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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050575057View PageWalter in Egypt.Walter in Egypt.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.0022
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050585058View PageWalter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.01111
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050595059View PageWalter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.0055
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050605060View PageWalter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.0066
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050615061View PageWalter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.0077
18840820Wednesday, August 20th,1884050625062View PageWalter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Eddy, Daniel C. (Daniel Clarke), 1823-1896.0055

+Patron (25)

Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
11441144View Page18781230Monday, December 30th, 1878Katie GarstKatie GarstCor 2nd and Jefferson
27772777View Page18910114Wednesday, January 14th, 1891Mrs. L. HermanMrs. L. HermanE Main St.
28782878View Page18911020Tuesday, October 20th, 1891Clyde LeagerClyde Leager707 E Jackson
25342534View Page18890531Friday, May 31st, 1889Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan703 w Adams St
34943494View Page18960814Friday, August 14th, 1896Herbert HouzeHerbert Houze603 s Washington
35393539View Page18961024Saturday, October 24th, 1896Herbert NealHerbert Neal502 w Main
37383738View Page18970719Monday, July 19th, 1897Pearl BarnesPearl Barnes1413 Ohmer Ave
38033803View Page18971104Thursday, November 4th, 1897Mrs. Jennie StewartMrs. Jennie Stewart818 s Hackley
39463946View Page18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898W. F. StewartW. F. Stewart818 s Hackley
47264726View Page18980519Thursday, May 19th, 1898Willie ConnerWillie Conner207 e Madison St.
42884288View Page18930717Monday, July 17th, 1893Mrs. Martha CarverMrs. Martha CarverOhmer Ave.
41684168View Page18930213Monday, February 13th, 1893Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom313 W Michigan
29902990View Page18920224Wednesday, February 24th, 1892George HottingerGeorge Hottinger223 N Plum
29642964View Page18920128Thursday, January 28th, 1892Julius T. KirbyJulius T. Kirby406 E. Jackson
29692969View Page18920202Tuesday, February 2nd, 1892George RussellGeorge Russellcor Park Ave. and Willard St.
46954695View Page18950117Thursday, January 17th, 1895Carl CecilCarl Cecil710 - E. Jackson
31083108View Page18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895Clifford BrownClifford BrownKilgore Ave
33203320View Page18951204Wednesday, December 4th, 1895Guy SuttonGuy Sutton128 Hoyt Ave
34873487View Page18960729Wednesday, July 29th, 1896Harry AultHarry Ault110 Kilgore Ave
35033503View Page18960828Friday, August 28th, 1896Charlie GunckleCharlie Guncklecor. 7th + Madison
33803380View Page18960131Friday, January 31st, 1896Mable HartmanMable Hartman616 E Washington
35523552View Page18961114Saturday, November 14th, 1896Irvin DePoyIrvin DePoy250 cor. 10th + Prince
36563656View Page18970227Saturday, February 27th, 1897Mabel HallMabel HallWorth Street
36513651View Page18970217Wednesday, February 17th, 1897Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllistercor. Windsor St.
54625462View Page19000609Saturday, June 9th, 1900Goldie HamiltonGoldie Hamilton1315. W 9th Street

+Transaction (35)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911116Monday, November 16th, 1891View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Mrs. L. Herrmann27772777Mrs. L. HermanMrs. L. Herman
18920227Saturday, February 27th, 1892View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Allie McMillen25342534Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan
18920304Friday, March 4th, 1892View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Kate Garst11441144Katie GarstKatie Garst
18920304Friday, March 4th, 1892View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.George Hottinger29902990George HottingerGeorge Hottinger
18920311Friday, March 11th, 1892View Page050595059Walter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.Julius Kirby29642964Julius T. KirbyJulius T. Kirby
18920319Saturday, March 19th, 1892View Page050575057Walter in Egypt.Walter in Egypt.George Russell29692969George RussellGeorge Russellthis transaction crossed out
18920319Saturday, March 19th, 1892View Page050625062Walter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Allie McMillen25342534Allie L. McMillanAllie L. McMillan
18941127Tuesday, November 27th, 1894View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Mrs. M. Drescott28782878Clyde LeagerClyde Leager
18950107Monday, January 7th, 1895View Page050625062Walter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Mrs. Martha Carver42884288Mrs. Martha CarverMrs. Martha Carver
18950129Tuesday, January 29th, 1895View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Louis Bloom41684168Rudolph BloomRudolph Bloom
18950311Monday, March 11th, 1895View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Carl Cecil46954695Carl CecilCarl Cecil
18970104Monday, January 4th, 1897View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Herbert Houze34943494Herbert HouzeHerbert Houze
18970213Saturday, February 13th, 1897View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Guy Sutton33203320Guy SuttonGuy Sutton
18970816Monday, August 16th, 1897View Page050595059Walter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18970830Monday, August 30th, 1897View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18970913Monday, September 13th, 1897View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18970922Wednesday, September 22nd, 1897View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18971006Wednesday, October 6th, 1897View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18971020Wednesday, October 20th, 1897View Page050625062Walter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Clyde McAllister36513651Clyde McAllisterClyde McAllister
18971109Tuesday, November 9th, 1897View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18971115Monday, November 15th, 1897View Page050595059Walter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18971122Monday, November 22nd, 1897View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18971202Thursday, December 2nd, 1897View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Clifford Brown31083108Clifford BrownClifford Brown
18971202Thursday, December 2nd, 1897View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18971208Wednesday, December 8th, 1897View Page050625062Walter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18980108Saturday, January 8th, 1898View Page050615061Walter in Constantinople.Walter in Constantinople.Mable Hall36563656Mabel HallMabel Hall
18980110Monday, January 10th, 1898View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Charlie Guckle35033503Charlie GunckleCharlie Gunckle
18980514Saturday, May 14th, 1898View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Irvin DePoy35523552Irvin DePoyIrvin DePoy
18980727Wednesday, July 27th, 1898View Page050595059Walter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.William Conner47264726Willie ConnerWillie ConnerPatron ID of Arthur Bartle//fixed patron number (orig. 4720)
18981107Monday, November 7th, 1898View Page050625062Walter in Athens.Walter in Athens.Mable Hartman33803380Mable HartmanMable Hartman
18990302Thursday, March 2nd, 1899View Page050575057Walter in Egypt.Walter in Egypt.Arthur Ramey35393539Herbert NealHerbert NealPatron ID of Herbert Neal
18990426Wednesday, April 26th, 1899View Page050605060Walter in Damascus.Walter in Damascus.Willie Jones37383738Pearl BarnesPearl Barnes
19001229Saturday, December 29th, 1900View Page050595059Walter in Samaria.Walter in Samaria.Mrs Jennie Stewart38033803Mrs. Jennie StewartMrs. Jennie Stewart
19001229Saturday, December 29th, 1900View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.W F Stewart39463946W. F. StewartW. F. Stewart
19010209Saturday, February 9th, 1901View Page050585058Walter in Jerusalem.Walter in Jerusalem.Goldie Hamilton54625462Goldie HamiltonGoldie HamiltonNumber 16 marked after patron's name