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+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 63 Date Joined Saturday, June 20th,1896 Patron # 3465
Patron Information Name Monzelle Drumm Nickname Residence 111 North St.
Guarantor Information Name Alvy Drumm Residence 111 North St.
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year 1897-1898
Additional Info no listing
Census Data Name Monzelle Drunm
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1886
Birthplace of Father Indiana Birthplace of Mother Indiana
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status R H (rented house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note daughter of Alva Drunm (HoH) saloon

Occupation Group Blue Collar Occupational Rank Semi-Skilled/Service Worker
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+Transaction History (49)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19010731Wednesday, July 31st, 1901View Page1298412984A transatlantic chatelaine : [a novel].A transatlantic chatelaine : [a novel].Oley Langdon34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990907Thursday, September 7th, 1899View Page096539653Bernicia.Bernicia.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990902Saturday, September 2nd, 1899View Page076917691The second wife : a romance.The second wife : a romance.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990826Saturday, August 26th, 1899View Page088538853Harper's young people.Harper's young people.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990311Saturday, March 11th, 1899View Page085638563Erlach court.Erlach court.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990306Monday, March 6th, 1899View Page083498349The Eichhofs : a romance.The Eichhofs : a romance.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990224Friday, February 24th, 1899View Page076937693The owl's nest : a romance.The owl's nest : a romance.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990214Tuesday, February 14th, 1899View Page1206312063A loyal traitor : a story of the War of 1812.A loyal traitor : a story of the War of 1812.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990206Monday, February 6th, 1899View Page1095510955In Kedar's tents.In Kedar's tents.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990201Wednesday, February 1st, 1899View Page1109911099Overruled.Overruled.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page1094310943The lady of the forest.The lady of the forest.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990123Monday, January 23rd, 1899View Page096559655College girls.College girls.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990118Wednesday, January 18th, 1899View Page1109411094The man of the house.The man of the house.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990113Friday, January 13th, 1899View Page1092810928A little New England maid : a book for both boys and girls.A little New England maid : a book for both boys and girls.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18990109Monday, January 9th, 1899View Page1200912009The vintage : a romance of the Greek war of independence.The vintage : a romance of the Greek war of independence.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981231Saturday, December 31st, 1898View Page091899189Opening a chestnut burr.Opening a chestnut burr.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981224Saturday, December 24th, 1898View Page1109611096As in a mirror.As in a mirror.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981222Thursday, December 22nd, 1898View Page1081010810A girl in ten thousand.A girl in ten thousand.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981213Tuesday, December 13th, 1898View Page1025810258The lilac sunbonnet : a love story.The lilac sunbonnet : a love story.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981206Tuesday, December 6th, 1898View Page1094410944A handful of silver.A handful of silver.Monzell Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981128Monday, November 28th, 1898View Page084878487Barriers burned away.Barriers burned away.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981117Thursday, November 17th, 1898View Page084898489A knight of the nineteenth century.A knight of the nineteenth century.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981107Monday, November 7th, 1898View Page091919191The earth trembled.The earth trembled.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981027Thursday, October 27th, 1898View Page091909190Nature's serial story.Nature's serial story.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981024Monday, October 24th, 1898View Page1037010370The gingham bag : the tale of an heirloom.The gingham bag : the tale of an heirloom.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981017Monday, October 17th, 1898View Page066676667Moods : a novel.Moods : a novel.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981012Wednesday, October 12th, 1898View Page066666666Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Manzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981005Wednesday, October 5th, 1898View Page066656665An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18981003Monday, October 3rd, 1898View Page090389038Two bites at a cherry.Two bites at a cherry.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980929Thursday, September 29th, 1898View Page077277727Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980922Thursday, September 22nd, 1898View Page091109110The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.Monzelle Dunn34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980910Saturday, September 10th, 1898View Page084728472Five little Peppers and how they grew.Five little Peppers and how they grew.Monzelle Dunn34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980906Tuesday, September 6th, 1898View Page084188418Two little Confederates.Two little Confederates.Monzelle Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980830Tuesday, August 30th, 1898View Page091829182A ring of rubies.A ring of rubies.Mongelle Druin34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980820Saturday, August 20th, 1898View Page084848484Clover.Clover.Mozell Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980816Tuesday, August 16th, 1898View Page091649164Sweet.Sweet.Monzelle Drisman34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980806Saturday, August 6th, 1898View Page1043710437The old town pump, a story of East and West.The old town pump, a story of East and West.Mongille Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980805Friday, August 5th, 1898View Page084778477Doing for HimselfDoing for HimselfMonzille Drum34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980728Thursday, July 28th, 1898View Page083348334The starry flag : or, The young fisherman of Cape Ann.The starry flag : or, The young fisherman of Cape Ann.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980721Thursday, July 21st, 1898View Page095619561The garden behind the moon : a real story of the moon angel.The garden behind the moon : a real story of the moon angel.Monzelle Dunn34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980718Monday, July 18th, 1898View Page091729172Little Marjorie's love-story.Little Marjorie's love-story.Manzelle Dunn34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980716Saturday, July 16th, 1898View Page077017701The little ladies.The little ladies.Manzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18980715Friday, July 15th, 1898View Page083658365Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Dinsmore.Manzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960812Wednesday, August 12th, 1896View Page066666666Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960804Tuesday, August 4th, 1896View Page066626662Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960723Thursday, July 23rd, 1896View Page066616661Eight cousins, or, The aunt-hill.Eight cousins, or, The aunt-hill.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960717Friday, July 17th, 1896View Page077237723The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960703Friday, July 3rd, 1896View Page084698469Lob Lie-by-the-fire : The brownies, and other talese.Lob Lie-by-the-fire : The brownies, and other talese.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm
18960622Monday, June 22nd, 1896View Page066736673Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, etc.Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, etc.Monzelle Drumm34653465Monzelle DrummMonzelle Drumm