart26492649Helen HickmanHelen Hickman
18980718Monday, July 18th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Miriam Case24172417Miriam CaseMiriam Case
18980820Saturday, August 20th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Hattie Lauty34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18980823Tuesday, August 23rd, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
18981008Saturday, October 8th, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Ora Miller28982898Jennie MillerJennie Miller
18981103Thursday, November 3rd, 1898View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Dr S.O. Budd0305305S. O. BuddS. O. Buddtwo transactions below this one appear to have been erased
18990128Saturday, January 28th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Addie Hickman39943994Addie HickmanAddie Hickman
18990422Saturday, April 22nd, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs E.L. Barbor48904890Mrs. E L BarborMrs. E L Barbor
18990506Saturday, May 6th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. J.H. Craighead45294529Mrs. J. A. CraigheadMrs. J. A. Craighead
18990609Friday, June 9th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.I B Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18991007Saturday, October 7th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Bertha Stephenson46244624Bertha StephensonBertha Stephenson
18991021Saturday, October 21st, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Mary Leonard43164316Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard
18991106Monday, November 6th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Delbert Seldomridge24102410Delbert SeldomridgeDelbert Seldomridge
18991125Saturday, November 25th, 1899View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs L S Leith50055005Mrs. L S LeithMrs. L S Leith
19000224Saturday, February 24th, 1900View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.C R Franklin35963596C. P. FranklinC. P. Franklin
19000314Wednesday, March 14th, 1900View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs Ida Dragoo52415241Mrs. Idah DragooMrs. Idah Dragoo"+" marked after book ID
19000410Tuesday, April 10th, 1900View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Goldie Cothman52745274Goldie CothranGoldie CothranOriginal transaction lists patron # as 5276, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Goldie Cothran's actual patron # 5274.
19000516Wednesday, May 16th, 1900View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Arthur Walling38963896Arthur WallingArthur WallingNumber 47 written after patron's name
19000901Saturday, September 1st, 1900View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
19010318Monday, March 18th, 1901View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Alvie Irwin54455445Alice M. IrwinAlice M. Irwin
19020107Tuesday, January 7th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Lizzie Rhoades48604860Mrs. Lizzie RhoadesMrs. Lizzie Rhoades
19020306Thursday, March 6th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Josephine Cecil33323332Josephine RickardJosephine Rickard
19020315Saturday, March 15th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Jessie Hathaway52575257Jessie HathawayJessie Hathaway
19020714Monday, July 14th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Mrs. Minnie Parkins60756075Mrs. Minnie ParkinMrs. Minnie Parkin
19020929Monday, September 29th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Maude Farrington49554955Maud FarringtonMaud Farrington
19021015Wednesday, October 15th, 1902View Page1052410524Margaret Ogilvy.Margaret Ogilvy.Charline54505450Charline BundyCharline Bundy