Accession # 1390 Title: Poems Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Original Source: View Page

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Ledger Entry Information Ledger # 1 Page # 37
Accession # 1390
Accession Date Standardized Date: Saturday, March 13th, 1875
Written Text: March 13th, 1875
Discard Date Standardized Date: Saturday, June 1st, 1912
Written Text: June 1912
Book Information Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Title: Poems
Where Published: Boston Publisher: When Published: 1867 # Vols: 1 Size: 18 # Pages: 467 Binding Type: Cloth
Of Whom Procured: H. C. Marsh Cost: Nature of Origin: Additional Info:

+Book Record

Author Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882. Pen Name:
Title: Poems.
Uniform Title:
Publisher: Where Published: Boston, MA
Additional Info: 2 vols.

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19021007Tuesday, October 7th, 1902View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Frank Gettys61656165Frank GettysFrank Gettys
19011207Saturday, December 7th, 1901View Page013901390Poems.Poems.John DeYoung57915791John O E GorryJohn O E Gorry
19010924Tuesday, September 24th, 1901View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mary Snider44624462Mary SniderMary Snider
19000103Wednesday, January 3rd, 1900View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Arthur Walling38963896Arthur WallingArthur Walling
18991118Saturday, November 18th, 1899View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mrs. Jennie Buettner52055205Louis H. BuettnerLouis H. Buettner"+" written after patron's name
18991021Saturday, October 21st, 1899View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Joe Ellis36543654Joy EllisJoy Ellis
18990110Tuesday, January 10th, 1899View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Maude Farrington49554955Maud FarringtonMaud Farrington
18980712Tuesday, July 12th, 1898View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mrs. T H Gracey26592659Mrs. D. L. GraceyMrs. D. L. Gracey
18980517Tuesday, May 17th, 1898View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Elsie Hadley39633963Elsie HadleyElsie Hadley
18980126Wednesday, January 26th, 1898View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mamie Postma38743874Mamie H PostmaMamie H Postma
18980125Tuesday, January 25th, 1898View Page013901390Poems.Poems.A R Madling34493449Edwin GravesEdwin Graves
18971227Monday, December 27th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mary B. Craig33863386Mary CraigMary Craig
18971213Monday, December 13th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mary B. Craig33863386Mary CraigMary Craig
18971123Tuesday, November 23rd, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Austin Spence44444444Austia SpenceAustia Spence
18971106Saturday, November 6th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Austin Spence44444444Austia SpenceAustia Spence
18971016Saturday, October 16th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Ms. J. E. Howe36183618J. E. SoperJ. E. Soper
18970929Wednesday, September 29th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Ms. Mary Lowick0957957Mary J. LuickMary J. Luick
18970917Friday, September 17th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Mrs. L Houze37403740Mrs. Leon HouzeMrs. Leon Houze
18970830Monday, August 30th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Ms. Rhoda Watson36323632Rhoda WatsonRhoda Watson
18970206Saturday, February 6th, 1897View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Fred Klopfer36383638Fred Kl ferFred Kl fer
18920520Friday, May 20th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Emma Cammack25212521Ernie CammacErnie Cammac
18920330Wednesday, March 30th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Richard Kirk28952895Richard KirkeRichard Kirke
18920314Monday, March 14th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Earl Gilbson27592759Earl GibsonEarl Gibson
18920225Thursday, February 25th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Homer Neely27012701Homer NeeleyHomer Neeley
18920212Friday, February 12th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.May Fulhart28372837May FullhartMay Fullhart
18920206Saturday, February 6th, 1892View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Chas Langdon27532753Charlie LangdonCharlie Langdon
18911205Saturday, December 5th, 1891View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Ruby Perkins25632563Ruby PerkinsRuby Perkinsthis transaction crossed out
18911124Tuesday, November 24th, 1891View Page013901390Poems.Poems.Jean Petty27972797Jean PettyJean Petty