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+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 242 Date Joined Monday, November 12th,1900 Patron # 5595
Patron Information Name Myrtle Crickmore Nickname Residence 715 Shipley St.
Guarantor Information Name Allen Budd Residence Office 116 W. Washington
Relationship to patron
Additional Info

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 715 Shipley Occupation Directory Year 1901-1902
Additional Info
Census Data Name Myrtle Crickmore
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Ohio Year of Birth 1880
Birthplace of Father Ohio Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status R H (rented house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation at school (9)
Occupation Note
Occupation Group Blue Collar Occupational Rank Skilled
Additional Info daughter of Samuel Crickmore (HoH),
wheel maker; living in Montgomery Co., Ohio, at time of census

+Transaction History (31)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021201Monday, December 1st, 1902View Page1264312643The old gentleman of the black stockThe old gentleman of the black stockMyrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19021125Tuesday, November 25th, 1902View Page1244312443The eagle's heart.The eagle's heart.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19021119Wednesday, November 19th, 1902View Page1308113081The right of way : a novelThe right of way : a novelMyrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19021028Tuesday, October 28th, 1902View Page1184211842Miss Bagg's secretary : a West Point romance.Miss Bagg's secretary : a West Point romance.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19021023Thursday, October 23rd, 1902View Page1301713017Westerfelt : a novel.Westerfelt : a novel.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19021016Thursday, October 16th, 1902View Page1312913129The strength of the hills : a novelThe strength of the hills : a novelMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020510Saturday, May 10th, 1902View Page1081210812The celebrity : an episode.The celebrity : an episode.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020426Saturday, April 26th, 1902View Page1301113011In circling camps : a romance of the civil warIn circling camps : a romance of the civil warMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020418Friday, April 18th, 1902View Page1258012580In the palace of the king.In the palace of the king.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020410Thursday, April 10th, 1902View Page1181011810To have and to hold.To have and to hold.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020404Friday, April 4th, 1902View Page1219412194Alice of old Vincennes.Alice of old Vincennes.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020326Wednesday, March 26th, 1902View Page1308313083A dash for a throneA dash for a throneMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020320Thursday, March 20th, 1902View Page1193311933Diana Tempest : a novel.Diana Tempest : a novel.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020315Saturday, March 15th, 1902View Page1293212932Dross.Dross.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020303Monday, March 3rd, 1902View Page1259212592Uncanonized : a romance of English monachism.Uncanonized : a romance of English monachism.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020226Wednesday, February 26th, 1902View Page1312013120The life and death of Richard Yea-and-NayThe life and death of Richard Yea-and-NayMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020220Thursday, February 20th, 1902View Page1259812598A double threadA double threadMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020213Thursday, February 13th, 1902View Page1279712797Her mountain loverHer mountain loverMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020207Friday, February 7th, 1902View Page1277012770Like another HelenLike another HelenMyrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19020131Friday, January 31st, 1902View Page1259612596Via crucis : a romance of the second crusade.Via crucis : a romance of the second crusade.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19011026Saturday, October 26th, 1901View Page00913913Westward ho!, or, The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight : in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.Westward ho!, or, The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight : in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19011021Monday, October 21st, 1901View Page1104211042Ramona : a story.Ramona : a story.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19011016Wednesday, October 16th, 1901View Page1135411354David Harum : a story of American life.David Harum : a story of American life.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19011005Saturday, October 5th, 1901View Page072197219Hypatia : or, New foes with an old face.Hypatia : or, New foes with an old face.Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19010923Monday, September 23rd, 1901View Page082198219Jo's boys and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jo's boys and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Myrtle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19010914Saturday, September 14th, 1901View Page083968396Pride and prejudice and Northanger abbey.Pride and prejudice and Northanger abbey.Mystle Crickam55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19010909Monday, September 9th, 1901View Page1205412054The casting away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine.The casting away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine.Mystle Crickmore55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19010905Thursday, September 5th, 1901View Page1217412174The story of Margaret Kent : a novelThe story of Margaret Kent : a novelMyrtle Crickmon55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page1217012170Deficient saints; a tale of MaineDeficient saints; a tale of MaineMyrtle Crickwom55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19001217Monday, December 17th, 1900View Page091929192Hunting in the jungle with gun and guide after large game : adapted from "Les animaux sauvages.Hunting in the jungle with gun and guide after large game : adapted from "Les animaux sauvages.Louis Smith55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore
19001115Thursday, November 15th, 1900View Page1053310533Helen's babies.Helen's babies.Myrtle Crickman55955595Myrtle CrickmoreMyrtle Crickmore