Patron # 3103 Patron Name: Zuber, Charlie Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 45 Date Joined Monday, January 28th,1895 Patron # 3103
Patron Information Name Charlie Zuber Nickname Residence 816 - W. Main
Guarantor Information Name Geo. Zuber Residence 816 W. Main
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+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address Occupation Directory Year
Additional Info no listing
Census Data Name Charles Zuber
Background Information Race White Sex Male Marital Status # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Indiana Year of Birth 1881
Birthplace of Father Germany Birthplace of Mother Germany
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status O M H (owned mortgaged house) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation
Occupation Note Son of Frederika Zuber (HoH), no
occupation listed for HoH or patron

Occupation Group Occupational Rank
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+Transaction History (31)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18961130Monday, November 30th, 1896View Page077087708Frank in the woods.Frank in the woods.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18961128Saturday, November 28th, 1896View Page077127712Frank at Don Carlos' rancho.Frank at Don Carlos' rancho.Charles Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18961123Monday, November 23rd, 1896View Page084328432The sportsman's club : in the saddle.The sportsman's club : in the saddle.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18961120Friday, November 20th, 1896View Page077117711Frank among the rancheros.Frank among the rancheros.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18961118Wednesday, November 18th, 1896View Page091489148Within the enemy's lines.Within the enemy's lines.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950930Monday, September 30th, 1895View Page00732732Aunt Fanny's fairy stories.Aunt Fanny's fairy stories.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950923Monday, September 23rd, 1895View Page085668566The little minister.The little minister.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950912Thursday, September 12th, 1895View Page091669166Sir Godfrey's grand-daughters : a novel.Sir Godfrey's grand-daughters : a novel.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950824Saturday, August 24th, 1895View Page091019101Diana.Diana.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950815Thursday, August 15th, 1895View Page085818581Only human, or, Justice : a novel.Only human, or, Justice : a novel.Charles Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950801Thursday, August 1st, 1895View Page086558655Lady Adelaide : a novel.Lady Adelaide : a novel.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950727Saturday, July 27th, 1895View Page086768676The senator's bride.The senator's bride.Charles Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950712Friday, July 12th, 1895View Page077107710Frank in the mountains.Frank in the mountains.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950521Tuesday, May 21st, 1895View Page083348334The starry flag : or, The young fisherman of Cape Ann.The starry flag : or, The young fisherman of Cape Ann.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950513Monday, May 13th, 1895View Page084248424Snowed up : or, The sportsman's club in the mountains.Snowed up : or, The sportsman's club in the mountains.Charlie Zuher31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950508Wednesday, May 8th, 1895View Page091519151Fighting for the right.Fighting for the right.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950429Monday, April 29th, 1895View Page077257725Ben's nugget, or, A boy's search for fortune : a story of the Pacific coast.Ben's nugget, or, A boy's search for fortune : a story of the Pacific coast.Charles Zuher31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950419Friday, April 19th, 1895View Page091509150Stand by the Union.Stand by the Union.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950405Friday, April 5th, 1895View Page084508450Strive and succeed, or, The progress of Walter Conrad.Strive and succeed, or, The progress of Walter Conrad.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber"41" written after patron's name
18950325Monday, March 25th, 1895View Page077167716The boy trapper.The boy trapper.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950322Friday, March 22nd, 1895View Page077387738The last war trail.The last war trail.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950319Tuesday, March 19th, 1895View Page084778477Doing for HimselfDoing for HimselfCharlie Zuher31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950311Monday, March 11th, 1895View Page083818381The young surveyor : or, Jack on the prairies.The young surveyor : or, Jack on the prairies.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950306Wednesday, March 6th, 1895View Page020232023The schoolmaster's stories, for boys and girls.The schoolmaster's stories, for boys and girls.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950304Monday, March 4th, 1895View Page071887188Harper's new monthly magazine.Harper's new monthly magazine.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950226Tuesday, February 26th, 1895View Page077237723The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.The young adventurer : or, Tom's trip across the plains.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950213Wednesday, February 13th, 1895View Page077247724The young explorer : or, Among the Sierras.The young explorer : or, Among the Sierras.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950207Thursday, February 7th, 1895View Page077057705Frank on the lower Mississippi.Frank on the lower Mississippi.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950202Saturday, February 2nd, 1895View Page077097709Frank on the prairie.Frank on the prairie.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950131Thursday, January 31st, 1895View Page085788578A child of the century.A child of the century.Charlie Zuber31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber
18950128Monday, January 28th, 1895View Page084488448Sink or swim, or, Harry Raymond's resolve.Sink or swim, or, Harry Raymond's resolve.Charlie Zuher31033103Charlie ZuberCharlie Zuber