Patron # 4845 Patron Name: McCann, Ethel Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 220 Date Joined Wednesday, October 19th,1898 Patron # 4845
Patron Information Name Ethel McCann Nickname Residence 1009 - E. Adams
Guarantor Information Name O.E. Baldwin Residence 114 + 116 S. Mulberry
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year
Additional Info No Listing
Census Data Name Ethel McCann
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1883
Birthplace of Father Indiana Birthplace of Mother North Carolina
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status R H (rented house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation At School
Occupation Note Daughter of Robert McCann (HoH),

Occupation Group White Collar Occupational Rank Low White Collar
Additional Info 1900 Marion Co. census; 002 written after HoH's occupation

+Transaction History (18)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19020607Saturday, June 7th, 1902View Page1031510315Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Miss Archer Archer : a novel.Effie Icerman48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
19011021Monday, October 21st, 1901View Page1178511785David Harum : a story of American life.David Harum : a story of American life.Effie Icerman48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCannPatron ID of Ethel McCann
18990222Wednesday, February 22nd, 1899View Page077237723The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990217Friday, February 17th, 1899View Page077277727Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990211Saturday, February 11th, 1899View Page00720720Christian's mistake.Christian's mistake.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990207Tuesday, February 7th, 1899View Page065836583A brave lady.A brave lady.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990124Tuesday, January 24th, 1899View Page084818481What Katy did at school.What Katy did at school.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990120Friday, January 20th, 1899View Page1094310943The lady of the forest.The lady of the forest.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990118Wednesday, January 18th, 1899View Page096129612Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Polly : a new-fashioned girl.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990116Monday, January 16th, 1899View Page091829182A ring of rubies.A ring of rubies.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990113Friday, January 13th, 1899View Page091569156A world of girls : the story of a school.A world of girls : the story of a school.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990110Tuesday, January 10th, 1899View Page077017701The little ladies.The little ladies.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18990104Wednesday, January 4th, 1899View Page096499649The land of pluck : stories and sketches for young folk.The land of pluck : stories and sketches for young folk.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18981205Monday, December 5th, 1898View Page083668366Elsie's children.Elsie's children.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18981121Monday, November 21st, 1898View Page082168216Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Rose in bloom : a sequel to "Eight cousins".Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18981107Monday, November 7th, 1898View Page082188218An old-fashioned girl.An old-fashioned girl.Ethen McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18981024Monday, October 24th, 1898View Page082178217Jack and Jill.Jack and Jill.Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann
18981021Friday, October 21st, 1898View Page066666666Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Jo's boys, and how they turned out : a sequel to "Little men".Ethel McCann48454845Ethel McCannEthel McCann