Accession # 8416 Title: Ciphers Author: Kirk, Ellen Olney_ Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 162
Accession # 8416
Accession Date Standardized Date: Wednesday, October 19th, 1892
Written Text: Oct 19 1892
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Written Text:
Book Information Author: Kirk, Ellen Olney_
Title: Ciphers
Where Published: Boston Publisher: When Published: 1892 # Vols: 1 Size: 12 # Pages: 311 Binding Type: Cloth
Of Whom Procured: Purchased by City Cost: Nature of Origin: Additional Info:

+Book Record

Author Kirk, Ellen Olney, 1842-1928. Pen Name:
Title: Ciphers.
Uniform Title:
Publisher: Where Published: Boston, MA
Additional Info:

+Transaction History (68)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021122Saturday, November 22nd, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.H.L. Kinert38763876H. L. KinertH. L. Kinert
19021112Wednesday, November 12th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.A.E. Needham61796179A E NeedhamA E Needham
19021030Thursday, October 30th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Geo D. Vanslyke49444944Geo D VanSlykeGeo D VanSlyke
19020611Wednesday, June 11th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Madye McCullough58485848Madye McCulloughMadye McCullough
19020204Tuesday, February 4th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Ira W. Langford58205820Ira W LangfordIra W Langford
19020120Monday, January 20th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Ruth Crampton30353035Ruth CramptonRuth Crampton
19020107Tuesday, January 7th, 1902View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Effie Icerman58455845Effie M. IcermanEffie M. Icerman
19011228Saturday, December 28th, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Ida Spaulding53715371Ida SpauldingIda Spaulding
19011212Thursday, December 12th, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mae Fullhart59685968May FullhartMay Fullhart
19010923Monday, September 23rd, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Jessie Bower38273827Mrs. D. V. BowerMrs. D. V. Bower
19010831Saturday, August 31st, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs J Nicholson47974797Gertie NicholsonGertie Nicholson
19010812Monday, August 12th, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs S Wildman20802080Mrs. S. P. WildmanMrs. S. P. Wildman
19010531Friday, May 31st, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lola Jackson47334733Lola JacksonLola Jackson
19010525Saturday, May 25th, 1901View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lotta Topp49714971Lottie ToppLottie Topp
19001208Saturday, December 8th, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mable Hartman33803380Mable HartmanMable Hartman
19001122Thursday, November 22nd, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. H. R. Wysor47874787Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor
19001114Wednesday, November 14th, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. O. A. Johnson55165516Mrs. O. A. JohnsonMrs. O. A. Johnson
19001023Tuesday, October 23rd, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. W. H. Clancy49284928Mrs. W. H. ClancyMrs. W. H. Clancy
19000628Thursday, June 28th, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lydia Shoemaker54585458Lydia ShoemakerLydia Shoemaker
19000310Saturday, March 10th, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Alice Monroe47414741Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe
19000203Saturday, February 3rd, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs L S Leith50055005Mrs. L S LeithMrs. L S Leith
19000104Thursday, January 4th, 1900View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Mathew Eden42504250Mrs. Mathew EdenMrs. Mathew Edenfixed patron number (orig. 4240)
18991216Saturday, December 16th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Minnie Miers51195119Miss. M. MiersMiss. M. Miers
18990726Wednesday, July 26th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mary Clancy50725072Mary ClancyMary Clancy
18990722Saturday, July 22nd, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. H. R. Wysor47874787Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor
18990617Saturday, June 17th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Charlie Gill35493549Ohle GillOhle Gill
18990527Saturday, May 27th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.E.O. Ward49294929E. O. WardE. O. Ward
18990518Thursday, May 18th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. W.C. Denney50825082Mrs. W. C. DenneyMrs. W. C. Denney
18990404Tuesday, April 4th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.M.B. Keegan49574957Mrs. M B KeeganMrs. M B Keegan
18990309Thursday, March 9th, 1899View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Carolyn Cohn37423742Carrie CohnCarrie Cohn
18981203Saturday, December 3rd, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Gertrude Horlocher25432543Gertie HortacherGertie HortacherOriginal transaction lists patron # as 2542, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Gertrude Hortacher's actual patron #2543.
18980711Monday, July 11th, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Hattie Lantz34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18980426Tuesday, April 26th, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Orville Spurgeon28852885Orville SpurgeonOrville Spurgeonpartially illegible words written next to patron's name: "... Self"
18980415Friday, April 15th, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Estella McClelland45364536Estella McClellandEstella McClelland
18980226Saturday, February 26th, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs John Carey32563256Mrs. John CaseyMrs. John Casey
18980220Sunday, February 20th, 1898View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Karl Nutting33313331Karl NuttingKarl Nutting
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.I B Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18970901Wednesday, September 1st, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.C. Hemingray32343234Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray
18970618Friday, June 18th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Nella Wilson22182218Nellie WilsonNellie WilsonOriginal transaction listed patron # as 2128, but this was likely an error and has been changed to reflect Nellie Wilson's actual patron # 2218
18970522Saturday, May 22nd, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.W R Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18970429Thursday, April 29th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mary Kinert43704370Mary KinertMary Kinert
18970416Friday, April 16th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Hattie Lantz34463446Mrs. Hattie LantzMrs. Hattie Lantz
18970320Saturday, March 20th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lorra Aldstudt30993099Loma AldstadtLoma Aldstadt
18970304Thursday, March 4th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Geo W. Richardson36003600Mrs. Geo. W. RichardsonMrs. Geo. W. Richardson
18970225Thursday, February 25th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Lizzie Howell36503650Lizzie HowardLizzie Howard
18970130Saturday, January 30th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Florence33633363Florence BleaseFlorence Blease
18970128Thursday, January 28th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.IB. Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18970112Tuesday, January 12th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. J. W. Oxley31043104Mrs. J. W. OxleyMrs. J. W. Oxley
18970106Wednesday, January 6th, 1897View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18961229Tuesday, December 29th, 1896View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Reo HM Denslow34763476H. M. DenslowH. M. Denslow
18961111Wednesday, November 11th, 1896View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Carroll Hemingray32343234Carroll HemingrayCarroll Hemingray
18961017Saturday, October 17th, 1896View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Max Bishop28802880Max BishopMax Bishop
18960810Monday, August 10th, 1896View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Mary Calvert33223322Mrs. Mary A CalvertMrs. Mary A Calvert
18951207Saturday, December 7th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lillie Eades41204120Lilly EadesLilly Eadesfixed borrower's name (orig. Edes)
18951120Wednesday, November 20th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Ella E Meeker0383383Ellen E. SmithEllen E. Smith
18951105Tuesday, November 5th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Geo Lowe32773277Mrs. George LoweMrs. George Lowe
18950905Thursday, September 5th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mirs James Ogles32123212Mrs. J B OgleMrs. J B Ogle
18950830Friday, August 30th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Olive Gilmore36633663Roland StreeterRoland Streeter
18950822Thursday, August 22nd, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Jane M Richard25052505David F. RichardsDavid F. Richards
18950726Friday, July 26th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Clara Leonard25912591Clara LeonardClara Leonard
18950711Thursday, July 11th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.James Bailey45174517James BaileyJames Baileyfixed borrower's name (orig. Bayley)
18950614Friday, June 14th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.WR Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18950321Thursday, March 21st, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Frank Russey44074407Frank RusseyFrank Russey
18950316Saturday, March 16th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Lizzie Kuhn16251625Linnie MarshLinnie MarshNumber 78 written after patron's name
18950301Friday, March 1st, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs A. J. Williams42034203Mrs. A. J. WilliamsMrs. A. J. Williams
18950215Friday, February 15th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs. Mary Topp0488488Mark J. ToppMark J. Topp
18950105Saturday, January 5th, 1895View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Sarah J Mong12671267Sarah J. MongSarah J. Mong
18941207Friday, December 7th, 1894View Page084168416Ciphers.Ciphers.Mrs Willie Beck16991699Willie BeckWillie Beck