Data Summaries

This page offers a selection of summaries of WMR data. Due to the deviating nature of data within the WMR system, all reports are offered under the premise of best-effort calculations. Some outliers and anomolies may be present within results.

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Top 100 Active Patrons

This report is a list of the top 20 most active patrons in the library, based on the number of circulation transactions recorded for the patron.

Patron NumberPatron NameNumber Of Transactions
3325I. B. Saxon662
2814Bobbie Knowlton610
2452Omer Mitchell517
715Addie Knowlton494
3340Loys Saxon474
78Kate Wilson471
4524Wysor Marsh467
2087W R Snyder452
4014E. R. Templer439
4242Mrs. Dora Mitchell398
5028Harry Ritter396
2610Mrs. J. E. Durham389
3096Mrs. Wm. F. Gill386
2649Helen Hickman380
3742Carrie Cohn378
3038Kate Kusick375
1625Linnie Marsh367
3170Ella Carey366
2760Nella Kinert362
2430Ola Emerson352
4501Edna Hoover348
4358Mrs. J. C. Leatherman343
4168Rudolph Bloom341
5375Frank Leon340
1217R. W. Monroe339
3644Seymour Cohn337
2850Theo. H. Johnson337
2818Gertrude Hagadorn324
3689Charles Reece323
3494Herbert Houze322
3788Ralph Jackson319
3200Earl Williams317
4314Edna Smith302
3463Sara Wysor298
2534Allie L. McMillan294
3110Wayman Adams293
2970Louis Bloom292
2080Mrs. S. P. Wildman286
3037Mrs. C. H. Church280
4004Ohle Gill278
3468Gertie Foorman278
1802Vollie Bower277
4380Merril Skinner269
4089Mary Bryant267
3380Mable Hartman264
2878Clyde Leager262
3271Claud Smith260
4103Clark Munn258
4508Everett Boor257
3738Pearl Barnes257
4456Frank R. Hulett254
3158John Banta254
3701Edna L. Keller254
3391Mabel E Nold251
1304Mabel Hagadorn249
4316Mrs. Mary Leonard249
4610Nellie Perkins246
4854Edith Wilson244
3308Guy Tweedy244
2707Norwood Carnes243
4513Ralph Winters242
367Allie Emerson241
1103A. J. Phinney241
3356Blanche Williams240
3389Ruth Winters240
2957George Burt240
5152Wm. S. Dragoo238
4609Clarence Leager236
4496Mrs. E Williams236
4584Ida Phillips235
3993Psyche Hoover234
4465Geo. N. Peterson233
1206Jeannie Bradbury232
3487Harry Ault232
3767J. E. Durham230
3189Rosa Burmaster229
3116Mrs. Jas. Ross228
2771Arthur Leonard226
4308Minnie Thomas226
3967Josephine Gray223
102Carrie Andrews220
4203Mrs. A. J. Williams219
3827Mrs. D. V. Bower219
3331Karl Nutting218
3209Louis Icerman218
3390Warren Sample217
3313Walter Heffner217
3927Roscoe Lorentz216
4699Walter Smith216
4344Mrs. Chas. Kilgore215
2631Hasty Wilson215
3698Carl Reed215
3354Mrs. C. L. Wolfrom215
3115Mrs. Mary Neal214
4920Marx E. Holt212
3452Arthur J. Richards212
4565E. A. Edwards212
2966Heinrich Pfitzner212
2196Albert Richey211
4763Nellie Mitchell209