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+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 247 Date Joined Saturday, July 20th,1901 Patron # 5823
Patron Information Name Velma Witamyer Nickname Residence 1328 E Gilbert St
Guarantor Information Name C.C. Pavey Residence 644 N Elm
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year
Additional Info no listing
Census Data Name Velma Witamyer
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1890
Birthplace of Father Indiana Birthplace of Mother Indiana
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status H (house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note daughter of Flora, wks silverware fcty
Occupation Group Blue Collar Occupational Rank Semi-Skilled/Service Worker
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+Transaction History (26)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19020826Tuesday, August 26th, 1902View Page072347234The works of William Shakespeare.The works of William Shakespeare.Velma Wittameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020819Tuesday, August 19th, 1902View Page077477747The works of Edward Bulwer Lytton (Lord Lytton).The works of Edward Bulwer Lytton (Lord Lytton).Velma Wittameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020815Friday, August 15th, 1902View Page083948394Hannah.Hannah.Velma Wittameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020813Wednesday, August 13th, 1902View Page1080910809The gray house of the quarries.The gray house of the quarries.Velma Wattomeyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020811Monday, August 11th, 1902View Page085178517Old Myddelton's money : a novel.Old Myddelton's money : a novel.Velma Wittameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020109Thursday, January 9th, 1902View Page1103811038Beulah : a novel.Beulah : a novel.Velma Wittamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19020104Saturday, January 4th, 1902View Page1108911089The chase of an heiress.The chase of an heiress.Velma Wittameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011212Thursday, December 12th, 1901View Page1182811828Cumulative index to a selected list of periodicals.Cumulative index to a selected list of periodicals.Velma Trettaway58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011202Monday, December 2nd, 1901View Page096639663Thelma : a society novel.Thelma : a society novel.Velma Witameyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011109Saturday, November 9th, 1901View Page1030710307The search for Basil Lyndhurst.The search for Basil Lyndhurst.Velma Witamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011102Saturday, November 2nd, 1901View Page084078407True as steel : a novel.True as steel : a novel.Velma Witamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011019Saturday, October 19th, 1901View Page084148414The shadow of a dream : a story.The shadow of a dream : a story.Velma Witamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19011005Saturday, October 5th, 1901View Page1263412634A young girl's wooingA young girl's wooingVelma Witamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010928Saturday, September 28th, 1901View Page00118118Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Universal geography, or, A description of all parts of the world, on a new plan, according to the great natural divisions of the globe.Velma Wittamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010921Saturday, September 21st, 1901View Page085828582The other man's wife : a novel.The other man's wife : a novel.Velma Wittamyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010907Saturday, September 7th, 1901View Page1092210922Barbara, lady's maid and peeress.Barbara, lady's maid and peeress.Velma Wittenger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010904Wednesday, September 4th, 1901View Page1011410114The hundredth man.The hundredth man.Velma Wittenger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010830Friday, August 30th, 1901View Page1263512635The hornet's nest, a story of love and warThe hornet's nest, a story of love and warVelma Wittenger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010827Tuesday, August 27th, 1901View Page1288412884What can she do?What can she do?Velma Wittenger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010819Monday, August 19th, 1901View Page091919191The earth trembled.The earth trembled.Velma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010816Friday, August 16th, 1901View Page1289012890He fell in love with his wife.He fell in love with his wife.Velma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010808Thursday, August 8th, 1901View Page1135011350Janice Meredith : a story of the American revolution.Janice Meredith : a story of the American revolution.Velma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010807Wednesday, August 7th, 1901View Page1288212882Miss LouMiss LouVelma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010729Monday, July 29th, 1901View Page1022310223Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Three bright girls : a story of chance and mischance.Velma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010722Monday, July 22nd, 1901View Page1014310143The old mam'selle's secret.The old mam'selle's secret.Velma Willomyer58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer
19010720Saturday, July 20th, 1901View Page091829182A ring of rubies.A ring of rubies.Velma Wittinger58235823Velma WitamyerVelma Witamyer