To order an image from the Archives & Special Collections, carefully read the agreement below. No order will be accepted without a completed Digital Image Reproduction Order Form. See item 5 for information on how to request permission to use our images for non-personal or commercial purposes.

Reproduction Agreement
By submitting the Digital Image Reproduction Order Form, you understand and agree that:
  1. Archives & Special Collections retains all rights to reproduction(s), including the right to grant others permission to reproduce the image(s).
  2. You will not copy the requested image(s) in any form or by any means, nor will you allow others to do so. You will not sell the reproductions to other individuals or institutions.
  3. You assume all responsibility for questions of copyright, literary rights, or invasion of privacy that may arise from copying or the use made of a copy of an image.
  4. You will not publish, reproduce, publicly display, broadcast or distribute this material in any format without first obtaining written permission from the Archives & Special Collections.
  5. To request permission to publish, reproduce, publicly display, broadcast, or distribute this material in any format, you must complete a Digital Image Reproduction Order Form and a Photographic & Audio-Visual Use Form. An Archives and Special Collections staff member will contact you to confirm whether or not you need to complete a Photographic & Audio-Visual Use Form and discuss any use fees.

Digital Image Reproduction Order Form

Ball State University Faculty and Students

Non-Ball State University Faculty and Students