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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18890928Saturday, September 28th,1889066406640View PageNoah Webster.Noah Webster.Scudder, Horace Elisha, 1838-1902.0000
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875010711071View PageDream children.Dream children.Scudder, Horace Elisha, 1838-1902.01313
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875010721072View PageSeven little people and their friends.Seven little people and their friends.Scudder, Horace Elisha, 1838-1902.0044
18750313Saturday, March 13th,1875010731073View PageStories from my attic.Stories from my attic.Scudder, Horace Elisha, 1838-1902.0044

+Patron (20)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
41024102View Page18921219Monday, December 19th, 1892Nellie JensenNellie Jensen1207 E Jackson
40434043View Page18921104Friday, November 4th, 1892Mrs. Dr. GreenMrs. Dr. Green223 North Elm
45504550View Page18940906Thursday, September 6th, 1894Harry MillerHarry Miller115 1/2 Lorph Blvd.
50575057View Page18990325Saturday, March 25th, 1899Edith RussellEdith Russell1209 e Main
24782478View Page18880730Monday, July 30th, 1888Minnie PershingMinnie Pershingw Main
28032803View Page18910211Wednesday, February 11th, 1891Nellie SingletonNellie Singleton1110 E. Main
44964496View Page18940621Thursday, June 21st, 1894Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams115 N Monroe
46874687View Page18950114Monday, January 14th, 1895Carrie VickeryCarrie Vickery504 e Main St.
26822682View Page18900915Monday, September 15th, 1890Stella BallStella BallW. Charles
28722872View Page18910729Wednesday, July 29th, 1891May BaldwinMay Baldwin518 E. Jackson
28842884View Page18911022Thursday, October 22nd, 1891Mrs. Carrie SnyderMrs. Carrie SnyderNew South in Hobt.
29262926View Page18911008Thursday, October 8th, 1891Susie HayesSusie Hayes802 S. Walnut
34763476View Page18960717Friday, July 17th, 1896H. M. DenslowH. M. Denslow406 E. Gilbert
35303530View Page18961013Tuesday, October 13th, 1896Mrs. H. M. DenslowMrs. H. M. Denslow406 E. Gilbert St.
35993599View Page18970102Saturday, January 2nd, 1897Ralph FahrnerRalph Fahrner1109 E. Washington
48654865View Page18981102Wednesday, November 2nd, 1898J C LauhausJ C LauhausArmour To. Branch
39543954View Page18980312Saturday, March 12th, 1898May KellerMay Keller415 W Adams St
39653965View Page18980326Saturday, March 26th, 1898Fred A SwainFred A Swain1028 S Walnut
47404740View Page18980623Thursday, June 23rd, 1898Mrs. Leo MedskerMrs. Leo Medsker423 E Washington
24452445View Page18880103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1888Eugene NeffEugene NeffWest Main

+Transaction (20)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911114Saturday, November 14th, 1891View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Nellie Roberts29262926Susie HayesSusie HayesPatron ID of Susie Hayes
18920208Monday, February 8th, 1892View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Stella Ball26822682Stella BallStella Ball
18920301Tuesday, March 1st, 1892View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Mrs Carrie Snyder28842884Mrs. Carrie SnyderMrs. Carrie Snyder
18920305Saturday, March 5th, 1892View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.May Baldwin28722872May BaldwinMay Baldwin
18920502Monday, May 2nd, 1892View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Nellie Singleton28032803Nellie SingletonNellie Singleton
18941110Saturday, November 10th, 1894View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Carrie Vickery46874687Carrie VickeryCarrie Vickery# illegible; Vickery # 4687
18950403Wednesday, April 3rd, 1895View Page010731073Stories from my attic.Stories from my attic.Nellie Jensen41024102Nellie JensenNellie Jensen
18950930Monday, September 30th, 1895View Page010731073Stories from my attic.Stories from my attic.Mrs E. Williams44964496Mrs. E WilliamsMrs. E Williams
18961128Saturday, November 28th, 1896View Page010721072Seven little people and their friends.Seven little people and their friends.Rev H M Denslow34763476H. M. DenslowH. M. Denslow
18970115Friday, January 15th, 1897View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Ralph Fahrney35993599Ralph FahrnerRalph Fahrner
18970623Wednesday, June 23rd, 1897View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Mrs Dr Green40434043Mrs. Dr. GreenMrs. Dr. Green
18980115Saturday, January 15th, 1898View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Dr G R Green24452445Eugene NeffEugene Neff
18980226Saturday, February 26th, 1898View Page010721072Seven little people and their friends.Seven little people and their friends.Harry Miller45504550Harry MillerHarry Miller
18980427Wednesday, April 27th, 1898View Page010731073Stories from my attic.Stories from my attic.Mrs H M Denslow35303530Mrs. H. M. DenslowMrs. H. M. Denslow
18981202Friday, December 2nd, 1898View Page010721072Seven little people and their friends.Seven little people and their friends.Jas C. Lauhaus48654865J C LauhausJ C Lauhaus
18990107Saturday, January 7th, 1899View Page010721072Seven little people and their friends.Seven little people and their friends.Fred A Swain39653965Fred A SwainFred A Swain
18990413Thursday, April 13th, 1899View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Edith Russell50575057Edith RussellEdith Russell
18990429Saturday, April 29th, 1899View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Mrs. Leo. Medsker47404740Mrs. Leo MedskerMrs. Leo Medsker
18990902Saturday, September 2nd, 1899View Page010731073Stories from my attic.Stories from my attic.Minnie Pershing24782478Minnie PershingMinnie Pershing
19000420Friday, April 20th, 1900View Page010711071Dream children.Dream children.Mrs. Mary Keller39543954May KellerMay Keller