Patron # 5186 Patron Name: Rowe, Flossie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 229 Date Joined Tuesday, October 17th,1899 Patron # 5186
Patron Information Name Flossie Rowe Nickname Residence 225 e 8th St.
Guarantor Information Name W. R. Snyder Residence June 1st 1900
Relationship to patron
Additional Info Notation "June 1st 1900 time expired"

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year 1899-1900
Additional Info No listing
Census Data Name
Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note
Occupation Group Occupational Rank
Additional Info Indeterminate - Multiple listings for Florence and Flossie Rowe in
in 1900

+Transaction History (16)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19000320Tuesday, March 20th, 1900View Page084428442Three people.Three people.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000308Thursday, March 8th, 1900View Page085858585The world of ice, : or, The whaling cruise of "The Dolphin," and the adventures of her crew in the Polar regions.The world of ice, : or, The whaling cruise of "The Dolphin," and the adventures of her crew in the Polar regions.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000302Friday, March 2nd, 1900View Page091629162The youngest Miss Lorton : and other stories.The youngest Miss Lorton : and other stories.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000226Monday, February 26th, 1900View Page1038310383Nelly's silver mine.Nelly's silver mine.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000221Wednesday, February 21st, 1900View Page077207720Tattered Tom, or, The story of a street Arab.Tattered Tom, or, The story of a street Arab.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000215Thursday, February 15th, 1900View Page1014610146The water-witch.The water-witch.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000206Tuesday, February 6th, 1900View Page066716671Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : my girls, etc.Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : my girls, etc.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
19000131Wednesday, January 31st, 1900View Page082208220Little men : life at Plumfield with Jo's boys.Little men : life at Plumfield with Jo's boys.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991227Wednesday, December 27th, 1899View Page085838583Uncle Max.Uncle Max.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991216Saturday, December 16th, 1899View Page1093710937The pink fairy book.The pink fairy book.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991202Saturday, December 2nd, 1899View Page00817817Enchanting and enchanted.Enchanting and enchanted.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991118Saturday, November 18th, 1899View Page083418341Andersen's fairy tales.Andersen's fairy tales.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991108Wednesday, November 8th, 1899View Page083778377Jack Hazard and his fortunes.Jack Hazard and his fortunes.Flossie Power51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991101Wednesday, November 1st, 1899View Page091969196Elsie Dinsmore.Elsie Dinsmore.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991025Wednesday, October 25th, 1899View Page082668266Our little ones : illustrated stories and poems for little people.Our little ones : illustrated stories and poems for little people.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe
18991018Wednesday, October 18th, 1899View Page066736673Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, etc.Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, etc.Flossie Rowe51865186Flossie RoweFlossie Rowe