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Accession DateAcc. #Original
TitleAuthor# Times
18890928Saturday, September 28th,1889066396639View PageWashington Irving.Washington Irving.Warner, Charles Dudley, 1829-1900.01515

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Patron #Original
Date JoinedNameResidence
43444344View Page18940126Friday, January 26th, 1894Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore417 W. Main St.
44114411View Page18940303Saturday, March 3rd, 1894Mrs. L. L. TurnerMrs. L. L. TurnerChas. + Jeff. St.
001616View Page18750531Monday, May 31st, 1875G.W. H. KemperG.W. H. KemperW. Adams
44504450View Page18940420Friday, April 20th, 1894Edith ShaferEdith Shafer1345 E Main
42494249View Page18930518Thursday, May 18th, 1893Alma BuddAlma Budd518 E. Main
26502650View Page18900710Thursday, July 10th, 1890Hugh A. CowingHugh A. Cowing112 W Adams
32813281View Page18951025Friday, October 25th, 1895Mrs. Belle DowellMrs. Belle Dowellcor Charles + High St
35613561View Page18961120Friday, November 20th, 1896John W. LittleJohn W. Little622 E. Washington
35633563View Page18961121Saturday, November 21st, 1896Matilda MannMatilda MannSouth Proud
37653765View Page18970920Monday, September 20th, 1897Robt. BradburyRobt. Bradbury415 S. High
37423742View Page18970722Thursday, July 22nd, 1897Carrie CohnCarrie Cohn406 W. Main
37513751View Page18970810Tuesday, August 10th, 1897James LightbodyJames Lightbody1610 S. Jefferson
53945394View Page19000314Wednesday, March 14th, 1900Edward NolandEdward Noland320 W. Adams
20632063View Page18830626Tuesday, June 26th, 1883Arthur CaseArthur CaseCor Jackson Elm

+Transaction (15)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18911202Wednesday, December 2nd, 1891View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Dr Hugh Cowing26502650Hugh A. CowingHugh A. Cowing
18951106Wednesday, November 6th, 1895View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Mrs Belle Dowell32813281Mrs. Belle DowellMrs. Belle Dowell
18960111Saturday, January 11th, 1896View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Mr A.C. Case20632063Arthur CaseArthur Case
18970914Tuesday, September 14th, 1897View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Ms. Bell Dowell32813281Mrs. Belle DowellMrs. Belle Dowell
18971111Thursday, November 11th, 1897View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Ms. L. L. Turner44114411Mrs. L. L. TurnerMrs. L. L. Turner
18971115Monday, November 15th, 1897View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Ms. Chas Kilgore43444344Mrs. Chas. KilgoreMrs. Chas. Kilgore
18980202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1898View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Edith Shafer44504450Edith ShaferEdith Shafer
18980307Monday, March 7th, 1898View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.G W H Kemper001616G.W. H. KemperG.W. H. Kemperpatron ID of John L Powers -corrected account # for GWH Kemper, 10 to 16
18980721Thursday, July 21st, 1898View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.John W Little35613561John W. LittleJohn W. Little
18981022Saturday, October 22nd, 1898View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Robt Bradbury37653765Robt. BradburyRobt. Bradbury
18990127Friday, January 27th, 1899View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Mrs Matilda Mann35633563Matilda MannMatilda Mann
18990914Thursday, September 14th, 1899View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.James Lightbody37513751James LightbodyJames Lightbody
19000220Tuesday, February 20th, 1900View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Carolyn Cohn37423742Carrie CohnCarrie Cohn
19000321Wednesday, March 21st, 1900View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Edward Noland53945394Edward NolandEdward Noland
19000330Friday, March 30th, 1900View Page066396639Washington Irving.Washington Irving.Alma Budd42494249Alma BuddAlma Budd