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+Book (2)

Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875011721172View PageThe Hollands.The Hollands.Townsend, Virginia F. (Virginia Frances), 1836-1920.01818
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875011731173View PageThe mills of Tuxbury.The mills of Tuxbury.Townsend, Virginia F. (Virginia Frances), 1836-1920.0000

+Patron (18)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
45084508View Page18940709Monday, July 9th, 1894Everett BoorEverett Boor217 W Gilbert
29352935View Page18911209Wednesday, December 9th, 1891Volney PaytonVolney PaytonNot listed
15791579View Page18810117Monday, January 17th, 1881Mary A. HoppingMary A. HoppingCor Charles + Franklin
17471747View Page18810305Saturday, March 5th, 1881Taylor MooreTaylor MooreWest Charles
37763776View Page18971002Saturday, October 2nd, 1897Paul BlairPaul Blair509 w Main
28502850View Page18910513Wednesday, May 13th, 1891Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson108 N. Monroe
29222922View Page18910929Tuesday, September 29th, 1891Ray WadeRay Wade217 S. High
27602760View Page18901222Monday, December 22nd, 1890Nella KinertNella KinertNot listed
41684168View Page18930213Monday, February 13th, 1893Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom313 W Michigan
27712771View Page18910110Saturday, January 10th, 1891Arthur LeonardArthur Leonard601 Robert st.
28142814View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Bobbie KnowltonBobbie Knowlton503 E. Main
30053005View Page18920314Monday, March 14th, 1892Mr. Val LubbsMr. Val Lubbs203 North st
52375237View Page18991113Monday, November 13th, 1899Lilian BradfordLilian Bradford421 E. Wysor
46754675View Page18950107Monday, January 7th, 1895Pearl SniderPearl Snider419 Wysor St.
46954695View Page18950117Thursday, January 17th, 1895Carl CecilCarl Cecil710 - E. Jackson
33233323View Page18951209Monday, December 9th, 1895Otto MillerOtto Miller503 S Monroe
0978978View Page18780201Friday, February 1st, 1878Charles LynnCharles LynnEast Washington
47424742View Page18980625Saturday, June 25th, 1898Anna HamiltonAnna Hamilton1315 W 9th St

+Transaction (18)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911107Saturday, November 7th, 1891View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Charles W [illegible]0978978Charles LynnCharles Lynnpatron's last name illegible due to being cut off of the page.
18911214Monday, December 14th, 1891View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Mr T.H. Johnson28502850Theo. H. JohnsonTheo. H. Johnson
18920218Thursday, February 18th, 1892View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Volney Payton29352935Volney PaytonVolney Payton
18920401Friday, April 1st, 1892View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Taylor Moore17471747Taylor MooreTaylor Moorefixed patron number (orig. 1447)
18920511Wednesday, May 11th, 1892View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Mr Val Lubbs30053005Mr. Val LubbsMr. Val Lubbs
18950926Thursday, September 26th, 1895View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Nellie Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
18951011Friday, October 11th, 1895View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Chester Evans29222922Ray WadeRay Wade
18951123Saturday, November 23rd, 1895View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Carl Cecil46954695Carl CecilCarl Cecil
18960205Wednesday, February 5th, 1896View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Mrs Kate Knowlton28142814Bobbie KnowltonBobbie Knowlton
18960224Monday, February 24th, 1896View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Pearl Snider46754675Pearl SniderPearl Snider
18970430Friday, April 30th, 1897View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Otto Miller33233323Otto MillerOtto Miller
18970601Tuesday, June 1st, 1897View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Evertt Boor45084508Everett BoorEverett Boor
18990201Wednesday, February 1st, 1899View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18990923Saturday, September 23rd, 1899View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Ann Hamilton47424742Anna HamiltonAnna Hamilton
18991219Tuesday, December 19th, 1899View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Rudolph Bloom41684168Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom
19000113Saturday, January 13th, 1900View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Arthur Leonard27712771Arthur LeonardArthur Leonard
19000126Friday, January 26th, 1900View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Lillian Bradford52375237Lilian BradfordLilian Bradford
19000504Friday, May 4th, 1900View Page011721172The Hollands.The Hollands.Paul Blair37763776Paul BlairPaul Blair