Patron # 3860 Patron Name: Morasmith, Lizzie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 85 Date Joined Saturday, December 18th,1897 Patron # 3860
Patron Information Name Lizzie Morasmith Nickname Residence 703 W. Power
Guarantor Information Name Lon Campbell Residence 814 W 1stHomer Bowles on E. Washington also listed as guarantor
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City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year 1897-1898
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Background Information Race Sex Female Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Year of Birth
Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
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+Transaction History (12)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18980131Monday, January 31st, 1898View Page084518451Try and trust, or, the story of a bound boy.Try and trust, or, the story of a bound boy.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980127Thursday, January 27th, 1898View Page015931593Marriage and the duties of the marriage relations : in a series of six lectures addressed to youth and the young in married life.Marriage and the duties of the marriage relations : in a series of six lectures addressed to youth and the young in married life.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980125Tuesday, January 25th, 1898View Page066346634The story of Spain.The story of Spain.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980118Tuesday, January 18th, 1898View Page077127712Frank at Don Carlos' rancho.Frank at Don Carlos' rancho.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980114Friday, January 14th, 1898View Page077107710Frank in the mountains.Frank in the mountains.Lizzie Morasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980112Wednesday, January 12th, 1898View Page086878687Six little girls.Six little girls.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980107Friday, January 7th, 1898View Page084478447Luck and pluck; or, John Oakley's inheritance.Luck and pluck; or, John Oakley's inheritance.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980104Tuesday, January 4th, 1898View Page084458445Julius : or, The street boy out West.Julius : or, The street boy out West.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18980103Monday, January 3rd, 1898View Page084988498Lena Rivers.Lena Rivers.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18971229Wednesday, December 29th, 1897View Page084448444The telegraph boy.The telegraph boy.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18971223Thursday, December 23rd, 1897View Page085158515Hetty's strange history.Hetty's strange history.Lizzie Moresmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith
18971218Saturday, December 18th, 1897View Page077277727Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Ragged Dick : or, Street life in New York with the boot-blacks.Lizzie Monasmith38603860Lizzie MorasmithLizzie Morasmith