Patron # 3619 Patron Name: Cosler, Lilah Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 71 Date Joined Monday, January 18th,1897 Patron # 3619
Patron Information Name Lilah Cosler Nickname Residence 511 E. Elm St.
Guarantor Information Name Bermi [Unable to deciper]go Residence 330 Wysor
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+Transaction History (17)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18970603Thursday, June 3rd, 1897View Page085228522The strange adventures of a phaeton.The strange adventures of a phaeton.Lilah Caster36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970520Thursday, May 20th, 1897View Page096549654The grasshoppers.The grasshoppers.Lilah Caster36193619Lilah CoslerLilah CoslerNumber 33 marked after patron's name
18970515Saturday, May 15th, 1897View Page096129612Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Lilah Caster36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970504Tuesday, May 4th, 1897View Page085218521A daughter of Heth.A daughter of Heth.Lilah Caster36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970424Saturday, April 24th, 1897View Page066806680We girls : a home story.We girls : a home story.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970420Tuesday, April 20th, 1897View Page00913913Westward ho!, or, The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight : in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.Westward ho!, or, The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight : in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970410Saturday, April 10th, 1897View Page091609160Merle's crusade : a novel.Merle's crusade : a novel.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970329Monday, March 29th, 1897View Page085768576Hot plowshares : a novel.Hot plowshares : a novel.Lilah Cosler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970319Friday, March 19th, 1897View Page085778577A royal gentleman : a novel.A royal gentleman : a novel.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970315Monday, March 15th, 1897View Page091089108Barabbas : a dream of the world's tragedy.Barabbas : a dream of the world's tragedy.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970308Monday, March 8th, 1897View Page086498649My heart's darling.My heart's darling.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970225Thursday, February 25th, 1897View Page076937693The owl's nest : a romance.The owl's nest : a romance.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970213Saturday, February 13th, 1897View Page090469046The lady with the rubies.The lady with the rubies.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970208Monday, February 8th, 1897View Page083518351In the Schillingscourt : a romance.In the Schillingscourt : a romance.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970206Saturday, February 6th, 1897View Page091109110The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.The bow of orange ribbon : a romance of New York.Lilah Cusler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970202Tuesday, February 2nd, 1897View Page086648664Melbourne House.Melbourne House.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler
18970120Wednesday, January 20th, 1897View Page076967696Queechy.Queechy.Lilah Casler36193619Lilah CoslerLilah Cosler