Patron # 5761 Patron Name: Kingsbury, Lee Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 245 Date Joined Friday, March 29th,1901 Patron # 5761
Patron Information Name Lee Kingsbury Nickname Residence 1001 E - Adams Str.
Guarantor Information Name W.H. Ballard Residence 205 So. Walnut Str.
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 1001 e Adams Occupation Directory Year 1901-1902
Additional Info student
Census Data Name Lee Kingsbury
Background Information Race White Sex Male Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1884
Birthplace of Father Ohio Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status R H (rented house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation at school (9)
Occupation Note HOH occ: salesman-holes.
Occupation Group White Collar Occupational Rank Low White Collar
Additional Info son of James L Kingsbury

+Transaction History (8)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021112Wednesday, November 12th, 1902View Page1362813628The fortunes of Oliver HornThe fortunes of Oliver HornLee Kingston57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19021015Wednesday, October 15th, 1902View Page1362813628The fortunes of Oliver HornThe fortunes of Oliver HornLee Kingsbury57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19010916Monday, September 16th, 1901View Page1205712057The pride of Jennico : being a memoir of Captain Basil Jennico.The pride of Jennico : being a memoir of Captain Basil Jennico.Lee Kingsbury57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19010617Monday, June 17th, 1901View Page1217412174The story of Margaret Kent : a novelThe story of Margaret Kent : a novelLee M. Kingsbury57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19010502Thursday, May 2nd, 1901View Page1277012770Like another HelenLike another HelenLily Snyder57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19010429Monday, April 29th, 1901View Page1242512425Her Majesty : a romance of to-day.Her Majesty : a romance of to-day.Lee Kingsbury57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19010330Saturday, March 30th, 1901View Page1262712627PeccaviPeccaviLee Kingsbury57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury
19000328Wednesday, March 28th, 1900View Page1144511445The slave of the lamp.The slave of the lamp.Lily Snyder57615761Lee KingsburyLee Kingsbury