Patron # 5828 Patron Name: Harriott, Marjorie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 247 Date Joined Thursday, July 25th,1901 Patron # 5828
Patron Information Name Marjorie Harriott Nickname Residence 823 E Jackson St
Guarantor Information Name Chas. P. Sample Residence 1113 Vine
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 823 E Jackson Occupation Directory Year 1901-1902
Additional Info daughter of Arthur L(The Jeweler 224 s Walnut) and Harriett H
Census Data Name Margery Harriott
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Ohio Year of Birth 1888
Birthplace of Father Missouri Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status R H (rented house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation At School
Occupation Note 9 mos; daughter of Arthur H, jeweler
Occupation Group Blue Collar Occupational Rank Skilled
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+Transaction History (37)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021115Saturday, November 15th, 1902View Page1364613646Captain Macklin : his memoirsCaptain Macklin : his memoirsMorgan Harriett58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19021104Tuesday, November 4th, 1902View Page1259112591Heirs of yesterday.Heirs of yesterday.Morgan Harriett58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19021025Saturday, October 25th, 1902View Page1364713647The millionairessThe millionairessMorgan Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19021011Saturday, October 11th, 1902View Page1272712727The master-Christian : a question of the timeThe master-Christian : a question of the timeMajorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020913Saturday, September 13th, 1902View Page1332413324Eilene : or, the invisible side of a visible characterEilene : or, the invisible side of a visible characterMarjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020906Saturday, September 6th, 1902View Page1176911769The man who dared.The man who dared.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020825Monday, August 25th, 1902View Page1361713617Only the governess : a novelOnly the governess : a novelMarjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020815Friday, August 15th, 1902View Page018381838Reveries of a bachelor, or, a book of the heart.Reveries of a bachelor, or, a book of the heart.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020809Saturday, August 9th, 1902View Page1263812638In hostile red : a romance of the Monmouth campaignIn hostile red : a romance of the Monmouth campaignMarjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020721Monday, July 21st, 1902View Page00835835The house of the seven gables : a romance.The house of the seven gables : a romance.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020719Saturday, July 19th, 1902View Page1039510395Louisisana.Louisisana.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020714Monday, July 14th, 1902View Page1031510315Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020705Saturday, July 5th, 1902View Page096459645Sweet clover : a romance of the white city.Sweet clover : a romance of the white city.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020630Monday, June 30th, 1902View Page1189111891Charlie Codman's cruise : a story for boys.Charlie Codman's cruise : a story for boys.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020617Tuesday, June 17th, 1902View Page1187211872Next door.Next door.Marjorie Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020614Saturday, June 14th, 1902View Page1187111871A sane lunatic.A sane lunatic.Marjorie Hamilton58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020609Monday, June 9th, 1902View Page1306813068Young MistleyYoung MistleyMorgan Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19020408Tuesday, April 8th, 1902View Page1183311833Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Mable Harriet58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010925Wednesday, September 25th, 1901View Page066716671Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : my girls, etc.Aunt Jo's scrap-bag : my girls, etc.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010924Tuesday, September 24th, 1901View Page082168216Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010917Tuesday, September 17th, 1901View Page096129612Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010914Saturday, September 14th, 1901View Page1183611836An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010913Friday, September 13th, 1901View Page1189111891Charlie Codman's cruise : a story for boys.Charlie Codman's cruise : a story for boys.Maymie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010907Saturday, September 7th, 1901View Page1263312633Jed, the poorhouse boyJed, the poorhouse boyMarjorie Harrott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010902Monday, September 2nd, 1901View Page1179611796The adventures of Tom Sawyer,The adventures of Tom Sawyer,Maymie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010829Thursday, August 29th, 1901View Page1188111881Bob Burton : the young ranchman of Missouri.Bob Burton : the young ranchman of Missouri.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010827Tuesday, August 27th, 1901View Page1093410934Three pretty maids.Three pretty maids.Marjorie Harrott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010812Monday, August 12th, 1901View Page096219621The palace beautiful : a story for girls.The palace beautiful : a story for girls.Marjorie Harricott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010809Friday, August 9th, 1901View Page1187811878The train boy.The train boy.Marjorie Harriot58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010807Wednesday, August 7th, 1901View Page1056710567Guy Harris, the runaway.Guy Harris, the runaway.Majorie Hewett58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010806Tuesday, August 6th, 1901View Page1188311883Struggling upward, or, Luke Larkin's luck.Struggling upward, or, Luke Larkin's luck.Marjorie Hewett58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010731Wednesday, July 31st, 1901View Page1142411424Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010729Monday, July 29th, 1901View Page1167311673Two little Confederates.Two little Confederates.Marjorie Herrott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010727Saturday, July 27th, 1901View Page1188411884Luke Walton : or, The Chicago newsboy.Luke Walton : or, The Chicago newsboy.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19010726Friday, July 26th, 1901View Page1187911879Tony, the hero : or, a brave boy's adventures with a tramp.Tony, the hero : or, a brave boy's adventures with a tramp.Marjorie Harriott58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
19001220Thursday, December 20th, 1900View Page096439643Out of step : a novel.Out of step : a novel.Rex Smith58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott
18991220Wednesday, December 20th, 1899View Page084368436The young wild-fowlers.The young wild-fowlers.Harry Ritter58285828Marjorie HarriottMarjorie Harriott