Accession # 8359 Title: At Odds Author: Baroness Tautphoeus Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 160
Accession # 8359
Accession Date Standardized Date: Monday, October 17th, 1892
Written Text: Oct 17 1892
Discard Date Standardized Date: Tuesday, January 1st, 1935
Written Text: 35
Book Information Author: Baroness Tautphoeus
Title: At Odds
Where Published: Phila Pen Publisher: When Published: 1890 # Vols: 1 Size: 12 # Pages: 473 Binding Type: Cloth
Of Whom Procured: Purchased by City Cost: $1.05 Nature of Origin: Additional Info:

+Book Record

Author Tautphoeus, Jemima Montgomery, Baroness, 1807-1893. Pen Name:
Title: At odds.
Uniform Title:
Publisher: Where Published: Philadelphia, PA
Additional Info:

+Transaction History (48)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
19021111Tuesday, November 11th, 1902View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Nannie B. Snyder51625162Mrs. Nannie B. SnyderMrs. Nannie B. Snyder
19021011Saturday, October 11th, 1902View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Anna G. Montfort50545054Miss. Anna G. MontfortMiss. Anna G. Montfort
19021004Saturday, October 4th, 1902View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Thos Richards26532653T. Y. RichardsT. Y. Richards
19020929Monday, September 29th, 1902View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Lawless Bloom45884588Landess BloomLandess Bloom
19020628Saturday, June 28th, 1902View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Katharine Garst48274827Katharine S. GarstKatharine S. Garst
19001103Saturday, November 3rd, 1900View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Mary Spear39823982Mary SpearMary Spear
19001017Wednesday, October 17th, 1900View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Mary Spears39823982Mary SpearMary Spear
19000508Tuesday, May 8th, 1900View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Wm Gill30963096Mrs. Wm. F. GillMrs. Wm. F. Gill
19000112Friday, January 12th, 1900View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs M B Keegan49574957Mrs. M B KeeganMrs. M B Keegan
18981109Wednesday, November 9th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Ada Shuttleworth18971897Ada ShuttleworthAda ShuttleworthX marked next to patron's name
18981026Wednesday, October 26th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18981018Tuesday, October 18th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18981004Tuesday, October 4th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18980816Tuesday, August 16th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Alto Reorn39893989Otto P. ReamOtto P. Ream
18980609Thursday, June 9th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Seymour Cohn36443644Seymour CohnSeymour Cohn
18980416Saturday, April 16th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Jessie Beard34983498Miss. Jesie BeardMiss. Jesie Beardnumber 94 marked next to patron's name
18980318Friday, March 18th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Seymour Cohn36443644Seymour CohnSeymour Cohn
18980301Tuesday, March 1st, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Nora Eades35983598Nora EadsNora Eads
18980225Friday, February 25th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Clara L Hettell35913591Williemae HodlerbyWilliemae Hodlerby
18980120Thursday, January 20th, 1898View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Ms Mary Leonard43164316Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard
18971218Saturday, December 18th, 1897View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Nellie Kinert27602760Nella KinertNella Kinert
18970525Tuesday, May 25th, 1897View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Miriam Case24172417Miriam CaseMiriam Case
18970504Tuesday, May 4th, 1897View Page083598359At odds.At odds.A J Williams36373637A. J. WilliamsA. J. Williams
18970407Wednesday, April 7th, 1897View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. IB Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18970320Saturday, March 20th, 1897View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. E. F Tyler35353535Mrs. E. F. TylerMrs. E. F. Tyler
18960922Tuesday, September 22nd, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.M. C. Thomton32543254M C ThorntonM C Thornton
18960908Tuesday, September 8th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.M. C Thornton32543254M C ThorntonM C Thornton
18960819Wednesday, August 19th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.I B Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxonsomething illegible written next to patron's name
18960814Friday, August 14th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Edith Kirby30123012Edward KirbyEdward Kirbypatron ID of Edward Kirby
18960807Friday, August 7th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Maggie Emerson007878Kate WilsonKate Wilsonpatron ID of Kate Wilson
18960717Friday, July 17th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Edna Hoover45014501Edna HooverEdna Hoover
18960706Monday, July 6th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Blanche Winters31943194Blanche WintersBlanche Winters
18960629Monday, June 29th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.W R Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18960613Saturday, June 13th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.R.R. Price33143314R. R. PriceR. R. Price
18960530Saturday, May 30th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Mina Thomas43084308Minnie ThomasMinnie Thomas
18960528Thursday, May 28th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.John Banta31583158John BantaJohn Banta
18960522Friday, May 22nd, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.I B Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18960422Wednesday, April 22nd, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Mary Hopping15791579Mary A. HoppingMary A. Hopping
18960416Thursday, April 16th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Vol. Bower18021802Vollie BowerVollie Bowerfixed borrower's name (orig. "Bowers")
18960307Saturday, March 7th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Hasty Wilson26312631Hasty WilsonHasty Wilson
18960113Monday, January 13th, 1896View Page083598359At odds.At odds.O.J. Lessig46714671O. J. LessigO. J. Lessig
18951214Saturday, December 14th, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs J.V .Crenshaw31783178Mrs. J. V. CrenshawMrs. J. V. Crenshaw
18951120Wednesday, November 20th, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs Lena Greely24352435Tena GreelyTena Greely
18950622Saturday, June 22nd, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Burton Foster45064506Libbie FosterLibbie Foster
18950503Friday, May 3rd, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. Carrie Burt0102102Carrie AndrewsCarrie Andrews
18950416Tuesday, April 16th, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Mrs. John P Weisse29782978John P. WeisseJohn P. Weisse
18950309Saturday, March 9th, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Pearl Huff46034603Pearl HuffPearl Huff
18950126Saturday, January 26th, 1895View Page083598359At odds.At odds.Lawrence Herman27772777Mrs. L. HermanMrs. L. Herman