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+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 128 Date Joined Monday, November 2nd,1885 Patron # 2324
Patron Information Name Jacob Vogt Nickname Residence North Mulberry
Guarantor Information Name Jacob. Vogt Residence North Mulberry
Relationship to patron
Additional Info

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 207 E Main Occupation Tailor Directory Year 1889
Additional Info
Census Data Name Jacob Vogt
Background Information Race White Sex Male Marital Status Widowed # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Germany Year of Birth 1829
Birthplace of Father Germany Birthplace of Mother Germany
Naturalization Status Na (Naturalized) Year of Immigration 1852
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation Tailor
Occupation Note Residing in a military home, no occupation listed
Occupation Group Occupational Rank
Additional Info living in Grant Co, IN, in 1900; residing in a military home

+Transaction History (21)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19020203Monday, February 3rd, 1902View Page1288812888From jest to earnest.From jest to earnest.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
19020122Wednesday, January 22nd, 1902View Page1312913129The strength of the hills : a novelThe strength of the hills : a novelJacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
19020115Wednesday, January 15th, 1902View Page088688868The Forum.The Forum.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
19020106Monday, January 6th, 1902View Page099909990Inventors.Inventors.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
19001115Thursday, November 15th, 1900View PageJacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob VogtIllegible entry in Book ID space; does not appear to be magazine title
19001109Friday, November 9th, 1900View Page1144611446A noble name, or, Do ninghausen.A noble name, or, Do ninghausen.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
19001030Tuesday, October 30th, 1900View Page1014310143The old mam'selle's secret.The old mam'selle's secret.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18990304Saturday, March 4th, 1899View Page066766676Hitherto : a story of yesterdays.Hitherto : a story of yesterdays.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18990220Monday, February 20th, 1899View Page1094410944A handful of silver.A handful of silver.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob VogtNumber 38 written next to patron's name
18990217Friday, February 17th, 1899View Page1081010810A girl in ten thousand.A girl in ten thousand.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18990210Friday, February 10th, 1899View Page096399639The second jungle book.The second jungle book.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950904Wednesday, September 4th, 1895View Page084828482What Katy did next.What Katy did next.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950903Tuesday, September 3rd, 1895View Page084818481What Katy did at school.What Katy did at school.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogtlibrarian actually recorded "Aug 3d 1895" at top of page, but should be Sept. 3
18950831Saturday, August 31st, 1895View Page084808480What Katy did : a story.What Katy did : a story.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950829Thursday, August 29th, 1895View Page076897689The Hoosier school-master : a novel.The Hoosier school-master : a novel.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950627Thursday, June 27th, 1895View Page066666666Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950622Saturday, June 22nd, 1895View Page082558255Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18950215Friday, February 15th, 1895View Page092149214Elsie and the Raymonds.Elsie and the Raymonds.Gertrude Clark23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18920526Thursday, May 26th, 1892View Page077157715George in camp, or, Life on the plains.George in camp, or, Life on the plains.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18920517Tuesday, May 17th, 1892View Page00902902The hard-scrabble of Elm Island.The hard-scrabble of Elm Island.Jacob Vogt23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt
18920504Wednesday, May 4th, 1892View Page018161816Down the Rhine; or, Young America in Germany.Down the Rhine; or, Young America in Germany.Jacob Voght23242324Jacob VogtJacob Vogt