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Accession # 12800
Accession Date Standardized Date: Monday, June 3rd, 1901
Written Text: June 3
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Book Information Author: Churchill, _ Winston
Title: The Crisis
Where Published: N. York Publisher: McMillan Co. When Published: 1901 # Vols: Size: 12 # Pages: 522 Binding Type: Cloth
Of Whom Procured: Board Cost: $1.50 Nature of Origin: Additional Info:

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Author Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947. Pen Name:
Contributors: with illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy.
Title: The crisis
Uniform Title:
Publisher: Macmillan Co. Where Published: New York, NY
Additional Info: Summary: Set in the years leading up to the first battles of the U.S. Civil
War, mostly in the divided state of Missouri, this novel follows the
fortunes of a young man with Union and abolitionist sympathies, and his
involvement with a very Southern family. (The author is an American
novelist, no relation to the British prime minister.)

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