Patron # 6146 Patron Name: Brennan, Clare Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 258 Date Joined Wednesday, June 18th,1902 Patron # 6146
Patron Information Name Clare Brennan Nickname Residence 516 S. Franklin St.
Guarantor Information Name C.A. Cropper Residence 217. W. Howard
Relationship to patron
Additional Info

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year
Additional Info no listing
Census Data Name Clara Brennan
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1887
Birthplace of Father Ireland Birthplace of Mother Indiana
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation at school (10)
Occupation Note
Occupation Group White Collar Occupational Rank Low White Collar
Additional Info daughter of Jere B Brennan (HoH),
Ry. Cashier, freight

+Transaction History (9)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19020830Saturday, August 30th, 1902View Page1183811838Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Clara Brenan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020816Saturday, August 16th, 1902View Page1183311833Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Clara Brennan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020814Thursday, August 14th, 1902View Page1053310533Helen's babies.Helen's babies.Clara Brennan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020731Thursday, July 31st, 1902View Page084848484Clover.Clover.Clara Brennan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan#SYSTEM ADMIN NOTE# Transaciton date believed to be 1902-07-31. Please double check to verify.
19020721Monday, July 21st, 1902View Page1142411424Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Clara Brennan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020707Monday, July 7th, 1902View Page1168511685The blue fairy book.The blue fairy book.Clara Brennen61466146Clare BrennanClare BrennanNumber 50 written after patron's name
19020703Thursday, July 3rd, 1902View Page095889588The pot of gold : and other stories.The pot of gold : and other stories.Clara Brewman61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020621Saturday, June 21st, 1902View Page1194911949Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Clara Brewer61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan
19020618Wednesday, June 18th, 1902View Page091569156A world of girls : the story of a school.A world of girls : the story of a school.Clara Brennan61466146Clare BrennanClare Brennan