Patron # 4917 Patron Name: Scott, Pearl Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 222 Date Joined Thursday, December 8th,1898 Patron # 4917
Patron Information Name Pearl Scott Nickname Residence 522 N. Jefferson
Guarantor Information Name Hattie Scott Residence 522 N. Jefferson
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+Transaction History (15)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19001210Monday, December 10th, 1900View Page1206912069The revolt of a daughter.The revolt of a daughter.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19001130Friday, November 30th, 1900View Page1143111431The other man's wife.The other man's wife.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19000531Thursday, May 31st, 1900View Page1101211012Sue Orcutt : a sequel to "The Orcutt girls".Sue Orcutt : a sequel to "The Orcutt girls".Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19000522Tuesday, May 22nd, 1900View Page1112711127Oakleigh.Oakleigh.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19000512Saturday, May 12th, 1900View Page091589158Girl neighbors: or, the old fashion and the new.Girl neighbors: or, the old fashion and the new.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19000511Friday, May 11th, 1900View Page091779177The Barberry bush : and eight other stories about girls for girls.The Barberry bush : and eight other stories about girls for girls.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
19000112Friday, January 12th, 1900View Page091829182A ring of rubies.A ring of rubies.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18991228Thursday, December 28th, 1899View Page096129612Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18990408Saturday, April 8th, 1899View Page096559655College girls.College girls.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18990328Tuesday, March 28th, 1899View Page1094310943The lady of the forest.The lady of the forest.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18990227Monday, February 27th, 1899View Page083838383Samantha at Saratoga, or, "Flirtin' with fashion".Samantha at Saratoga, or, "Flirtin' with fashion".Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18981227Tuesday, December 27th, 1898View Page082558255Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18981216Friday, December 16th, 1898View Page082188218An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18981213Tuesday, December 13th, 1898View Page1092810928A little New England maid : a book for both boys and girls.A little New England maid : a book for both boys and girls.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott
18981209Friday, December 9th, 1898View Page1022310223Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Pearl Scott49174917Pearl ScottPearl Scott