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+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 258 Date Joined Monday, June 16th,1902 Patron # 6144
Patron Information Name Sophia Hipple Nickname Residence 1230 W 10th st
Guarantor Information Name James B Ogle Residence cor. 10th st & Sampson Av
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 1230 w 10th Occupation Directory Year 0
Additional Info wife of John; 1903-04 MCD listing
Census Data Name Sophia Hipple
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Married # Years Married 32
Origin Info Birthplace Ohio Year of Birth 1843
Birthplace of Father Virginia Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note
Occupation Group White Collar Occupational Rank Low White Collar
Additional Info wife of John Hipple (HoH), junk

+Transaction History (25)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021129Saturday, November 29th, 1902View Page1272712727The master-Christian : a question of the timeThe master-Christian : a question of the timeMrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19021118Tuesday, November 18th, 1902View Page1263812638In hostile red : a romance of the Monmouth campaignIn hostile red : a romance of the Monmouth campaignMrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19021104Tuesday, November 4th, 1902View Page1080310803The gadfly.The gadfly.Mrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19021025Saturday, October 25th, 1902View Page1080810808Helbeck of Bannisdale.Helbeck of Bannisdale.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia HippleBook 10807 borrowed on same transaction
19021025Saturday, October 25th, 1902View Page1080710807Helbeck of Bannisdale.Helbeck of Bannisdale.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia HippleBook 10808 borrowed on same transaction
19021022Wednesday, October 22nd, 1902View Page096429642The veiled doctor.The veiled doctor.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19021017Friday, October 17th, 1902View Page1299212992Hugh Gwyeth : a Roundhead cavalier.Hugh Gwyeth : a Roundhead cavalier.Mrs. J.H. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19021008Wednesday, October 8th, 1902View Page1335913359The WestcotesThe WestcotesMrs. J.H. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020927Saturday, September 27th, 1902View Page1143011430"O thou, my Austria!""O thou, my Austria!"Mrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020920Saturday, September 20th, 1902View Page1035910359Countess Gisela.Countess Gisela.Mrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020913Saturday, September 13th, 1902View Page1293112931Quentin Durward.Quentin Durward.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020904Thursday, September 4th, 1902View Page1087310873Old Creole days.Old Creole days.Mrs. J.H. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020823Saturday, August 23rd, 1902View Page1219412194Alice of old Vincennes.Alice of old Vincennes.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020816Saturday, August 16th, 1902View Page1312513125The Princess of the Moor : (Das Haideprinzesschen).The Princess of the Moor : (Das Haideprinzesschen).Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020815Friday, August 15th, 1902View Page1312313123Lora, the major's daughterLora, the major's daughterMrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020807Thursday, August 7th, 1902View Page1135411354David Harum : a story of American life.David Harum : a story of American life.Mrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020802Saturday, August 2nd, 1902View Page1226312263Dr. S. Weir Mitchell and his works.Dr. S. Weir Mitchell and his works.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020726Saturday, July 26th, 1902View Page020452045Malcolm.Malcolm.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020719Saturday, July 19th, 1902View Page1175911759Jan Vedder's wife.Jan Vedder's wife.Mary Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020710Thursday, July 10th, 1902View Page1177811778The chaplet of pearls, or, The white and black Ribaumont.The chaplet of pearls, or, The white and black Ribaumont.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020705Saturday, July 5th, 1902View Page1269012690Uncle Terry : a story of the Maine CoastUncle Terry : a story of the Maine CoastMrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020701Tuesday, July 1st, 1902View Page076937693The owl's nest : a romance.The owl's nest : a romance.Mrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020628Saturday, June 28th, 1902View Page1293912939Kate Wetherill : an earth comedyKate Wetherill : an earth comedyMrs. J. Hopple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020621Saturday, June 21st, 1902View Page1026510265Prisoners of conscience.Prisoners of conscience.Mrs. J.H. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple
19020618Wednesday, June 18th, 1902View Page1031510315Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Mrs. J. Hipple61446144Sophia HippleSophia Hipple