Patron # 5212 Patron Name: Grey, Bernice Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 230 Date Joined Friday, October 27th,1899 Patron # 5212
Patron Information Name Bernice Grey Nickname Residence 708 n Jefferson
Guarantor Information Name Isaac H. Gray Residence 217 e North
Relationship to patron
Additional Info "Bernice Grey" crossed out, "Mrs. Walter Perdue" written above "708 n
Jefferson" crossed out, "315 s Vine" written abover

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City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year 1899-1900
Additional Info No listing
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Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
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Occupation Group Occupational Rank
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+Transaction History (79)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19010907Saturday, September 7th, 1901View Page00118118Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010904Wednesday, September 4th, 1901View Page1092210922Barbara, lady's maid and peeress.Barbara, lady's maid and peeress.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010903Tuesday, September 3rd, 1901View Page091909190Nature's serial story.Nature's serial story.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010820Tuesday, August 20th, 1901View Page1298112981The confounding of CameliaThe confounding of CameliaBernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010805Monday, August 5th, 1901View Page1214512145Love in a cloud; a comedy in filigree.Love in a cloud; a comedy in filigree.Bernice Lucy52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010423Tuesday, April 23rd, 1901View Page1039510395Louisisana.Louisisana.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010410Wednesday, April 10th, 1901View Page1052810528Doctor Luttrell's first patient.Doctor Luttrell's first patient.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010327Wednesday, March 27th, 1901View Page1143111431The other man's wife.The other man's wife.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010318Monday, March 18th, 1901View Page0003636Memoir of Alexander Macomb : the major general commanding the Army of the United States.Memoir of Alexander Macomb : the major general commanding the Army of the United States.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010305Tuesday, March 5th, 1901View Page1263412634A young girl's wooingA young girl's wooingBernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010225Monday, February 25th, 1901View Page085078507Vashti, or, Until death us do part : a novel.Vashti, or, Until death us do part : a novel.Bernie Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010220Wednesday, February 20th, 1901View Page084398439Four girls at Chautauqua.Four girls at Chautauqua.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010209Saturday, February 9th, 1901View Page1257112571The Bennett twins.The Bennett twins.Bearice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010204Monday, February 4th, 1901View Page1195711957Bashful fifteenBashful fifteenBernie Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010130Wednesday, January 30th, 1901View Page083398339The heir of Redclyffe.The heir of Redclyffe.Bernie Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010129Tuesday, January 29th, 1901View Page086548654Roland Yorke.Roland Yorke.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010125Friday, January 25th, 1901View Page1177611776Richard Carvel.Richard Carvel.Bernie Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010123Wednesday, January 23rd, 1901View Page1105411054Far in the forest : a story.Far in the forest : a story.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010121Monday, January 21st, 1901View Page084078407True as steel : a novel.True as steel : a novel.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010118Friday, January 18th, 1901View Page084088408Not like other girls.Not like other girls.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010107Monday, January 7th, 1901View Page098049804A heart's idol.A heart's idol.Bernie Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19010104Friday, January 4th, 1901View Page015121512Our seven churches.Our seven churches.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001226Wednesday, December 26th, 1900View Page1011410114The hundredth man.The hundredth man.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001214Friday, December 14th, 1900View Page1011210112In luck's way.In luck's way.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001210Monday, December 10th, 1900View Page1013910139A secret quest.A secret quest.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001208Saturday, December 8th, 1900View Page00118118Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001205Wednesday, December 5th, 1900View Page095679567Cousin Mona : a story for girls.Cousin Mona : a story for girls.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001201Saturday, December 1st, 1900View Page085068506At the mercy of Tiberius : a novel.At the mercy of Tiberius : a novel.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900View Page1014310143The old mam'selle's secret.The old mam'selle's secret.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001128Wednesday, November 28th, 1900View Page1206912069The revolt of a daughter.The revolt of a daughter.Boomer Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001124Saturday, November 24th, 1900View Page096539653Bernicia.Bernicia.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001123Friday, November 23rd, 1900View Page091899189Opening a chestnut burr.Opening a chestnut burr.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001121Wednesday, November 21st, 1900View Page086508650That beautiful wretch : a Brighton story.That beautiful wretch : a Brighton story.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001115Thursday, November 15th, 1900View Page1183311833Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001106Tuesday, November 6th, 1900View Page1155911559The helpers.The helpers.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001105Monday, November 5th, 1900View Page1086910869Blanche, Lady Falaise : a tale.Blanche, Lady Falaise : a tale.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900View Page1012110121The entailed hat; or, Patty Cannon's times.The entailed hat; or, Patty Cannon's times.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000407Saturday, April 7th, 1900View Page1044410444The story of a governess.The story of a governess.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000402Monday, April 2nd, 1900View Page1203612036Alan Ransford : a story.Alan Ransford : a story.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000330Friday, March 30th, 1900View Page026792679The publishers weekly.The publishers weekly.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000327Tuesday, March 27th, 1900View Page083988398Won by waiting : a novel.Won by waiting : a novel.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000324Saturday, March 24th, 1900View Page085608560The tenant of Wildfell Hall.The tenant of Wildfell Hall.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000321Wednesday, March 21st, 1900View Page085868586In the golden days.In the golden days.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000315Thursday, March 15th, 1900View Page084938493His sombre rivals.His sombre rivals.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000312Monday, March 12th, 1900View Page091569156A world of girls : the story of a school.A world of girls : the story of a school.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000309Friday, March 9th, 1900View Page084958495Near to nature's heart.Near to nature's heart.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000305Monday, March 5th, 1900View Page086698669A thorn in her heart.A thorn in her heart.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice GreyNumber 34 marked after patron's name
19000301Thursday, March 1st, 1900View Page066896689The other girls.The other girls.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000223Friday, February 23rd, 1900View Page085338533The Duke's secret : a novel.The Duke's secret : a novel.Bernie Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000221Wednesday, February 21st, 1900View Page00961961Jacob faithful, or, The adventures of a waterman.Jacob faithful, or, The adventures of a waterman.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000219Monday, February 19th, 1900View Page1095410954Lochinvar : a novel.Lochinvar : a novel.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000217Saturday, February 17th, 1900View Page091959195Die Versaillerin.Die Versaillerin.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000207Wednesday, February 7th, 1900View Page085028502Ethelyn's mistake : or, The home in the West; a novel.Ethelyn's mistake : or, The home in the West; a novel.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000205Monday, February 5th, 1900View Page066756675Faith Gartney's girlhood.Faith Gartney's girlhood.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900View Page1112711127Oakleigh.Oakleigh.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000130Tuesday, January 30th, 1900View Page082158215Eight cousins, or, The aunt-hill.Eight cousins, or, The aunt-hill.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000126Friday, January 26th, 1900View Page00754754Sketches by Boz : illustrative of every-day life and every-day people.Sketches by Boz : illustrative of every-day life and every-day people.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000120Saturday, January 20th, 1900View Page096219621The palace beautiful : a story for girls.The palace beautiful : a story for girls.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000116Tuesday, January 16th, 1900View Page085238523Lorna Doone : a romance of Exmoor.Lorna Doone : a romance of Exmoor.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000113Saturday, January 13th, 1900View Page066826682Anne : a novel.Anne : a novel.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice GreyNumber 131 marked after patron's name
19000106Saturday, January 6th, 1900View Page096639663Thelma : a society novel.Thelma : a society novel.Bernice Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
19000105Friday, January 5th, 1900View Page083958395Mistress and maid : a household story.Mistress and maid : a household story.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991229Friday, December 29th, 1899View Page065666566Jane Eyre.Jane Eyre.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991219Tuesday, December 19th, 1899View Page032093209Galaxy : a magazine of entertaining reading.Galaxy : a magazine of entertaining reading.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991216Saturday, December 16th, 1899View Page092069206The two Elsies.The two Elsies.Bernice Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991211Monday, December 11th, 1899View Page092049204Elsie at Nantucket : a sequel to "Elsie's new relations.Elsie at Nantucket : a sequel to "Elsie's new relations.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991209Saturday, December 9th, 1899View Page083738373Elsie's new relations : what they did and how they fared at Ion.Elsie's new relations : what they did and how they fared at Ion.Bernie Grey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991207Thursday, December 7th, 1899View Page083678367Elsie's widowhood : a sequel to "Elsie's children".Elsie's widowhood : a sequel to "Elsie's children".Bernie Ivey52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991202Saturday, December 2nd, 1899View Page083698369Elsie's motherhood : a sequel to "Elsie's womanhood".Elsie's motherhood : a sequel to "Elsie's womanhood".Bernie Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991124Friday, November 24th, 1899View Page1038310383Nelly's silver mine.Nelly's silver mine.Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991121Tuesday, November 21st, 1899View Page083708370Elsie's womanhood : a sequel to "Elsie's girlhood".Elsie's womanhood : a sequel to "Elsie's girlhood".Bernice Gray52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991118Saturday, November 18th, 1899View Page083728372Elsie's girlhood.Elsie's girlhood.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991114Tuesday, November 14th, 1899View Page091829182A ring of rubies.A ring of rubies.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991111Saturday, November 11th, 1899View Page066656665An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991104Saturday, November 4th, 1899View Page084908490An original belle.An original belle.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991103Friday, November 3rd, 1899View Page091779177The Barberry bush : and eight other stories about girls for girls.The Barberry bush : and eight other stories about girls for girls.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991101Wednesday, November 1st, 1899View Page084848484Clover.Clover.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991028Saturday, October 28th, 1899View Page085348534A penniless girl : a novel.A penniless girl : a novel.Bernice Inez52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey
18991027Friday, October 27th, 1899View Page091969196Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Dinsmore.Bernice Isley52125212Bernice GreyBernice Grey