Patron # 3943 Patron Name: Lauper, Tillie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 91 Date Joined Tuesday, March 1st,1898 Patron # 3943
Patron Information Name Tillie Lauper Nickname Residence cor 8th and Mulberry St
Guarantor Information Name James L Wise Residence 1111 Main
Relationship to patron
Additional Info guarantor name crossed out; "Carl Wimberger " written below guarantor
address crossed out; "114 E Jackson" written below

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City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year
Additional Info no listing
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Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
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Occupation Group Occupational Rank
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+Transaction History (75)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18990612Monday, June 12th, 1899View Page1031110311The choir invisible.The choir invisible.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990529Monday, May 29th, 1899View Page1106311063Flute and violin and other Kentucky tales and romances.Flute and violin and other Kentucky tales and romances.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990522Monday, May 22nd, 1899View Page066196619The old mam'selle's secret.The old mam'selle's secret.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990517Wednesday, May 17th, 1899View Page1093810938Haworth's.Haworth's.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990511Thursday, May 11th, 1899View Page1081810818The lilac sunbonnet : a love story.The lilac sunbonnet : a love story.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990505Friday, May 5th, 1899View Page1038410384A bachelor maid.A bachelor maid.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990503Wednesday, May 3rd, 1899View Page076917691The second wife : a romance.The second wife : a romance.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990422Saturday, April 22nd, 1899View Page072157215Felix Holt, the radical.Felix Holt, the radical.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990415Saturday, April 15th, 1899View Page1094810948Old maids, and Burglars in paradise.Old maids, and Burglars in paradise.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990408Saturday, April 8th, 1899View Page091089108Barabbas : a dream of the world's tragedy.Barabbas : a dream of the world's tragedy.Tillie Horlocher39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990405Wednesday, April 5th, 1899View Page1094010940The Durket sperret : a novel.The Durket sperret : a novel.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990401Saturday, April 1st, 1899View Page083168316The mill on the Floss.The mill on the Floss.Tilly Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990323Thursday, March 23rd, 1899View Page1035910359Countess Gisela.Countess Gisela.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990318Saturday, March 18th, 1899View Page1027410274Soldiers of fortune.Soldiers of fortune.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990314Tuesday, March 14th, 1899View Page085658565At the councillor's : or, A nameless history.At the councillor's : or, A nameless history.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990310Friday, March 10th, 1899View Page1104311043Gold Elsie.Gold Elsie.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990308Wednesday, March 8th, 1899View Page1027210272The gray man : a novel.The gray man : a novel.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990304Saturday, March 4th, 1899View Page065956595Middlemarch : a study of provincial life.Middlemarch : a study of provincial life.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990225Saturday, February 25th, 1899View Page1114311143Andronike : the heroine of the Greek Revolution.Andronike : the heroine of the Greek Revolution.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990218Saturday, February 18th, 1899View Page084908490An original belle.An original belle.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990214Tuesday, February 14th, 1899View Page085638563Erlach court.Erlach court.Lillie Amper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauperpatron ID of Tillie Lauper
18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899View Page085138513The planter's northern bride : or, Scenes from Mrs. Hentz's childhood.The planter's northern bride : or, Scenes from Mrs. Hentz's childhood.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990209Thursday, February 9th, 1899View Page084938493His sombre rivals.His sombre rivals.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990207Tuesday, February 7th, 1899View Page088538853Harper's young people.Harper's young people.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990204Saturday, February 4th, 1899View Page1026410264Equality.Equality.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990201Wednesday, February 1st, 1899View Page090469046The lady with the rubies.The lady with the rubies.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990128Saturday, January 28th, 1899View Page076937693The owl's nest : a romance.The owl's nest : a romance.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990126Thursday, January 26th, 1899View Page1040210402The sowers.The sowers.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page1045510455Flotsam; the story of a life.Flotsam; the story of a life.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990121Saturday, January 21st, 1899View Page085078507Vashti, or, Until death us do part : a novel.Vashti, or, Until death us do part : a novel.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie LauperNumber 113 written next to patron's name
18990118Wednesday, January 18th, 1899View Page1107111071Cleo the magnificent; or : The muse of the real; a novel.Cleo the magnificent; or : The muse of the real; a novel.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990114Saturday, January 14th, 1899View Page1201112011Miss Cherry-Blossom of To yô.Miss Cherry-Blossom of To yô.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990112Thursday, January 12th, 1899View Page1042410424The Christian, a story.The Christian, a story.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990110Tuesday, January 10th, 1899View Page1081610816The peacemakers.The peacemakers.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990107Saturday, January 7th, 1899View Page085068506At the mercy of Tiberius : a novel.At the mercy of Tiberius : a novel.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990106Friday, January 6th, 1899View Page1207112071Stories of famous operas.Stories of famous operas.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990105Thursday, January 5th, 1899View Page1087010870A woman intervenes, or, The mistress of the mine.A woman intervenes, or, The mistress of the mine.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18990103Tuesday, January 3rd, 1899View Page1103911039Inez : a tale of the Alamo.Inez : a tale of the Alamo.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981230Friday, December 30th, 1898View Page1104011040Infelice : a novel.Infelice : a novel.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981228Wednesday, December 28th, 1898View Page1100411004Defiant hearts.Defiant hearts.Tille Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981220Tuesday, December 20th, 1898View Page1081210812The celebrity : an episode.The celebrity : an episode.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981217Saturday, December 17th, 1898View Page089798979The White Company.The White Company.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981216Friday, December 16th, 1898View Page1201812018My young master : a novel.My young master : a novel.Lillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981212Monday, December 12th, 1898View Page1097410974The waters of Caney Fork : a romance of Tennessee.The waters of Caney Fork : a romance of Tennessee.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981208Thursday, December 8th, 1898View Page1094110941On the winning side : a southern story of ante-bellum times.On the winning side : a southern story of ante-bellum times.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981128Monday, November 28th, 1898View Page1087310873Old Creole days.Old Creole days.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981122Tuesday, November 22nd, 1898View Page095899589Margaret Winthrop.Margaret Winthrop.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981114Monday, November 14th, 1898View Page1087410874Trilby : a novel.Trilby : a novel.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981111Friday, November 11th, 1898View Page1084810848Stories by foreign authors.Stories by foreign authors.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981107Monday, November 7th, 1898View Page1085710857Stories by American authors : number 1.Stories by American authors : number 1.Lillian Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981103Thursday, November 3rd, 1898View Page1043310433An army wife.An army wife.Lillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981102Wednesday, November 2nd, 1898View Page1043210432A garrison tangle.A garrison tangle.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981020Thursday, October 20th, 1898View Page1028410284The descendant : a novel.The descendant : a novel.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981017Monday, October 17th, 1898View Page085268526Aulnay Tower.Aulnay Tower.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981013Thursday, October 13th, 1898View Page090469046The lady with the rubies.The lady with the rubies.Elizabeth Scott39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981012Wednesday, October 12th, 1898View Page085258525The open door.The open door.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981008Saturday, October 8th, 1898View Page00220220The life of the Chevalier Bayard : "The good knight" ; "Sans peur et sans reprocheThe life of the Chevalier Bayard : "The good knight" ; "Sans peur et sans reprocheElizabeth Scott39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981007Friday, October 7th, 1898View Page1030710307The search for Basil Lyndhurst.The search for Basil Lyndhurst.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981004Tuesday, October 4th, 1898View Page083438343Dick's sweetheart.Dick's sweetheart.Elizabeth Scott39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18981001Saturday, October 1st, 1898View Page091569156A world of girls : the story of a school.A world of girls : the story of a school.Eliz Scott39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980928Wednesday, September 28th, 1898View Page1029810298The forge in the forest : being the narrative of the Acadian ranger, Jean de Mer, seigneur de Briart; and how he crossed the Black Abbé; and of his adventures in a strange fellowship.The forge in the forest : being the narrative of the Acadian ranger, Jean de Mer, seigneur de Briart; and how he crossed the Black Abbé; and of his adventures in a strange fellowship.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980922Thursday, September 22nd, 1898View Page1044210442The cloister and the hearth : or, Maid, wife, and widow; a matter-of-fact romance.The cloister and the hearth : or, Maid, wife, and widow; a matter-of-fact romance.Lillie Gamper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980921Wednesday, September 21st, 1898View Page1038510385Sweet bells out of tune.Sweet bells out of tune.Lillie Gampers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980920Tuesday, September 20th, 1898View Page082558255Under the lilacs.Under the lilacs.Lillie Gamper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980916Friday, September 16th, 1898View Page082188218An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Lillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980915Thursday, September 15th, 1898View Page1026110261A Kentucky cardinal : a story.A Kentucky cardinal : a story.Lillian Templer39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980803Wednesday, August 3rd, 1898View Page085888588A crooked path.A crooked path.Lillie Gampers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980801Monday, August 1st, 1898View Page085628562The Alpine fay : a romance.The Alpine fay : a romance.Lillia Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980730Saturday, July 30th, 1898View Page066186618The little moorland princess.The little moorland princess.Tillie Lauper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980728Thursday, July 28th, 1898View Page1030810308Doctor Warrick's daughters : a novel.Doctor Warrick's daughters : a novel.Tillie Lauper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980726Tuesday, July 26th, 1898View Page010491049Paul and Virginia.Paul and Virginia.Tillie Lauper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980723Saturday, July 23rd, 1898View Page098109810The first violin.The first violin.Tillie Gompers39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980406Wednesday, April 6th, 1898View Page083518351In the Schillingscourt : a romance.In the Schillingscourt : a romance.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980321Monday, March 21st, 1898View Page091669166Sir Godfrey's grand-daughters : a novel.Sir Godfrey's grand-daughters : a novel.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper
18980303Thursday, March 3rd, 1898View Page085838583Uncle Max.Uncle Max.Tillie Gomper39433943Tillie LauperTillie Lauper