Patron # 6001 Patron Name: Bower, Wm Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 252 Date Joined Thursday, January 9th,1902 Patron # 6001
Patron Information Name Wm Bower Nickname Residence 1215 Clerk St
Guarantor Information Name L.H. Kiser Residence 115. N. Liberty
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+Transaction History (7)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19020123Thursday, January 23rd, 1902View Page1169111691A triple entanglement.A triple entanglement.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020121Tuesday, January 21st, 1902View Page084158415The lady of the Aroostook.The lady of the Aroostook.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020120Monday, January 20th, 1902View Page086488648A dark inheritance.A dark inheritance.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020118Saturday, January 18th, 1902View Page085178517Old Myddelton's money : a novel.Old Myddelton's money : a novel.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020114Tuesday, January 14th, 1902View Page1104211042Ramona : a story.Ramona : a story.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020113Monday, January 13th, 1902View Page1026510265Prisoners of conscience.Prisoners of conscience.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower
19020111Saturday, January 11th, 1902View Page1106911069Rodney Stone.Rodney Stone.Wm Bowen60016001Wm BowerWm Bower