Patron # 5240 Patron Name: Byhymer, Anna Original Source: View Page

+Transcribed Ledger Data

Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 231 Date Joined Thursday, November 16th,1899 Patron # 5240
Patron Information Name Anna Byhymer Nickname Residence 415 W. Main
Guarantor Information Name B. Behymer/ Barrington Residence 415 W. Main/ 700 W. Main
Relationship to patron Father
Additional Info

+Supplemental Data

City Directory Name Address 700 W. Main Occupation Directory Year 1899
Additional Info teacher
Census Data Name Anna J. Behymer
Background Information Race White Sex Female Marital Status Single # Years Married
Origin Info Birthplace Ohio Year of Birth 1870
Birthplace of Father Indiana Birthplace of Mother Ohio
Naturalization Status Year of Immigration
Residence Info Residential Status O F H (owned house free of mortgage) # Boarders # Servants
Occupation Info Occupation School teacher
Occupation Note
Occupation Group White Collar Occupational Rank High White Collar
Additional Info HOH Barrington Behymer justice of the peace

+Transaction History (15)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19000721Saturday, July 21st, 1900View Page1200912009The vintage : a romance of the Greek war of independence.The vintage : a romance of the Greek war of independence.Anna Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000416Monday, April 16th, 1900View Page1126711267David Harum : a story of American life.David Harum : a story of American life.Agnes Bodicut52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000402Monday, April 2nd, 1900View Page1035910359Countess Gisela.Countess Gisela.Anna Buchner52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000326Monday, March 26th, 1900View Page1226212262Munsey's magazine.Munsey's magazine.Ashlee Boehman52405240Anna ByhymerAnna ByhymerFeb 1900 Munsey listed as book ID
19000319Monday, March 19th, 1900View PageAnna Bohmeyer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Feb 1900 Meeker" listed as book ID
19000305Monday, March 5th, 1900View Page1201012010The pomp of the Lavilettes.The pomp of the Lavilettes.Anna Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000226Monday, February 26th, 1900View Page00132132The works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. : with a memoir of his life.The works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. : with a memoir of his life.Anna Buhymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000213Tuesday, February 13th, 1900View Page00132132The works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. : with a memoir of his life.The works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. : with a memoir of his life.Anne Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000202Friday, February 2nd, 1900View Page1106811068The story of an untold love.The story of an untold love.Anna Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
19000131Wednesday, January 31st, 1900View Page1028110281The damnation of Theron Ware, or, Illumination.The damnation of Theron Ware, or, Illumination.Anna Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer
18991222Friday, December 22nd, 1899View Page1341713417McClure's magazine.McClure's magazine.Anna Behhymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Nov 1899 McClure" listed as book ID
18991208Friday, December 8th, 1899View Page1350613506Cosmopolitan magazine.Cosmopolitan magazine.Anna Byhymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Nov 1899 Cosmop" listed as book ID
18991129Wednesday, November 29th, 1899View Page1228712287The Cosmopolitan.The Cosmopolitan.Anna Byhymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Oct 1899 Cosmop" listed as book ID
18991123Thursday, November 23rd, 1899View Page1226212262Munsey's magazine.Munsey's magazine.Anna Bihymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Oct 1899 Munsey" listed as book ID
18991116Thursday, November 16th, 1899View Page1224712247The Century illustrated monthly magazine.The Century illustrated monthly magazine.Anne Behymer52405240Anna ByhymerAnna Byhymer"Oct. 1899 Centy" listed as book ID "54" written after patron's name